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The great scam

By Luis Manuel Aguana

No, it's not the movie starring George Clooney and Julia Roberts, where in an impressive plot they take away from a casino in Vegas all the million of the safe and escape through the front door. It is the ingenious scam that the regime armed us all Venezuelans with the participation of the official opposition with the elections of Governors. The regime knew as much as you and I did, that the main parties would not hesitate for a second to abandon not only the streets, but what was necessary to put their hands on a government in order to seek oxygen to their arks empty of power and contracts, after so much desert with this regime that does not give stitch without thimble.

In fact, Maduro was reaching a break point and the way they found to get rid of the MUD, which without having proposed it had put their stability in check with our play of 16J (and I say ours because it was civil society ), was to give them the candy that they had requested and had not been granted: the elections of Governors.

But let's explain it better, why a scam? Because what has happened here has been a cheat to all Venezuelans. That the abandonment of the streets and the turnout to those elections was a great political agreement previously negotiated between the regime and its opposition. Why do I come to that conclusion now and not before? For the untimely but revealing accusations of the illegitimate Nicolás Maduro to the Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy in reference to the referendum of Catalonia:"From Venezuela we ask for respect to the people of Catalonia (...) Who acts as dictator? Maduro who allowed an illegal consultation (oppositional plebiscite), protected and gave it ample freedoms? O Mariano Rajoy who does not want the people of Catalonia to say their word" (see Maduro calls Rajoy "dictator" for not allowing Catalan consultation, in

I already found it very strange that the regime had allowed us to carry out this consultation free of charge and democratically without the CNE, when in reality it thought that it was illegal, as it now says to Rajoy and the whole world. Don't you find that hard to swallow?

The question we must ask ourselves then is this: do you think that the official opposition could have organised the 16J consultation without the CNE, without the agreement of the regime, given that it has always considered it illegal, as it confesses now? Think. Obviously not. They would have prevented it with the same violence they have always shown, especially after April 1st. And now they are making political gains by saying that they "allowed" our perfectly constitutional Popular Consultation.

Pero, ¿cuánto le costó eso a la ciudadanía? El primer pago fue que el resultado fuera desconocido por los convocantes, la Asamblea Nacional. Y el segundo pago fue más grave aún, que se aceptara ir a un dialogo posterior a espaldas de la población.

Result: a win-win deal for the government and its opposition, but with us as losers. The opposition wins its governors' elections with the promise of attending a dialogue in the Dominican Republic, and the government gains a paralysis of street pressure, buying time and international image. Better impossible, only to the ribs of our boys' blood. They call it “realpolitik”.

However, what both parties did not foresee was the massive civic and democratic response of the population, to the extent that this consultation mobilized the entire international community in favor of the situation in Venezuela. The 16J will take us down a completely different opposition route from the one seen so far, and will change the paradigm on which the opposition has been understood so far. There is no harm in not coming for the sake of good, the popular saying says.

The bizarre behaviour of the official opposition in ignoring the 16J mandate can only be understood within the framework of a broad secret agreement that implied that the opposition parties withdrew their militancy from the streets without any consideration other than the promise of Tiby-CNE's electoral schedule, forgetting the political prisoners and other demands made since the beginning of the day of struggles in the streets. This represents a big scam to the Venezuelan people.

We are then in a very special situation with several concurrent elements: a) a disappointed and annoying opposition population, hoping that this self-imposed delay by elections that do not resolve the exit of the regime, nor the distressing economic situation of Venezuelans will end; b) an official opposition immersed in a kind of strange campaign where they can offer nothing more after the 15-O than to continue doing the same thing that they have done.

What will the MUD tell us after 15-O? Regardless of the result (which is another analysis) I already hear Julio Borges and Henry Ramos Allup tell the following electoral tale of cowboys: we must prepare for the elections of Mayors and President in 2018. And the institutional destruction that is being carried out and continues to be carried out by the fraudulent Constituent Assembly? And hyperinflation? And hunger? And the dead children in hospitals every day? Where's all that stuff? That is the agenda that people want to hear. But that is not the agenda of that opposition leadership. Then we have to look for someone else who will confront the regime, and not negotiate elections with it by scamming the population.

We urgently require new voices to tell us clearly what is the exit route for this tragedy that represents Nicolás Maduro and his militarized narco tyranny. Other people who understand that the problem is not that the people vote or not vote, facing the Venezuelans with that bullshit that is not at all the discussion of the country, even if they want to locate it there, but show us a way that leads immediately to solve this crisis And waiting for 2018 is not an option. Then neither Borges nor Ramos will get it. These characters only understand agreements and negotiations behind what the population wants, in favor of their own agendas of power. Enough of scammers ...

Caracas, October 5, 2017


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