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Maduros’s dialogue: Death or Tanga-Tanga

By Luis Manuel Aguana

The story is told to me by a political friend, a fellow member of the Alliance: two women shipwreck, arrive on an island and encounter cannibals. When they catch them, the cannibals give them a choice: Death or Tanga-Tanga. When ignoring the meaning of the different option of dying, the wiser one goes ahead and chooses: Tanga-Tanga. Cannibals rape her to death and eat her. At the end of the feast the cannibals ask the other woman about her choice. Immediately answer: Death! The cannibals look at each other and answer: Ok... but first Tanga-Tanga!

The comparison is obvious. Our friend concludes: Maduro is offering Death or Tanga-Tanga to the official opposition and everyone running, believing they will be saved, chose Tanga-Tanga in unison! That defines the infinite stupidity of this poor official opposition that still tries to survive the feast of cannibals. That tale of the cannibals of Tanga-Tanga has its English version in the famous quote of Sir Winston Churchill:"If you humble yourself to avoid war, you will have humiliation and you will have war".

Well, the regime has reduced the options for the famous dialogue with the dedicated opposition of the Tanga-Tanga, to that: either you acknowledge my constituent fraud or Death. “I sent him to demand that the opposition demand that by 2018, from now on, we reach an agreement to hold presidential elections with economic guarantees, that the U. S. government's sanctions, financial persecution, cease”, Maduro said in a public act. (see

And how is it that Maduro “sends” the opposition of the former MUD to do something to make these elections happen that the same opposition wants at all costs? “This is how we would perhaps hold a presidential election at the end of next year with economic calm”. And it is not even certain that they will do so because the regime's non-negotiated condition is the unquestioned recognition of Delcy Rodriguez's fraudulent National Constituent Assembly, which can change all the rules of the game midway through, even defining whether or not there will be those elections for which they have sold us.

And my question is, how far did the surrender go? It is good to ask this question because the springs are already moving to pressure the families of political prisoners to recognize this dialogue in the Dominican Republic, threatening them with increasing the conditions of confinement and treatment of their family members in prison illegally and violating their human rights. And the most serious thing is that they are using the same opposition spokespersons of Tanga-Tanga to make known this open extortion.

The regime desperately needs the dollars to lower the temperature of the economy full of worthless bills and the way it found is to extort the opposition through the people who are held hostage in their dungeons. More vileness impossible. And the most despicable thing about it is that the opposition of the ex-MUD is their main ally in this operation because after they get what they need, it's still Tanga-Tanga and death.

The regime will offer anything, the recognition of the National Assembly, the release of political prisoners, the humanitarian channel, including the delivery of presidential elections, on the sole condition that they approve the refinancing of a criminal debt in the National Assembly, the only internationally recognized power, and the acceptance of an unconstitutional National Constituent Assembly. Already Rosales did his thing by openly recognizing the fraudulent National Constituent Assembly (see Soon we will see AD, PJ and VP. The latter being, paradoxically, the champion of this entreguista solution. It is time for Leopoldo López to explain us why he accompanies this surrender  of the dignity of the Venezuelans, because of AD, PJ and UNT there are plenty of explanations.

The regime, as in Cuba, would have a permanent Constituent Assembly completely under its control, deciding the destinies of Venezuela under the communist boot, cohonest by a subjugated National Assembly and the politicians of the ex-MUD believing that they would be in control of the situation because they "won" some spaces of power. The international community would rest assured that the Venezuelans solved their problem while here we all died of hunger and diseases that had been eradicated 80 years ago. That is the panorama that Borges, Florido, Ramos and Rosales are selling us.

Well, there is a country that is not willing to allow it. And it is not exactly the decent options that have remained after all this political earthquake occurred on 15-O, which made Venezuelans see the nakedness of this opposition that we always denounce as a collaborationist from this modest corner of the network. No. He is the decent Venezuelan on foot, the one who has to put out his tails and the deprivations of food and medicines. The one who is disgusted with so much collaborationist garbage and only seeks a credible and honest proposal to continue to definitely unseat those who believe even our legitimate representatives.

If these people believe that they are "eating it" by telling the cannibals that they choose Tanga-Tanga, they are dead even without being eaten. And if they still get away with it and achieve by extortion an agreement of the National Assembly allowing the refinancing of the debt of the regime, there is no way for Maduro to survive with that artifice that would only buy them time because they will never give power to the ex MUD by the electoral route. They will have Tanga-Tanga and they will eat them.

But the saddest thing is that no matter how much Maduro asks the ex-MUD to ask for the suspension of economic sanctions in the United States, that does not depend on them but on the U. S. government, which has already characterized this regime as a militarized narco-state that violates human rights, in an irremovable decision. In other words, they are equally dead, both of them.

I think we Venezuelans finally have a light at the end of the tunnel. You already have a decent political option to follow, Soy Venezuela. A government that gasps because it has no more money to steal and with which to buy consciences, and an official opposition delivered that told the cannibals that they preferred the Tanga-Tanga so that they do not kill them. What do you think will happen?

Caracas, November 18,2017


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