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Legitimate TSJ: a transcendental decision

By Luis Manuel Aguana

Some followers ask me: and did you forget the Popular Consultation that you have now focused on the National Emergency Government? Quite the contrary. When you're on very long roads and you're facing obstacles the size of the ones you're facing, you have to stop and look for a place where you can see miles ahead. Something like this is happening to us with this new approach. We climbed to the top of a very tall tree and realized that we had to go around a big obstacle to be able to continue our journey further on.

That doesn't mean that we abandoned our original route, but that we made a detour, which at the end of the day will get us where we want to go faster. And this detour is called the National Emergency Government.

And now you may ask, what were the obstacles? Well, the thing is, it's not easy to explain. It is easy because it can be understood that people still do not buy the argument of a new Popular Consultation after the betrayal of the politicians to the clear mandate of the Popular Consultation of 16J-2017, even though we have tried to explain it (see Two Consultations and a photograph at It is difficult because it seems that we are abandoning our principles that a government should be born of the popular will of a people and not of a judicial decision. And we say "seems" because we have not abandoned that fundamental principle on which the floor of political legitimacy necessary for any ruler is built.

However, things in Venezuela are not going as smoothly as we would like, no matter how hard we push it. We must make our paths more flexible but not abandon principles. If we do not immediately have a Constituent process that popularly validates a National Emergency Government, then we must achieve that validation in another way. And if we do not have a Constituent process that legitimately designates a National Emergency Government, then we must achieve the appearance of such a government through other equally legitimate and constitutional means to continue our journey.

Paradoxically, the Venezuelan people themselves are the main obstacle to reaching a Constituent Assembly. It is not the first time in history that someone is responsible for avoiding their own cure. And why is that? Because it has reached a point where, because of the ineptitude and criminal actions of this regime, the Venezuelan people can no longer be asked humanely to wait one more minute. We must do whatever is necessary within the Constitution to bring about an immediate change in the situation. Maduro and his Cuban system must leave as soon as possible.

But the Venezuelan political opposition gathered in the National Assembly, in a mixture of collaborationism, political awkwardness, incapacity, indolence, corruption and who knows how many other things, denied the possibility of appointing a Transitional Government and National Unity, as was their constitutional duty, requested by the legitimate Supreme Court of Justice in response to the trial for corruption followed to Maduro. This criminal act is prolonging the unjust suffering of the Venezuelan people in favor of the search for an immediate solution to the problem of the illegal occupation of power in Venezuela. But it opened the legal way for the installation of a National Emergency Government.

Right now, the main members of this supposed opposition are meeting looking for a way to achieve elections that are only in their imagination, trying again to deceive Venezuelans into other suicidal proposals, instead of looking for ways out of the extinction that the regime has planned for them in their next step of institutional destruction. The infinite human stupidity, Einstein dixit.

Well, the legitimate TSJ has taken his work seriously. It has given formal entry to our request assigning the number SC-2018-012 to the corresponding file, assuming the Presidency of the Constitutional Chamber of the High Court, and preparing to begin the process to decide according to law the request for the formation of a National Emergency Government.

We do not know what mechanism will be used by the legitimate Magistrates to designate this equally legitimate government.  But what I have no doubt is that those who are appointed will have the full attention of the Venezuelan people, and that is where all hopes will have to be turned to take the lead and take the decisions to get rid of these criminals. No more MUD, no more politicians traveling to the United States to ask for funding under the excuse of overcoming the dictatorship, which ends up in their pockets and candidate aspirations. It is my hope that the legitimate TSJ will choose honorable people who will really lead us in the right direction, free from subordinate political pressures and aspirations.

Once this National Emergency Government has been appointed, we will ask for their attention to immediately carry out a Popular Consultation, inside and outside Venezuela, which will not only immediately give political support and popular support to the legitimate appointment of this High Court, but will also enable it to take the decisions it deems appropriate for the return to our country of the rule of law, freedom and democracy, with a view to the refounding of Venezuela.

It is easy to imagine that the first ones who will be against this designation are those who have never played in favor of the interests of the Venezuelan people and who will even ally themselves with the regime to ignore it, as they already did openly and covertly on March 20.  That'll get them out in front of the whole world. But it is not up to them to make that decision, but to the sovereign people of Venezuela, and hence the need for a Popular Consultation with the same people who told themselves about it on 16J-2017. It is on that side that we will reach the Popular Consultation.

All Venezuelans, including those political factors that raised their voices in the National Assembly for a decision in favor of the appointment of a new government, must now support our legitimate Magistrates in making the most momentous decision that any court has made in more than two centuries of Republican life, publicly supporting their decision. Please sign support for the decision of the TSJ-L at or The next few days will be crucial for Venezuela's future. Let's not abandon them. May God guide them and protect the Venezuelan people....

Caracas, 7 de Junio de 2018


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