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Putin's fortunate statements

By Luis Manuel Aguana

It is clear that none of the regime's military and commercial partners agree with any intervention in Venezuela. The Chinese and the Russians -mainly- like things as they are and they want them to stay that way. It is not to those countries that Venezuelans are migrating en masse as a result of the humanitarian disaster caused by their partners in the regime. That's why those countries could not defend the human rights of Venezuelans when their interests are at stake.

However, to justify that foreigners could not get into Venezuela like " elephant in a junkyard without understanding what's really going on," Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a recent forum that “Venezuelans and no one else in the world should decide about Maduro's future” (see in Spanish, El Nuevo Herald, Putin advierte contra la injerencia extranjera en Venezuela, en Sometimes rulers, especially those with influence, should weigh a little more what they say. I don't think those statements by the Russian President were to the liking of the Maduro regime. If we Venezuelans had a real chance to decide what to do with Nicolás Maduro, there would no longer be a crisis in Venezuela.

Indeed, President Vladimir Putin is right. We Venezuelans should be able to decide what to do, not just with Maduro, but with the fate of all those who have destroyed Venezuela, and also decide on the future of the country. Not the Cubans, the Iranians, the Russians, the Byelorussians, the Chinese, and the whole pleiad of countries that control in one way or another, directly or indirectly, the puppet government of Nicolas Maduro.

But since the disastrous situation in which this government has derived has brought as a consequence an international repercussion that affects, like cancer in regional expansion to the rest of the surrounding countries, it is proposed that they then decide for us what to do with Venezuela, thus escaping the problem from our hands. If we cannot decide, then others will have to do it for us.

But Vladimir Putin, when saying something true, knowing that it is impossible for us to decide because we are kidnapped by criminals, believes that he can manipulate logic and argue against an intervention because it is we, the kidnapped, who must decide, when in reality what he inadvertently does is admit an old postulate that has not been recognized in our own country: the solution is in the hands of the sovereign people. So what we have to achieve is to make it possible for the people to express themselves. And the opposition neurons should be concerned with thinking how to crystallize that expression over the electoral and personalist projects of each fraction, using the deterrence mechanisms that the International Community has made available to seek solutions to the Venezuelan situation.

How did President Lenín Moreno of Ecuador get rid of Rafael Correa's continuing pretension? Consulting the Ecuadorian people. You will say, "Of course, but Moreno was President when he mounted that solution. He was in power" and that is not the case here. Well, the problem is more challenging. If those in power only want to consult the people and make elections only with a corrupt electoral institution like the CNE, whose results cannot be audited, then we must escalate the situation to the next highest level.

The question, then, would be how to get Venezuelans inside and outside Venezuela to express themselves freely over the regime of Nicolás Maduro and his associates? Answer: by making that demand be assumed by the International Community as a formula to solve the problem, using all the necessary pressure mechanisms such as those that have been used so far and new ones, to force Maduro's regime to produce a consultation of Venezuelans inside and outside Venezuela with all the support and the presence and technical, logistical and financial supervision of the countries that have had the will to extend their hand to us. It would be more than a 16J-2017 but with several orders of magnitude worldwide. That consultation would be the answer to those countries that support the regime and veto humanitarian actions in the UN Security Council, such as China and Russia, and we would silence Vladimir Putin with his own solution.

And many will say "but Maduro and his government are not going to accept that because it would take them out of power" Precisely! That consultation would become the International Community's main pressure mechanism to get the Venezuelan people to express themselves in relation to Maduro's continuity and change the Venezuelan political reality. And the best justification to proceed to any action in case of ignoring the petition, but this time with the best excuse in the world: Maduro blocks the Venezuelan people from expressing themselves in order to decide their continuity as the President of Russia rightly says.

And just as Lenin Moreno in Ecuador resolved the problem domestically by going to the people because he was in power during the consultation he made, we Venezuelans can resolve it with the help of the International Community by demanding from the regime that the will of the people be expressed and if this is not yet permitted, then the countries will have the Responsibility to Protect the Venezuelan people. If this were to happen, it would materialize an authorization of the people for the international forces to express themselves, if Maduro and his regime do not allow the people to do so.

If there is an Emergency Government in exile, as some of us still hope, that would be the ideal interlocutor to coordinate what is going to happen. But if it does not materialize in the same way, the suffering countries of the cancer in full expansion that Venezuela suffers would solve it for us, only without any control of the legitimate powers that we still have left. That is why this figure is necessary, even though politically there are forces that play in favor of killing this initiative. They forget that Venezuela has an inedited problem, so equally inedited should be its solution...

Caracas, October 7, 2018


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