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Towards a new opposition coalition in Venezuela

By Luis Manuel Aguana

The speed of political events is abating. I thought the “dialogue” was frozen after the MUD communiqué of September 12, which reiterated in its first paragraph: “MUD reiterates that there is no resumption of dialogue and informs Venezuela and the world about their conditions for a serious negotiation”, to conclude by saying “In order to enter into a serious negotiation, we demand immediate actions that demonstrate a real willingness to solve national problems and not to buy time” (see press release at

For a good listener few words. Apparently something has changed since September 12 that without the regime having done ANY action tending to demonstrate their willingness to solve the country's problems, Julio Borges (PJ), Eudoro González (PJ), Luis Florido (VP), Vicente Díaz (Former Director of the CNE), Timoteo Zambrano and Manuel Rosales (UNT), went to Dominican Republic to meet Maduro’s representatives to resume the “dialogue” with the regime. Strange is not it? Especially when some of them did not have a passport (Luis Florido case) and express prohibition to leave the country (Manuel Rosales case). The regime apparently acted as necessary to meet with their representatives and who knows if, in addition, with an airplane in Ramp 4 of the Maiquetía airport.

Is it with these "negotiating" representatives that the bulk of the Venezuelan opposition people, made up of the majority of the population who voted on 6D-2015 and 16J-2017 for a change, can expect Maduro and his delinquency regime to leave the government, characterized not so by me, but by the report of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights?

By September 15, they had already met twice to pretend that we Venezuelans would accept anything that comes out of there, with Jorge and Delcy Rodriguez, the regime's most nefarious characters. In its last communiqué, the MUD gathers the candles of the previous one, indicating now that they “demanded” in an exploratory meeting conditions to start a negotiation (see So, what's the deal? Wasn't it that the regime had to show “real willingness to solve national problems and not to buy time”? Well, they hasn't, and as far as you can see, they're buying time, and the MUD is giving them extra bonuses.

The US and European sanctions have been paralysed as a result of this new “readiness” for the MUD dialogue, because the governments of these countries are not crazy and are saying: “well, they are already agreeing and we have to wait”. And we Venezuelans say, Wait for what? To more children and mothers dying in hospitals due to lack of medicines? Or people continue to go hungry as a result of the most horrific hyperinflation this country has ever experienced? That is the criminal damage that the MUD is causing us by agreeing with the regime to negotiate behind the backs of the population and the suffering of the people.
But let's take a close look at what the regime wants: a) to gain time to reach 2018 (which they're already doing with this “dialogue”); b) paralyze all the penalties that continue to come for crimes against humanity (which they already achieved); c) legalize with the signature of the MUD’s traitors their fraudulent National Constituent Assembly (which they lack). Only with that last aspiration fulfilled, the regime accedes to anything that the MUD asks. And that is the key of that meeting in the Dominican Republic and why it is not surprising that all those “opponents” negotiators are charging in cash and / or in species their participation in that meeting, then telling us there were achieved ALL the “Demands” at the expense of legitimizing the fraudulent Maduro’s constituent, so bring those agreements to a manipulated popular consultation.

Because the latter is the worst. If there is one thing that the leaders of this Vichy opposition and the regime learned from 16J: they need our approval to seal their survival. Hence, both of them invented a referendum to approve what they agree on in the Dominican Republic. But there is one thing that Venezuelans haven't walked around for: there shouldn't have been that meeting in the Dominican Republic in the first place. To accept this referendum is to accept from the outset the legitimization of the regime of Nicolás Maduro and to forget about three months of struggle and pain of the Venezuelan family, reported by the UNHCHR. Do you realize how serious this betrayal of the MUD is? Are we going to accept that?

Once this legitimation is obtained, the regime survives anything that comes from abroad, because the constituent of Delcy Rodriguez may decide at any later time to change the agreements reached in that “Dialogue Table” leaving the Venezuelans hanging on the brush and at the mercy of the castrocomunists, all in exchange for some worthless monopoly bills of Governorships, Mayors and Legislative Councils that is what they want in the MUD, as the regime well knows. In other words, they went to the Dominican Republic to change their mother for a pair of flip-flops.

Once again, the MUD leaves the OAS Secretary General without a speech. On the one hand, the Secretary General Luis Almagro attempting to bring the main criminals of the regime to the International Criminal Court of the Hague for crimes against humanity and on the other hand the official opposition representation of the country, MUD, sitting with those same criminals to reach an agreement of coexistence. Who in your right mind understands that? That is why in the international community believes that the Venezuelans have gone mad, or at least suffering the Stockholm Syndrome.

Well, no. I believe that the time has come for Venezuelans to finally break with this vicious circle, calling bread, bread and wine, wine, as was customary to say before. The regime: they are delinquents, as the civilized world has characterized them and must be expelled with the least cost in lives possible. You cannot negotiate with terrorists or criminals as has been demonstrated internationally. The MUD: with its actions they stopped representing the bulk of the Venezuelan opposition population, so as Venezuelans we reject any agreement, dialogue, communication, representation that they claim to have with the illegitimate regime of Nicolás Maduro and its fraudulent constituent.

Consequently, Venezuelans must immediately find ways to legitimize a new and true opposition coalition that effectively represents before Venezuela and the world the interests of those who spoke on 6D-2015 and 16J-2017 for an immediate change of government, and to start a new route that shakes us from the mafia delinquent and terrorist that has seized the power in Venezuela. That is the rational and coherent with the sacrifice in lives that this noble people has given in favor of democracy and freedom.

Caracas, September 16, 2017


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