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The joint end of the regime and its opposition

By Luis Manuel Aguana

How complicated it becomes to try to write about a reality that changes every hour, every minute. It seems like it was last year's events that have only days of occurrence. That's why it becomes more difficult because now it is about identifying trends and facts that are not seen at first sight. Where will this irreversible fracture of the official opposition lead us? How serious is it and what consequences will that have for Venezuela?

I have the theory - as yet to be proven - that the October 15 earthquake is not yet over (see Political Earthquake, at The landslide of Venezuela's political tectonic plates not only demolished the MUD building, but its occupants ran away seeking refuge for the regime's buildings.

The common people think to continue in the electoral pachanga, and the parties of the extinct MUD will continue to claim the opposition votes "as usual" making the comparison to the regime, in a sort of flight forward of the collaborationist opposition. And people will vote and vote until next year's presidential elections, with statements from the spokespersons of that opposition that their "struggle will be for better electoral conditions" to elect President (see Ramos Allup calls for strengthening the unitary image and seeking better electoral conditions, at Oh, for God's sake! I'd laugh at that if it wasn't so pathetic. That was what we were asking for before Maduro's election and the MUD ignored us (To the Venezuelan democratic society in the face of the call for elections on April 14, 2013, at That is the unfortunate road they have left after the earthquake, thinking that they will get away with it.

But the serious thing is not that. Is that to be able to sustain that electoral parapet should proceed to mount the pantomime of a new CNE, this time from the fraudulent Constituent Assembly, because now people are not going to swallow Tiby Lucena again, on pain of leaving the empty centers in a new election And they are already negotiating with the regime. That's the cost of shelter after the earthquake. And the regime will impose its 3 to 2, now without Tiby, and with some of the current "reptoras", in a cheating composition again.

The former MUD opens a new period of coexistence in this way, this time manifest with the regime. Both fighting to survive in times where it is impossible to live together, unless you have gone through everything and accoutrements for the other side. Venezuelans should know that what was called official opposition is no longer. It is already the regime disguised as opposition. And if they decide to vote in that electoral parapet that they mount, they will be contributing to lengthen the suffering that we live in this country.

The regime will desperately try to be recognized internationally and for that it will spend every dollar, which should be destined to our food and medicine, in the ex-MUD and everything that tries to give legitimacy to their actions, prolonging the agony of the whole world. Vain attempt. They`re already doomed. Venezuela is already a failed state with a militarized drug tyranny and terrorist rule. And that will have consequences for those who embrace him looking for oxygen that is already gone, like the ex-MUD. And that charade that I don't go to the municipal elections, but if I go to the presidential elections "looking for better electoral conditions," it's nothing more than a lie that they are putting themselves in and worse still to the Venezuelans that in good faith still believe in that leadership.

But what they do is go back over the endless cycle of history, which if you don't know it, you repeat it. Ramón J. Velásquez, quoted by Simón Alberto Consalvi in his biography of Juan Vicente Gómez, stated: “Cipriano Castro was right when, in addressing the National Congress in his message of 1903, he stated that he was not so proud of anything as" the glory of having defeated the famous historical leader, who died by my own hand, in the same battlefield on the edge of my sword, because he thus smoothed the path of one ". In La Victoria, all the old military prestiges of Venezuela attended like an elephant cemetery. Those who for 50 years had enacted the law, and at times splitting into opposition and government, had maintained absolute control over political power and military rule. When they disperse, complying with the general order of November 2,1902, dictated by Matos in the barracks of San Mateo, he is on his way to total forgetfulness...” (1).

We won't have to kill anyone “on the same battlefield on the edge of my sword” as Cipriano Castro did with the help of Gomez, but history teaches us that if these characters who prevent the country from evolving into a new century and who for decades have “dictated the law, and divided themselves at times in opposition and government, they had maintained absolute control of political power and military rule” after this debacle passed. And it will pass! Who will be left standing? Only those who truly interpret the historical time in which they live.

The regime and its opposition - which are now two sides of the same coin - openly expect us Venezuelans to buy that new facade from them. Will Rosales wait for the Zullians to buy him that the government does not support his new "opposition" candidacy when they let him participate, lifting his political disqualification? Ramos Allup and Rosales should at least have the decency to join the PSUV!

Political events will be increasingly biased towards the infeasibility of the regime's communist and terrorist political model. And those who are living in a relationship of mutual symbiosis with the government (see symbiosis, at will invariably suffer the same fate as they do. May they do us that favor of not detach themselves from this dying trunk, they will save Venezuela many years of future suffering...

Caracas, November 7,2017


(1)     Juan Vicente Gómez, Biografía, Simón Alberto Consalvi, 2007. Libros El Nacional, ISBN 978-980-388-716-2. Págs. 65-66, Caracas-Venezuela

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