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On the edge of an election

By Luis Manuel Aguana

The new appointments made by President Juan Guaidó point to a reaffirmation of the route leading to an electoral agreement with the regime of Nicolás Maduro Moros. Whether they are open or covert, these agreements seem to be closer than people suppose. And why do I say that? It is no secret to anyone that the Voluntad Popular party is already in the electoral campaign. If not, let them say so on the milk containers with VP identification that they are distributing, in an astonishing manifestation of exacerbated populism, only comparable with the same regime (see in Spanish,, VP reconoce la veracidad de alimentos con su logo y rechaza esa práctica, in

Although the political organization officially denied the practice of delivering food to the population, what is certain is that for Venezuelans this type of trickery is not new, where the most felt needs of the population are manipulated without any scruple and for political ends. However, what is important there is not the milk they distributed, it is the solution that the official opposition is giving to the Venezuelan crisis, starting with the party of the President in Charge, which completely ignores the urgency of life of Venezuelans, as well as the criminal structure of those who are illegally exercising power in Venezuela.

Apparently the United States is more aware of that than the official opposition when it demands through the public statements of its spokespersons for Venezuela that Maduro must be out of power before proceeding to a presidential election in our country, thereby establishing greater recognition of the Statute of Transition than those who invented that instrument have so far demonstrated. Americans have a clearer mantra than they do. And that's precisely the problem we're dealing with now.

In a note from PanamPost journalist Sabrina Martin, Elliott Abrams, envoy to Venezuela from the White House, stated that "...the White House will not give its backing to an election in the South American country if on the ballot there are any of the two men disputing power: Maduro or Guaidó. The U.S. diplomat indicated that if they want to run, they would first have to leave office to avoid fighting over whether the vote was manipulated” (see PanamPost in Spanish, EEUU: no apoyaremos elección entre Maduro y Guaidó bajo condiciones actuales”, in

And now I ask myself, is it that the United States, which had always been against an electoral process with the regime by criminals, now accepts it but without Maduro? How is that? What happened in the middle of the road that the regime ceased to be for the U.S. a shortcut of criminals who usurp power and do not hand it over to his legitimate successor, Juan Guaidó, invested as President in charge until free elections take place on January 23, 2019?

Answering that question is extremely important because that is where Venezuela's stability will go down the drain in the coming weeks when the official opposition announces to the country "that an agreement has been reached with the regime" to go to an election without changing anything in the electoral conditions, except the facial change of the CNE Rectors, and without dismantling the illegitimate National Constituent Assembly. Is that the "cessation of the usurpation of the trilogy?

I have the unfortunate impression that the official opposition once again convinced the United States as they did on April 30 that the criminals will just leave because they believe they will win an election. Diosdado and Maduro must be laughing to death. The American counteroffer was that if they have already negotiated elections with the regime then neither Maduro nor Guaidó can go on the ballot. But Guaidó was not there in the first place to be a candidate for anything, as this story was wrongly distorted. Guaidó was to receive the office according to Article 233 of the Constitution in order to call for free, transparent and authentic elections after a period that we call transition, and after Maduro and his delinquents evicted power.

Venezuelans have been so confused that people already believe that Guaidó is a presidential candidate in an election that nobody understands because they are getting into the country through the eyes with a government program included (Plan País). What are we crazy about? Did Venezuelans forget that Maduro and his regime -both of them- have to go first before those elections can take place? What should a fumigation of all the pests in the CNE be done before proceeding to hold any election?

But the worst isn't that. The country implodes on all sides. The solutions must be given immediately, not for 6 months or more, which is what they will try to sell us with an election with the regime, when it is right now that people and especially children, are dying of hunger and shrinkage in hospitals. That hyperinflation is putting an end right now to the already dwindling pockets of Venezuelans who cannot buy anything to take to their tables. That's why, if VP or the rest of the G4 doesn't remember it, there had to be an immediate cessation of usurpation, so that President Juan Guaidó could start a government to correct those problems. Juan Guaidó has no meaning outside that context! That's what you have to understand!

But no, unfortunately we see the President in charge in an electoral comparsa that shouts to us that the regime is waiting for an election agreed with them. Who has won with this dialogue? Does the opposition really believe that the delinquent regime of Nicolás Maduro Moros will give them electoral power just like that, after everything that has happened in Venezuela?

We must responsibly remind the political leaders who have distorted this whole history in favor of going to an election with Maduro's regime, that the Americans have rejected from the beginning this "solution" to the crisis because it is not really a solution, since with that we will not leave the Castro-Chavez-Madurist regime entrenched in Venezuela.

Americans know in depth the criminal nature of those who govern Venezuela (with implications and international ties included) and have tried unsuccessfully to convince the official opposition that without leaving the regime there will never be free elections. However, I regret to say that it is completely irrelevant to the US what happens to us here as long as we are not a threat to the region and its national security. If the official opposition promises them that going to bed with Maduro solves the regional problem, they will not raise any objections as happened on April 30.

Unfortunately they are wrong again and that mistake will be paid for by all Venezuelans and then by the United States itself because if the problem is not resolved, as we believe it is going to happen, the situation will get worse, and they will necessarily have to deal with the problem unilaterally, and what they are trying to avoid by believing in the irresponsible G4, they will have it increased in the very short term with worse consequences for Venezuelans and for them as guardians of the hemisphere, and of course at a much higher cost for the whole world.

They are mistaken because an electoral farce like the one they are putting forward in the official opposition, deceiving the population that this constitutes the "cessation of usurpation", does not immediately resolve the hyperinflation resulting from the regime that is still in power in Miraflores, the hunger and illnesses of the most needy, the crisis in the electricity sector, the hospital crisis, the transport crisis, the food crisis, and so on, etc., etc., generating an acceleration to the regional crisis provoked by the massive exodus of those who only hope for this last chance not to leave the country. This will give them the perfect excuse to leave because those elections will be cooked again by the regime in their favor.

And you'll say, and then what's the solution? All this, my dear friends, can only be resolved immediately with an intervention of a humanitarian nature, with the request of R2P to the International Community, and the approval of the Constitutional 187#11 in the National Assembly. But for that we must first resolve a real "cessation of usurpation".

From the Original National Constituent Alliance-ANCO we proposed an immediate, express way to resolve this "cessation of usurpation" through a Plebiscite that delivers power to the legitimate successor that the people decided on January 23, 2019 to fulfill its constitutional mandate of a Transitional Government and Free Elections, with the support of a force that supports us internationally. Ignoring the proposal because we are on the verge of elections that were negotiated at the expense of the naïve credibility of Venezuelans does not mean that it does not exist as a solution for Venezuela (not for the interests of many of the official opposition) even though we are still in time to implement it....

Caracas, August 30, 2019


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