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Beyond a National Emergency Government

By Luis Manuel Aguana

The request to proceed to the appointment of a National Emergency Government was submitted to the legitimate Supreme Court by a group of committed Venezuelans, among whom I have the honor to participate (see the complete request in, is due, among many other reasons, to the need to find a logical course of action for the paralysis in which Venezuelan society has been subjected after the thousandfold announced disaster of the fraud of May 20, 2018. It is not possible that after that gigantic fraud we still do not have a response to the'what we are going to do' of the political leadership, especially those who said that we would come out of the problem with votes, beyond telling us that the abstention won'. Einstein said, “Two things are infinite: human stupidity and the universe, and I am not sure of the latter”. Venezuelan opposition politicians have proven for the Guinness Book of Records that Einstein's doubt, that the only infinite thing is human stupidity.

In a previous note, explain why it is necessary to have a National Emergency Government and not a transitional government like the one most of the country's political leaders are crying out for (see National Emergency Government, at so I will not repeat the rationale here. The purpose of this note is to address the issue of how this request is articulated with the political situation in the country, beyond the fulfilment of the constitutional obligation that the National Assembly did not want to assume.

Time is up for this supposed political leadership, which has been making mistakes for no less than 15 years and has cost lives and suffering to the population. And I am not holding them accountable for what the regime has done, but for what they have not done, despite the many times we have asked them to summon the sovereign. The fear of a popular sentence is impressive, especially if you call yourselves democrats. The unfulfilled mandate of 16J-2017 still resonates with them.
After May 20, the entire opposition leadership broke up like a biscuit in a rainstorm. So far, they have not given us a clear answer to the Venezuelans as to what to do with these communists who threaten to destroy the country's remaining lack of democratic institutions. They've done like the ostrich, bury their heads in the sand to see what happens. Both those who said and those who refused to go to the elections have nothing to say. The former saying that the abstention "won"' and asking for more elections under electoral conditions' (until when, by God!), like those who were not there, who still call Nicolas Maduro President and wait for the miracle of the Communists leaving alone. That's what there is, some would say.
The most radicals are again trying to justify street actions, which are not and will not be followed by the citizens if they are not clearly shown a route that justifies risking their lives in the attempt. It will only be worth taking to the streets when someone says with certainty where they want to go, with some reasonable chance of success, beyond saying,  “Maduro vete ya!” People have already become more aware of what politicians are willing to admit.
In the face of such a desolate opposition, what is left for us citizens to do? Wait for Henry Ramos, Julio Borges, Henrique Capriles, or whoever else comes up with something? Oh, please! People are still dying in hospitals! There's still no medicine and the food can't be bought. Hyperinflation has destroyed the country's economy, there is no more garbage to eat because there is no longer even garbage to eat! It seems that the country entered after 20 May into a sort of "political limbo" where nothing moves but the food sold by the bachaqueros. And we have to break that.

If one thing became clear after the megafraud of May 20, it is that there are no serious political references to follow in the present Venezuela to achieve a solution to the crisis, and that is what Venezuelans are desperately seeking. Someone who capitalizes on that 80% abstention and puts it at the service of getting rid of the criminals who misrule us. Well, that's what that request we made to the legitimate TSJ is looking for. If the political opposition became "harakiri" by refusing to follow the constitutional procedure to appoint a government at the request of the legitimate TSJ, then someone had to take up the issue and apply to the legitimate judiciary.

What did we really ask for, beyond the fact that the Assembly had to resolve something through the courts as a matter of constitutional obligation? A political representation that coordinates actions and be the epicenter of all national and international attention in order to fight against the dictatorship. We would not be eliminating the traditional political factors but reorienting them and focusing them in favor of a coordinated struggle by a government group whose supreme interest is to take us out of this serious problem, with the greatness that only statesmen can give, far from all political pettiness and aspirations of power, using for that all the help they can offer inside and outside Venezuela. And that is impossible to achieve with the atomization of the political forces in the country and the petty aspirations that unfortunately these political leaders have not put down in favor of a consensual solution for Venezuela. The National Assembly did us a favor without knowing it, by leaving the legitimate TSJ in charge of this decision.

A National Emergency Government would do what it is impossible for the political leadership in the country to do, to be the only legitimate political representative of the Venezuelan people, eliminating the multiple heads of the opposition hydra that travels the world saying that it is representative of our interests, and that what they truly represent are the political aspirations of the leaders they support. Hence, no one outside is assertively moving in our favor as a nation, because there is no common coordinated plan of this Venezuelan opposition leadership that only responds to particular interests.

A National Emergency Government would be able to unify a plan for the recovery of freedom and democracy in Venezuela, articulating with all the countries that support us, the measures that they consider most convenient to the interests of Venezuela, against the regime and its main heads, and most importantly with Venezuelans at the forefront. It would coordinate with all political and civil society sectors the necessary consensus and actions with a sense of true unity. If the opposition did not build the political unity necessary to fight the regime, a National Emergency Government could.

The Venezuelan situation is completely unprecedented in the world. We are confronting without direction the government taken by ideologicalized international crime. What we have here is not a government according to international standards. And the unfortunate thing is that the world intends to treat it as such. This situation requires solutions of a creativity never seen before in this hemisphere. And that's what we're trying to do.

They say that God places burdens on those who can bear them. Well, they put them on us Venezuelans, which means that He knows we can. What we do from now on will be used in the future by humanity as a model for dealing with this kind of tragedy. We have already faced unprecedented tasks in the past when we liberated 5 nations with the Liberator at the forefront. Let us then enforce this gentleness....

Caracas, June 4, 2018


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