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The Regime’s Consultation

By Luis Manuel Aguana

There seems to be discomfort in Padrino due to the suspension of dialogue in Barbados. In fact, the Minister of Defense made a public call to return to the negotiating table because: "We Bolivarians believe in humanity, in the human being, in reason, in ideas. On the other hand, we do not believe, nor do we want war. We only believe in war if it is necessary to give freedom, independence and sovereignty to Venezuela" (¿?) (see in Spanish the news in a media outlet of the regime

Said this by the one who has allowed the greatest invasion of foreign military forces in our country since its foundation, his work being to guarantee the defense and integrity of the Republic, putting the Cubans to direct our Armed Forces, he shouts that he is not even from afar prepared to "give freedom, independence and sovereignty to Venezuela". Impossible more pathetic.

In addition to the contradictory statements of Padrino, since it was the regime that suspended the negotiations in Barbados, it is worth asking if it said so in order to mend the dialogue with the official opposition, given that they are the ones who lose the most in this regard. In other words, they recognize with that statement that it was stupid to have stopped the table and they send Padrino to say it. It is the regime that is tied to that table, and it is the opposition that gives them oxygen by continuing to attend it.

I have no doubt that the official opposition wants to sit down again with the regime despite John Bolton's statements, closing that door once and for all. However, based on these statements by the United States national security adviser, the official opposition cannot offer the regime that they will mediate to have any sanctions removed for any agreement reached in Barbados. As a result, the regime does not see Barbados as making any more sense and effectively begins to move with actions that were stopped by that dialogue, among them the most important: tightening the siege to annul the National Assembly, the only bastion of opposition power.

But for those of us Venezuelans who closely follow this serialized soap opera, we are waiting for the next step of that opposition that acts according to the slogan of Eudomar Santos: "as it comes, we're watching. Because the government does act on different alternative boards and to show a button: the regime's consultation.

Just one month ago, on July 15, 2019, the digital media published a news item that initially went unnoticed: the opposition that accompanied Maduro to the May 20, 2018 elections publicly proposed a Consultative Referendum for "the renewal of Public Powers". In this proposal, three particularly relevant points were highlighted: "7) We propose to call a consultative referendum, based on articles 2, 5, 70 and 71 of the Constitution, to consult the sovereign on the call for general elections that will allow the renewal of all national Public Powers; 8) We demand that in order to make this proposal a reality, negotiations be held and maintained over time between the parties* with the participation of all the national political diversity and not only of the elites that make up the two co-responsible poles of the crisis. 9 We also demand that before any electoral convocation, a new CNE* should be designated as a prior condition by consensus of the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Powers."(see in Spanish Alianza por el Referendo Consultivo, nuestras 10 razones, in

In other words, a Consultation proposed by the "opposition" of convenience (paid?) of the regime, made with a CNE agreed upon by the de facto government of Maduro, which decides whether or not to replace the Public Powers whose lapses are constitutionally established, and with signatures and votes certified by Maduro, Diosdado and their Electoral Power. It is easier to bat than it is to change what needs to be changed if things do not go as planned in Barbados.

On August 9, the digital media published "The spokesman of the Alliance for the Consultative Referendum, Enrique Ochoa Antich, accepted Diosdado Cabello's invitation to converse" (see in Spanish "The spokesman of the Alliance for the Consultative Referendum, Enrique Ochoa Antich, accepted Diosdado Cabello's invitation to converse" and then the messages sent between them and Diosdado Cabello: "@dcabellor stated in his program @ConElMazoDando that he is willing to talk to me (then he also mentioned *@claudioefermin*) in the Plaza Bolívar and then in the Casa Amarilla. Accepted the invitation".

Could it be that they think we are so stupid that we think this wasn't fixed between them from the beginning? That this operation that began in UCV's Room C in July wasn't an initiative of the regime using the parapet of those who made it a comparsa in the elections of May 20, 2018? Please! It is in fact the execution of the alternative plan to pass the steamroller to the National Assembly.

In fact, the improper use of the Consultative Referendum by the regime, using the electoral means it controls, has already begun. Very soon the "millions" of signatures will appear to initiate a Consultative Referendum to call early elections of the National Assembly, violating the Constitution, and later the millions of votes with the Smartmatic machines to call that early election.

This is not the first time that the regime has moved forward using an instrument proposed by the National Original Constituent Alliance (ANCO). They did so for the first time on May 1, 2017, when they convened a National Constituent Assembly without the authorization of the Venezuelan people, after repeatedly recommending to the official opposition that they initiate that constituent convocation with the qualified majority that they had since the installation of the opposition Parliament on January 5, 2016.

The regime once again advances us with a fraudulent call for popular sovereignty with a consultation, after we presented to the official opposition and to the country the call for that same sovereignty for the complete fulfillment of the "cessation of usurpation", through a Plebiscite without the CNE. Until when was so much myopia and opposition stupidity? The time has come to act with initiative. Let us call NOW for that Sovereignty, but in favor of the people...

Caracas, August 14, 2019


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