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Political immolation

By Luis Manuel Aguana

In my last note (see Let's prosecute Maduro, at I mentioned that I personally did not believe that the deputy citizens of the National Assembly would sacrifice themselves to approve the prosecution of Nicolás Maduro. I dared to use the term "immolate" in its third sense (DRAE, 3. Prnl. To give one's life, property, rest, etc., for the benefit or honor of someone or something) because I believed - and still believe - that they have not yet sacrificed themselves because this chapter is not closed for the National Assembly.

They did vote in favor of prosecution, but they will be the ones who at the end of the road should appoint a transitional government after the legitimate TSJ determines a final sentence against the alleged offender who misleads Venezuela. Will these deputies finally give their lives, their property, their rest, etc., in honor of coming out of Maduro's misgovernment? I insist, if they did not do it on the 17J, some Venezuelans have reasonable doubts that they will do it in the foreseeable future. However, as the saying goes, by their actions you will know them. This was a good start to that hard road that does not end with that vote but begins with it.

Some friends have complained to me that I had little faith in the deputies of the National Assembly and that to a certain extent I owed them a note of discharge for the attitude of having attended in a massive way to vote in favour of the impeachment in the National Assembly. I have no problem accepting the validity of this claim, but I am still not satisfied because this fact has a long way to go to cover all the outstanding issues and the expectations of a population that placed all its hope in a National Assembly that was voted on massively in December 2015 (with completely unknown deputies elected by a tsunami of votes), in order to achieve a solution to the country's political problem since 5 January 2016.

At a distance of more than two years, dozens of deaths and a hyperinflation that has ruined Venezuelans, the national country would have thrown in the towel permanently with the political parties and leaders that have managed the opposition's destinies if they had not done what everyone expected of them. No Member of Parliament would have been able to have a quiet lunch in the smallest restaurant in the country if they had not voted in favour of Maduro's impeachment.

And since my doubt was -and still is- reasonable, that's why I proposed an honorable way out with a Popular Consultation, by which the National Constituent Alliance-ANCO still bets as an integral solution to the country's political problem, as we once again officially informed the National Assembly and all Venezuelans (see in Spanish Carta a la Asamblea Nacional 16-04-2018: Solicitud de Convocatoria a un Referéndum Consultivo, in  and ANCO-Nota de Prensa 19 de abril: Agenda Alternativa para Venezuela, at

Still, I can't stop hoping. Political immolation can still be a solution, if the citizens of this Parliament, not thinking of their own destiny and personal ambitions - which are otherwise completely valid - but of the destiny of this country, finish what they began with that majority vote on 17 April. That is, to comply with the foreseeable sentence that the legitimate Supreme Court of Justice will pronounce against Nicolás Maduro Moros, and to appoint a transitional government in spite of all the threats against his personal integrity.

That is what I ask, that is what I demand as a Venezuelan. They began on July 5, 2017, calling for a Popular Consultation on July 16, 2017, and having massive popular support on July 17, 2017, they did not comply with the sovereign's orders. They killed the tiger and were afraid of leather. This time I demand that this be different and that it not happen that after having authorized the trial process of the alleged delinquent of Miraflores they believe that the problem ended there. They will have to make a commitment with us to finish it.

S he term "political immolation" is applied to a political leader"...with nationalist ideals exacerbated by popular support. An idealistic fighter who will try to impose his ideals and put his health at risk in the short or medium term due to his deep dedication. A minority of followers of this political leader will notice the loss of physical faculties, but the degree of conviction that this leader transmits will be of such magnitude that many will not be able to see the reality because of the fanaticism that he has managed to cultivate in them; on the contrary, he will be seen as a god due to the comparisons that he will make throughout his career..." (see in Spanish Wikipedia, Political Immolation, in

We Venezuelans hope, moreover, we need, that the deputies of that National Assembly be of that description described, capable of immolating themselves politically for the country. Despite all the contradictions of our deputies, we must recognize that they jointly took a very important step in the right direction to begin to solve Venezuela's political problem, but much more is still needed. When Venezuela chose on December 6, 2015, these representatives placed in them a trust that, according to the events of the last two years, some have not yet internalized in an appropriate manner, to the point of not realizing the immense responsibility of what that representation entails in this reduced and dark hour of Venezuela.

The official responsibility that they have to be representatives of the legitimate popular sovereignty will soon be put to the test, to the point that they will be required to "give their lives, their property, their rest, etc., for the benefit or honor" of Venezuela. I hope that they will honor the history that the Venezuelan Congress has had in other equally turbulent times in our country, such as when Fermín Toro did not allow himself to be subdued by the government as a deputy in 1848. That is the taste that Venezuela now needs from its deputies. If they don't have it, the Fatherland will demand it of them....

Caracas, April 19, 2018


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