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A sovereign’s decision

By Luis Manuel Aguana

The condemnatory sentence of the legitimate TSJ in Bogotá to Nicolás Maduro Moros for corruption and legitimation of capital, puts the entire political world to run inside and outside of Venezuela (see in Spanish, TSJ en el exilio sentenció a Nicolás Maduro a 18 años y 3 meses de cárcel por corrupción, at  Inside, because we Venezuelans will know definitively if the official opposition gathered in the National Assembly will support the Magistrates who became a legitimate Supreme Court of Justice outside our borders, or they will end up supporting the regime knowing of the guilt shown during the hearings that were held. performed in Bogotá.

And outside, because the international community must make a final decision whether or not to support the decisions of the legitimate Venezuelan justice that despite all adversity, has shown that you can act subject to the rule of law, with complete independence between the powers legitimately constituted, and in the supreme interest of Venezuela and the Venezuelans.

However, a contrary force is operating in its entirety, as a consequence of what I called in a last note the "phenomenon of TSJ-L" (see The phenomenon of the legitímate TSJ, at where, long before the trial of Nicolás Maduro Moros began, the political forces gathered in the National Assembly were very suspicious of the fact that the magistrates appointed by them behaved with autonomy and their own lives, establishing themselves as the Supreme Court of Justice in exile.

They went outside the sphere of influence of the National Assembly, without obeying the political orders of those who were their mentors to be appointed as Judges of the Supreme Court. That break came when they ended up being persecuted with their families and had to flee the country, and completely without the support of the National Assembly.

The official opposition, seeing these "independence" attempts of the Magistrates, sent the "ambassador" Luis Florido as an emissary to all the countries where they lived, to warn them not to "think of" taking decisions without the "approval" of their "political bosses" Ramos Allup, Borges and Barboza ¡What a sad role for Florido as a deputy of a party as fierce as VP! When they saw that these "boys" decided not to stop from taking on these "warnings", which are more similar to those made by Don Vito Corleone's thugs as the boss of the mafia in Mario Puzo's novel, they decided to play "hard ball", undertaking it with a plot of disqualification of their President, Miguel Ángel Martín Tortabu.

In an unfounded accusation, the National Assembly Directive was mobilized as it had not been before in the case of Maduro's dual nationality to denounce that the legitimate President of the Supreme Court had "dual nationality". They did not even sound the flute, like that donkey in the novel, to record in the archives of the National Assembly itself, the documents consigned by Magistrate Martin to compete for that high office. If they had done so they would have found the renunciation of his Spanish nationality long before applying as a Magistrate. But the maneuver was to break the legs of those who considered themselves the boss of that pro-independence "uprising" of the Judiciary.

Take a good look at what's happening so far. Opposition deputies in leading positions in the legislature are sabotaging and interfering with the decisions of another independent power, seeking to maintain control of these magistrates as the regime does, and in the most stale way in the 4th Republic, and that is precisely what we want to eradicate! But the next step was to climb the ladder of the Mafia threat.

Journalist José Domingo Blanco denounced on his Twitter account that the President of the National Assembly, Omar Barboza, together with his former President, Julio Borges, would meet in Bogotá with Prosecutor Luisa Ortega Díaz to "negotiate" to halt the trial of Nicolás Maduro (see The denounce of Mingo the same day of the meeting managed to abort the meeting where supposedly that "opposition" would negotiate with Ortega to leave her calm of the outrages against the Human Rights that she has committed, in a future government of that opposition, and even with the possibility of a relevant position in that administration, in exchange for freezing the trial, deferring the hearings that were taking place in Bogotá in the trial against Maduro. Dr. Ortega knows this technique very well, as all the political prisoners who are still detained because they have not yet had the first hearing due to the lack of the Public Prosecutor's Office.

That attempt, as everyone knows, was unsuccessful and the trial continued despite the attempts of the opposition, not only to overthrow the efforts to condemn the corrupt who have destroyed Venezuela (among other reasons because they are also on the list of Odebrecht) but on the way they had stopped the main process that was carried in the legitimate TSJ in exile, leaving the Supreme Court very badly stopped.

But the devil's kitchen doesn't stop. The official opposition parties know what comes after this decision of the Supreme Court against Maduro, and have repeatedly dismissed the thesis of the power vacuum put forward by the legitimate Supreme Court of Justice, saying that this trial is not important because Maduro was no longer president since the National Assembly declared the "abandonment of office" in January 2017, and that they "no longer have to do anything".

Nothing could be further from the truth, as his actions have demonstrated, having persistently ignored the mandate of 16J-2017 ordered by the Venezuelan people, and the legal mandate of the legitimate TSJ to appoint a government to replace Nicolás Maduro. What follows this sentence is the appointment of a National Emergency Government by the legitimate Supreme Court of Justice. But the ruling opposition parties are not willing to allow this.

In a complaint made public on his Twitter account by Carlos Ortega, President of the CTV (see, the regime would have squabbled with some deputies of the official opposition and a Magistrate to prevent yesterday's ruling. Although the news is late because those attempts were already known, the new thing is that from the same legitimate TSJ there are Magistrates conspiring to dismantle the Tribunal. How are you? The tentacles can be very long when the corruption money is available.

When not being able to stop the sentence of Maduro what is left to the conspiracy mounted from the National Assembly is the open ignorance to the legitimate TSJ. Remember that we still do not know the report that is still being prepared by the Legal Consultancy of the National Assembly in relation to the ruling of July 2, 2018, which obliges the National Assembly to designate a new government in Venezuela. Now with the condemnatory sentence of Maduro it becomes urgent. Either the National Assembly does it or the legitimate TSJ does it. And we know what is the decision already taken of the official opposition: put in a drawer that decision, perhaps the most important one of the current Venezuela. Hence, they have no choice but to go head-on against the legitimate TSJ with a final delegitimizing letter: the report of the Legal Consultant of the National Assembly. They do not want, for a lot of reasons that we will analyze at the time, that this decision is beyond their control.

The Board of Directors of the National Assembly informed through its President Omar Barboza on July 10, 2018 - before Maduro's sentence - that it had proposed "to wait for the opinion of the Legal Consultancy of the National Assembly on the notification sent this Monday by the magistrates of the @TSJ_Legitimo and the opinion of @lortegadiaz" (see in Spanish at The wait has been suspiciously long, and included Maduro's time on trial, the sentence and all the attempts to destroy that decision, as well as something very important: the National Assembly holidays.

Now it is up to the directive of the National Assembly, which has tried to overthrow the legitimate TSJ, to decide what to do with the hot potato that has just come out of Maduro's sentence, but they want to do it from a Delegate Commission - in cogollito - to overlook another possible decision of the deputies in plenary. This is how the Caribbean ball of politics is played in Venezuela. That report had not yet been made public and its content would determine whether or not the politicians in the National Assembly would support the decision of the High Court in exile.

We are not psychics to know the tone in which this report will come, but without seeing anything rotten we can know that something is decomposed by smell alone. And the Board of Directors of the National Assembly, its Legal Consultancy and now the Delegate Commission have a smell like the Morgue of Bello Monte. My question to the people of Venezuela: Will the National Assembly finally be able to sabotage the effort of the legitimate Supreme Court Magistrates to appoint a National Emergency Government that responds to the suffering of this country? Will we allow that head to ignore Maduro's sentence and prevent the people of Venezuela from having a government that truly works from the outside to get us out of this hell? The final decision should be, as always, the sovereign's....

Caracas, August 16, 2018


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