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Political earthquake

By Luis Manuel Aguana

After an earthquake, which is always prudently recommended, it is to wait quietly for a short time for the aftershocks of the earthquake to appear so as not to be in a worse situation, because it is assumed that the earthquake has already caused, unexpectedly, significant damage.

What happened in Venezuela with the fraud of the 15-O regime was a political earthquake with consequences that we cannot yet weigh in its magnitude or dispatch as a simple robbery in the governors' elections. Then the reply, represented by the swearing-in of the governors-elect of Acción Democrática, the remaining structures that we thought would be sustained despite the strong initial earthquake, fell.

The first building to fall was the MUD building. Many Venezuelans believed in good faith that even if the fraud earthquake took away the alleged opposition "triumph" offered by the MUD of "more than 20 governorships," even so the few remaining opposition governors-elect who stood up "would not be sworn before a fraudulent constituent," as the MUD shouted in its communications.

Vain illusion. The Secretary-General's iron grip on his party prevailed over the will of the electors of the governors-elect. I expected such conduct, not because I had a crystal ball but because it is part of a consistent behaviour of the official opposition to the regime (see my note Who will be the winner on 15-O? But I wished I had been wrong. Acción Democrática, acted in the eyes of the Venezuelans, back to their glorious historical past. If this was not the case, then the party's base must correct what needs to be corrected so that Venezuela does not lose what has been an important bastion of Venezuelan democracy.

I indicated in that note that they would, and they did. They went to prostrate shamefully in front of Delcy Rodriguez in the fraudulent constituent. And make no mistake about the PJ case in Zulia. If the situation had been reversed, that is, if those four governorates had been PJ, Julio Borges would have made the same decision as Henry Ramos Allup. So these alleged blows of honorable breastplate of that party are nothing more than the taking of advantages of political positions against their main contender in the Presidential elections that they hope to have with the regime, before a decision that both parties had already taken a great deal before the elections. Tell Guanipa to sell that speech to the assholes. Many have already left with an early start by throwing the governor-elect of Zulia as a presidential candidate. Please, until when they're going to take advantage of the innocent illusions of change of the Venezuelans!

Now Henry Ramos Allup comes out of that earthquake as one of its main victims. And I wonder if they expected an orange to sprout from a mango bush? I'm going to dare here to say that Henry Ramos Allup can't be the Chinese guy from Recadi. That is, the only one guilty of a tragedy that has much more depth and responsibility than we see at first sight. If there is any "culprit", if we can call it that, it is a way of doing and conceiving politics, which violates all moral, all ethical, all logic, even all rationality in order to continue driving the destinies of the country and administer an udder that seems to be inexhaustible in the midst of the greatest material misery -and even worse, moral- that the Nation has lived after the War of Independence.

We will be able to turn all our frustration over to one person for what happened on October 23rd, seeing the genuflexion gestures of those elected adecos governors in front of the cameras and in front of everyone. Already they will have to answer to history for that. But what has not yet been resolved is why the political leaders did what they did, which is nothing more than a party system incapable of renewing its leadership and putting the country and its citizens ahead of its own appetites for power and influence. That is at the heart of this problem.

As long as a corrupt regime, this or any other, manage the box and distribute charges at will, because it has control of income and the distribution of positions of power by controlling the electoral machinery, in this ethical and moral state, there will always be someone who plays the role that Henry Ramos Allup did, which for his misfortune corresponded to him in this opportunity. If it had touched to Borges would be Ramos Allup who would be ripping the clothes like Guanipa.

This does not indicate that Ramos has no part of that responsibility, as did the famous Chinese of Recadi. What I'm saying is that we have to see each other in this show. The leaders of these political parties could not have gone so far in a surrender of the country without massive popular support for their actions; and Ramos Allup did not act on his own account in this monumental betrayal of the people of Venezuela beyond what has been the system of complicities that still exists in Venezuela.

Will we continue to tolerate that the competence to solve this very serious problem is based on charisms, who insults the regime best, makes better speeches in the National Assembly, or whether it is a boy "kicking forward" who fights in the marches with the police? It is high time to DEMAND PROPOSALS, to analyze and debate them and to look very carefully at who makes them and why they are made. It is time to demand from the leaders a route, not candidates or saviors of the fatherland. Changing the drivers will not fix this bus where we all travel. This has long since ceased to be an electoral debate for all Venezuelans and has become a thorny and hard road on which life can go, as we have painfully noted.

And that's why, in the phase that is now opening up in a post-MUD Venezuela, it is not acceptable to put gringolas on people's minds by allowing the widows and heirs of Henry Ramos Allup to take us back to the electoral slaughterhouse as cattle. As I would like a Venezuela that has learned that lesson and is much more demanding.

As I closed it in my note just before the 15-O megafraud,”Abstention in times of collaborationism” (see at If they sell us, both those who voted and those who did not, we will know what to expect... Well, they sold us. Let us now begin to act accordingly, taking the first step towards building an anti-seismic opposition. We owe it to the new generations ...

Caracas, October 27, 2017


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