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Kidnapped legitimacy

By Luis Manuel Aguana

When I dared in 2011 to call collaborators to various Venezuelan opposition leaders (see Los opositores de Vichi, en, it was not common that qualifier. I maintained this point of view because  the actions taken by the opposition leadership to embrace the actions of the regime and by the contradiction of saying that we are in a dictatorship but acting as if we did not have it, causing serious damage to the struggle of the Venezuelans to shake this regime and to extend the problem treacherously. That creates the famous “cognitive dissonance” that has sick Venezuelans.

But now when reading the excellent work of Professor Víctor Maldonado (see Manual del colaboracionista perfecto is understood perfectly well that the term also fits to those who follow blind faith to that clearly collaborationist leadership, which aggravates in a superlative way the great problem that already supposes to have opponents leaders sleeping in the same bed as the regime.

But there is something that comes out of all this chronic collaborationism of those who blindly follow the lines of that leadership, which is going unnoticed to the great majority anxious to find a quick exit and that at this moment they are disappointed by the cooling of the streets and attentive to a new evolution of the drama of all Venezuelans, but this time from the hands of a legitimate and coherent leadership. And it is that these collaborators have not only cooled the streets with their decisions that favor the agenda and the objectives of the regime, as indicated by Professor Maldonado's definition in his article, but have hijacked the legitimacy of the opposition as a whole and that has important international repercussions. ¿What does this mean?

The only legitimate power recognized by the international community is the National Assembly. And that is not free. The population voted massively on 6D-2015 against the regime, not in favor of the opposition. And that was finally recognized by opposition politicians. But they have not acted in consequence of the mandate they received. The 16J, again, the people gave a clear endorsement to the National Assembly, and they again ignored the popular will to not act on the questions that they themselves formulated in that popular consultation.

Then we Venezuelans are in the worst of all worlds: we gave legitimacy to a power that has not obeyed its mandate of 6D-2015 or 16J-2017, to get rid of the regime in a constitutional way, and with that popular support recognized throughout the world are acting in a collaborative way, and regardless of what we want; but we also have no way of telling the world formally that these collaborators and their followers have hijacked our legitimacy by carrying out acts such as declaring against the international community helping us solve the serious humanitarian problem of a regime that is starving us . Certainly not the kind of representation we need.

¿What to do? From my point of view, to ignore them as we do with the regime of Nicolás Maduro. What is regrettable is that they still hold the title of “official opposition” and are currently the only power with the support of the international community, giving themselves the luxury of going abroad, using the legitimacy we gave them, to request that the world not sanction this starvation of the population.

There is no doubt that then the opposition majority that is not in the polarized ends, is materially kidnapped  in its legitimacy as people. Nevertheless the people pronounced in a Popular Consultation the 16J. And because the National Assembly, the executing agency of that mandate, has not fulfilled that, it does not mean that it is already an order given to anyone who can materially execute it over this open disobedience, because it was the Depositary the People’s Sovereignty the one that pronounced. We do not accept, according to Articles 5, 333 and 350 of our Constitution, the kidnapping of our Sovereignty comes from whence it comes.

In this sense Venezuelans from July 16, 2017 we send a clear message to everyone, and especially the international community, without any intermediary, so that it can be understood: 1) We reject and do not authorize the summoning of the people for a National Constituent Assembly that changes the constitution of 1999, and even less that they take powers of the Public Powers that do not correspond to them. Therefore, all acts carried out by that constituent fraud elected on 30J are void; 2) The Armed Forces still have an obligation to act in accordance with the Constitution of 1999, because we have so demanded them; 3) The Public Powers must be immediately renewed in accordance with the 1999 Constitution, especially the Executive Power; so that the formation of a Government of National Union is still pending, and consequently any act done in accordance with that direct mandate of the people of Venezuela is legitimate and does not need either the National Assembly or any other intermediary to act in consequence. As a good friend always says, you do not have to look for God in the corners. He is there in the sight of everyone for whom he wants to see.

Any initiative of assistance of the international community to make valid that mandate that the Venezuelan people expressed clearly the 16J, already counts on the approval of the Venezuelan people. Hence any foreign government or any citizen of another country who wishes to help us solve this serious humanitarian problem will be welcomed, not by those who have usurped our sovereignty or by those who have hijacked our legitimate representation, but by the people of Venezuela itself.

In this sense, it is necessary to clarify to the President of the constitutional fraud of 30J, when she declares that it is the spokesmen of the opposition who “... They have requested the intervention of the country, they have requested financial sanctions and their imperial master is giving them that gift that is to harm the people of Venezuela” (see Delcy Rodriguez reacted for new sanctions imposed by the United States, that it is not they who have asked for help but us, the 7.5 million Venezuelans when we directly order a mandate for change that is still pending, and that little by little the international community is understanding the true reasons why it has not yet been compliment.

Caracas, August 26, 2017


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