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After May 20th

By Luis Manuel Aguana

I return to the same topic I addressed on October 13, 2017, two days before last year's gubernatorial election (see Abstention in times of collaborationism, in because I believe that with different scenarios the same circumstance is occurring. I was saying last year:
To place in opposition those who wish to vote with those who do not wish to do so for the international reasons set out above is, to say the least, an act of misery and abject manipulation of a collaborationist opposition that needs those votes as a place with purposes that go in the same direction as the regime's purposes: survival.

Now, two days before the May 20, 2018 elections, has the political actors' purpose of confronting Venezuelans changed at all by a false choice between voting and not voting? It seems that nothing has been learned from what happened after October 15, 2017. The governor-elect of Táchira who knelt before the illegitimate Constituent of Maduro had the same fate in practice as the governor-elect of Zulia who refused to do so: both are not in practice governing their federal entities.

Vote in dictatorship? What does that mean? That is what the Venezuelan really has to ask himself. Either we solve it, or we will continue to deceive ourselves in the fantasy that a regime like the one in Venezuela will "surrender " power because the votes ordered it. Little by little the political leadership has understood what the international community understood after hundreds of deaths in the streets, and that the politicians of the MUD still do not understand even though they now say that they are not going to the 20M elections "for lack of electoral conditions".

What electoral conditions, for God's sake! Even the Venezuelan Episcopal Conference has fallen into that trap after a meridian clarity about the nature of the regime. To demand genuine elections from this regime is like demanding apples from a mango tree. And if there were, which would be a complete absurdity due to the authoritarian nature of the regime, the problem of an illegitimate Constituent that will prevent the change of power is still unresolved. Quite a dead end trap.

You will say: then what you want is for the tiger to eat us. No, what I want - and for many years now - is for us all to row in the same direction and for the same place, even if we have differences. Not that some Venezuelans will say they will vote because the collaborators paid for by the regime offer them Disney's fantasy of a return to democracy by the vote, and others will say they will not vote in hopes that for some inexplicable reason the regime will go alone. Both positions are a scam to the people. And in those irreconcilable positions the country is falling apart, more people dying than in a war.

You may wonder why this is happening. We could go over many theories here that explain why Venezuelans have not been able to unite around a common solution to expel these criminals. But that would be driving in the rearview mirror. Let's look more like forward. Collaborationists are part of the existence of authoritarian regimes. They will always have an excuse to justify their existence. So if there had not been Henri Falcón and all those who accompany him to this election of 20M for the future sustenance of the regime, you can be sure that it would have been someone else who would have been willing to take part in this farce. That's not the problem.

The real problem is that there are still Venezuelans who have not assumed the authoritarian character of a regime that seeks to tutelage the lives of all of us, using the means at its disposal, now including food rationing through a card, a 21st century version of the Cuban ration cardboard. The success of the regime does not lie in the holding of such illegally called elections. The success will be that at least one Venezuelan will attend to certify the farce, and then they will proceed to blow up what is left of the institutionality.

Falcon's collaborationism using the blackmail of the vote as the only way out asks Venezuelans to vote on the 20M, the same blackmail that was used when a group of technicians called for Authentic Elections without being heard. But they are so collaborationist that now they will not compete in the elections on May 20, claiming that they will make fraud, but they certified again and again the CNE traps. Because they are not now complicit in this election, it does not imply that they are not responsible for what happens.

Absolutely all the political leaders, even the most radical ones, who now beat their chests indicating that the elections are a fraud, said that what they had to do was to get more votes than the regime. Unfortunately, time proved us right and in the end they understood that you can't beat a fixed roulette wheel (see in Spanish, Announced CNE chronicle at

After that, how do you convince people not to go out and vote, in a contrary speech? That is the real contradiction and that somehow all Venezuelans will pay after May 20. Someone will go out and vote in addition to the hard Chavism and the thousands of Venezuelans who are cornered by hunger will not have any other choice, on pain of having their boxes taken from CLAP. The people of candidate Henri Falcón, of "El Tigre" Eduardo Fernández, of "Negro" Claudio Fermín will vote. That is what the official opposition achieved by giving the regime the electoral certification for more than 15 years. And that's what they're guilty of. From those rains will come the mud of May 20.

But after May 20, there will be no more election speeches to speak of. All Venezuelans will agree on that at least. In fact, the regime will put an end to the elections as we know them by promulgating a new communist constitution from the constituent laboratories of Delcy Rodriguez and his Cuban advisors.

If Falcón, Fermín and Fernández believe that they will co-govern with Maduro as payment for the electoral accompaniment of the 20M, they should get off that cloud. Or worse still, they will fall out of it if they think they will be the new opposition'. On May 20, a new history will begin where all Venezuelans will agree on something fundamental by the force of facts: if we do not all summon ourselves as legitimate depositories of popular sovereignty to decide what to do to refound Venezuela, we will not get out of the tragedy. After many years and notes writing down how to do it, I think there are plenty of words...

Caracas, May 18, 2018


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