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The plan of the sovereign people

By Luis Manuel Aguana

"The leader should be a plan. Our leader is a map. What we need, all of us, those who are inside, those who are outside, the displaced, the exiles, the persecuted, all of us, is a leaf that puts us all on the same line..." (see interview in Spanish with JJ Rendón, Venezuelan political strategist and electoral advisor, with journalist Idania Chirinos in NTN24, at And maybe JJ is right. In a state of opposition chaos where there is nowhere to be seen who is holding the opposition reins and everyone competing for reason, there will hardly be a solution to the serious problem facing Venezuelans.

But JJ Rendón did not mean that any specific person or group had the leadership to face this complex situation we live in, led by criminals who do have a premeditated destruction plan that has been very effective in keeping them in power. JJ was referring to looking at this macro problem that we have, we have to think of a global plan that includes all of us to combat the regime on its own ground in a situation of opposition atomization where we all believe we are right.

But there is no unity of criteria. While some of us believe that in Venezuela there is a hostage situation, others believe that what we have here is a bad government that comes out through elections. And until we have a common position and we all agree that this is what we are facing, there will hardly be a solution.

Without pretending to disagree with this approach, because this is the correct treatment that a strategist of the international stature of JJ Rendón gives to the problem we have, I could say that this solution resembles that of the story where some expert mice proposed the ideal solution to solve the problem of being able to reach the food warning the presence of the cat. The solution given by the specialists was to place a rattle around the neck of the animal in order to know when it would approach. That was undoubtedly the solution to the problem. But immediately the question arose that we all know: And who puts the rattle on the cat? That is the ideal theoretical solution but then reality came and dismantled it.

Who puts all the Venezuelan opposition political leadership in agreement to agree and follow the same plan to get out of the regime? Solving that would be more difficult than the same solution to expel Maduro and his thieves from power in Venezuela. Even with a plan - which I certainly believe JJ Rendón already has - it would be more feasible to find another solution than to get the political leadership to accept a common plan, however extraordinary it may be. The differences are too great, not to mention the existence of an open opposition collaborationism paid for by the regime.

However, the same situation has gradually convinced Venezuelans that the country has become a great prison where we are all locked up with the prans that run the prison, where no other rules are valid than those that they impose by force. That is why a large part of the population has decided to escape through the borders before things get worse, if they are not bad enough.

Given this situation, I believe that Venezuelans have agreed on the characterization of the problem - not so the political leaders - and that the plan of which JJ Rendón speaks should be endorsed by the sovereign people who know - without anyone telling them - with whom they are dealing. This reduces the problem, not to convince the political leadership to follow a common plan, but to convince the people themselves of the route to follow. But can a population held hostage by crooks decide their fate? Clearly not. Can an opposition leader in Venezuela decide something when they are the object of threats and pressures from those same prans who have kidnapped us inside the country? Apart from the collaboration of many of them, those who oppose openly are subjected, imprisoned and tortured. Needless to say, there are recent examples of such behaviour.

So when we see the soft declarations of the local political leadership in favor of continuing with an electoral charade with the regime, we cannot know if it is because they are threatened, or because they are getting paid, or because they simply want to go under the table, allowing this crisis to deepen, turning Venezuela into something worse than Cuba. And as the days go by, the regime's representatives, who are already fully identified by the International Community as delinquents, entrench themselves in the country because they cannot escape from it, and fleeing forward they present a new project for a socialist Constitution that puts them to govern until they feel like it, and which must be opposed only by definition, which already cuts off the rights of citizens as a booklet.

Should the world consider that Venezuelans living in Venezuela - including opposition political leaders - are in a position to decide a solution to this problem? Are opposition parties given to negotiate with the regime spurious elections in December as hostages? It is as if they were asking the hostages held in the middle of a bank robbery that occurs to them to free themselves from the criminals. Nothing! They are hostages that must be freed!

Then the Legislative Power in Venezuela, hostage of the pranate of Nicolás Maduro Moros, cannot decide in relation to filling the power vacuum in Venezuela after a condemning sentence of the same Nicolás Maduro Moros. It would be completely absurd. Any proposal, discussion or agreement made by the National Assembly from that sentence will be biased by the threat and intimidation that the regime exerts on the deputies who do not want to follow the fate of Deputy Juan Requesens. With this example, the regime clearly demonstrated what can happen to those who do not let themselves be bought from power.

Waiting then for the National Assembly to designate a next Transitional or Emergency Government, as we call it from here, to fill the power vacuum after the final sentence against Maduro, is at best a contradictory matter. And in the worst case it would be an "autosuicide" since the regime could also dispose of that decision under threat or collaborationism of the opposition deputies under its control.

It is then up to the only Legitimate Power outside the influence of the regime, the Supreme Court of Justice legitimized in exile, to decide what is necessary to fill the power vacuum in Venezuela. This not only involves deciding on a National Emergency Government, but also the scope of its decisions to recover the freedom of the hostages that we are in Venezuela. That, in the terms exposed by JJ Rendón, would be precisely the plan that the government would execute to recover the country.

But that plan will necessarily have to contemplate the participation of the people of Venezuela in the fundamental decisions, in accordance with the provisions of the High Court itself in its Order of Execution of Judgment dated November 30, 2017: "Third: ... In Reason that the country is mired in a deep social and economic crisis that has affected the normal life of citizens, it is appropriate the activation of civil and peaceful resistance decreed by this High Court under the provisions of Articles 333 and 350 of the Constitution, which urgent to produce the changes required by Venezuela for the restoration of the authority of the Constitution and therefore of democracy in Venezuela, therefore, any exit from the crisis it seeks in the political arena, must be made within mechanisms popular participation enshrined in Article 70 of the Constitution, and never behind the back of the people, with the primary purpose of causing immediate exit e everything that has generated the crisis through which the country is going. " (see in Spanish Auto de Ejecución de Sentencia TSJ legítimo, at (Highlighted by us).

After regaining our freedom and after the people of Venezuela exercise their participation through the mechanisms established by the constitution itself, there will be no doubt about anyone and we will all agree on this great plan of the sovereign people, making this idea of leadership of a plan to get out of tyranny a reality.

Caracas, September 14, 2018


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