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Letter to the unknown ambassador

By Luis Manuel Aguana

Your Excellency, Ambassador:

With a great deal of respect I am writing to you as a representative friend of Venezuela, on the premise that you have a real and legitimate interest in helping us to emerge from this serious political crisis of our Nation. I dare to send this letter, as one more citizen who suffers from this crisis, to the ambassador friend whom I do not know, so that he may possibly carry this message to his country in the hope that the common Venezuelan's position can be better understood in the face of the appalling tragedy that we are suffering.

There are no simple answers to complex problems. However, wisdom lies in being able to give them despite the difficulties that this entails. That is why Ghandi, Mandela, Churchill, and more locally Romulo Betancourt, Rafael Caldera and Jóvito Villalba, managed to communicate to their respective peoples a clear path to follow in the midst of the difficulties. Maybe that's why we met in this tremedal. The leadership does not succeed in clearly communicating to people a clear path despite all the communication technology that we have at this time.

The official opposition grouped in the G4 of the so-called MUD remains that, the official representative of those who do not agree with the government in front of the international community. And it is making use of that condition to take us to a slaughterhouse in the Dominican Republic, although at this moment they do not represent anyone, not even their own militants. I believe that this situation should be seriously considered by you in the Diplomatic Corps before committing to recognize them as the official opposition of Venezuela.

The Ambassadors of the world in Venezuela, and especially those of some of the friendly countries of the so-called Group of Lima, have insisted on unifying without scrutinizing in detail the diversity, the criteria of the entire Venezuelan opposition universe to attend this dialogue-slaughterhouse forgetting a fundamental premise: already the Venezuelan people categorically pronounced the 16J. Any deviation from any supposed representative opposing that pronouncement is a betrayal of that verdict.

Why do Venezuelans reject that meeting in the Dominican Republic?

a) There are no representatives of Venezuelans in that meeting. Those who are there ceased to represent the majority of Venezuelans, because even though they were legitimately elected on 6D-2015, they ignored the 16J mandate of a consultation that the National Assembly itself decided at the July 5, 2017 session to consult the people the course of action to follow to resolve the crisis in the country. In fact, it can be said without exaggeration that the Alianza Soy Venezuela is more representative of the spirit of the 7.6 million Venezuelans who believed in that leadership that now is allowed to blackmail by the regime for a crust of bread and the extortion of their prisoners politicians. Venezuelans have the blood of Libertadores.

b) It goes without conditions of participation. Before sitting down, the Nicolás Maduro regime must allow humanitarian aid, release the political prisoners and restore the functions of the National Assembly without conditions. You can not negotiate about the hunger or the suffering of the prisoners. It would be blackmail. Do not negotiate with a kidnapper who points his gun over your head.

c) The regime gains time to continue searching for resources for its survival. The National Assembly can not approve appeals on the basis of recognition of an unconstitutional instance. And if it did, it would be illegal.

Why is the Constituent of Maduro not accepted?

a) Because it is a constitutional fraud. The President had no power of convocation, as the entire Venezuelan and international legal community has shown. The 30J elections were conducted by the Maduro regime, ignoring the majority mandate of the people of question 1 of the 16J plebiscite, without taking into account the well-founded allegations of technical fraud in that process.

b) Still, having carried out this process under these conditions, the constituent ignores its role in drafting a constitution and rises as a supra-power over the 1999 constitution that has NOT BEEN REPEATED BY THE PEOPLE IN REFERENCE TO THE APPROVAL OF A NEW CONSTITUTION, dismissing public powers and assuming functions of approving laws that only belong to the National Assembly.

How is this resolved?

Only by resorting to Original Power. It has reached such a state of institutional disorder that the only way to channel the country's crisis is to summon the constituent in the manner established in the Constitution. The proposal is to follow the 16J route while resolving the intrigue of the unconstitutional constituent, consulting with the people on matters of national significance, whether it dissolves that instance including all its acts and consulting them on whether or not it ultimately wishes to truly establish a constituent process. Likewise, to consult with the people on the dissolution of Nicolás Maduro's government, as well as the rest of the public powers, including the National Assembly, in accordance with the spirit of question 3 of the 16J Plebiscite, but this time for a legitimate Constituent to designate it from its bosom. And in the event that a constituent is not approved - because it is the people alone that can decide that - it should be designated according to the constitutional rule of 1999, where the next valid in the presidential succession summons the people to presidential elections.

Although it is something simple to understand and communicate with the Venezuelan people, it is prevented by a web of cross interests. However, who forces the militarized drug regime of Nicolas Maduro to agree that the people be counted in popular consultation and decide their own destiny? The answer comes from outside and with the help of the international community you represent, not from a dialogue with criminals.

Already the international pressure has had its effects. The regime is like the rats when the ship sinks. All sources of financing were cut off. All those responsible cannot leave the country because they are on the search lists of international narco-crime. What is missing? That they negotiate the terms of their delivery before a swindled town. That can never be done with those who were his accomplices in the embezzlement of the country and who intend to continue in the Dominican Republic.

Ambassadors and Presidents of the friendly countries that believe in this dialogue: the problem of the country will not be solved by the wrinkles of Venezuela's hunger. With letting go humanitarian aid that the regime already intends to administer with the mafias of CLAP, this is a piece of bread for the Venezuelan family, and release some people who can return to their dungeons when they decide, the regime will be screwed even more and you will be responsible for that help.

As a Venezuelan who lives and suffers day by day from the tragedy of this country, I can assure you that my compatriots will feel better served by your help, not in filling their stomachs for one day, but in their dignity as a people, if the help you offer us translates into the departure of these criminals. Venezuela's history is full of anecdotes where Venezuelans prefer to go hungry and needy before losing their dignity and freedom. Many Venezuelans have given their lives for this reason in all their republican history. With a lot of gratitude and respect for their management in Santo Domingo, we will get the food after the criminals leave, and with the freedom we will surely get, because that has been ours the legacy of our liberating ancestors.

With the greatest feelings of consideration and esteem,

Very truly yours,
Luis Manuel Aguana

Caracas, November 29, 2017


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