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The solution ceased to be in Venezuela

By Luis Manuel Aguana

If we Venezuelans had any doubts about the collaborationist arrangement of the official opposition and the regime of Nicolás Maduro, just watch the denunciation made by former Ambassador Diego Arria in a recent video (see video at according to which the pro-government deputy, Lawyer Amador Valles Méndez, addressed the President of the National Assembly on 10 July, requesting information on the President of the legitimate Supreme Court, because he allegedly had dual nationality, and on the same day the Secretary of the National Assembly, Negal Morales, addressed the Spanish Consul General, asking him to document "the identity of this citizen" and to do so "in a peremptory and urgent manner because it is very important for the institution of the National Assembly and for citizens in general". It would be impossible to have any more brazen collaboration.

What is the interest of the Board of Directors of the National Assembly in requesting information from another country about a Venezuelan who was invested by the same Assembly as a judge of the Supreme Court of Justice, and what is the interest in attacking the President of the Supreme Court of Justice in exile now?

At this time the Assembly Board is openly circumventing a legitimate Supreme Court ruling dated July 2, 2018 (see Absolute Default Judgment in Spanish at

"SECOND: It is imposed on this Tribunal in compliance with the supreme mandate to ensure the integrity of the constitution and the order established in it (Article 334 of the Constitution) to put an end to the institutional disorder currently reigning in the State, which, in case if extended, it could threaten the foundational foundations of our Republic; therefore, THE NATIONAL ASSEMBLY OF THE BOLIVARIAN REPUBLIC OF VENEZUELA CORRESPONDS, by extensive application in the line of succeeding to the office of President of the Republic, in virtue of the evident absolute lack that currently surrounds the Presidency of the Republic and the tacit waiver that the Executive Vice President incurred in opting for another public office improperly assigned, THAT IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE FIRST PART OF ARTICLE 233 OF THE CONSTITUTION OF THE BOLIVARIAN REPUBLIC OF VENEZUELA, SUPRA MENTIONED, PROCEDURE TO FILL THE CONSTITUTIONAL VACUUM OF THE PRESIDENCY OF THE REPUBLIC, until presidential elections can be held, prior appointment of new Rectors of the National Electoral Council, purification and updating of the Electoral Registry and Manual Voting, among other necessary minimum conditions, adjusted in everything, to what is ordered in the sentence of the Electoral Chamber of this Supreme Court dated 06/13/2018, File SE-2018-001. "

Is it this decision that the National Assembly Directive seeks to avoid? At the moment, the Assembly's Board of Directors and the regime of Nicolás Maduro have a very uncomfortable common enemy: the legitimate TSJ in exile. It is very inconvenient for both of them that this sentence should be carried out. The regime for obvious reasons, but the government's opposition for reasons that are very difficult for national public opinion to swallow: the regime threatens not to go away alone, but to take with it all the accomplices it has always had in the official opposition, beginning with those involved in the biggest Latin American corruption scandal of recent times: the Odebrecht case.

From Venezuela it is impossible with the official opposition that controls the National Assembly to choose a government to replace the regime of Nicolás Maduro for one simple reason: they are the same. The balance of power that the Nicolás Maduro regime has maintained -and before that of Hugo Chávez- was always based on the fact that the ruling opposition prevented its replacement in exchange for covert contracts and crumbs of power in the governorships and mayors' offices, with financing for its main leaders. That's the main leadership of the National Assembly.

It would be impossible for the official opposition to comply with this sentence only because they would have to appoint, as the second part of the legitimate TSJ's Decision states, "the new Rectors of the National Electoral Council, the purging and updating of the Electoral Registry and Manual Voting, among other minimum necessary conditions, adjusted in everything, as ordered by the ruling of the Electoral Chamber of this Maximum Tribunal dated 13/06/2018, File SE-2018-001”. The regime wouldn't allow that.

This is the only reason why the National Assembly will evade the execution of this sentence by all means within its reach, even if it uses the record of muddying the name of the legitimate Supreme Court judges, and if they can make common cause with the regime to not recognize them, even better. There is too much complicity between the official opposition and the regime, and too much to lose.

What can we Venezuelans do in the face of this sad reality: Accept Omar Barboza and his collaborationist directive for the indefinite permanence of Nicolás Maduro in power? The moment of truth has come for them. Members who are not complicit in this situation would do well to step aside and speak out as quickly as possible. If they do not do so, they become accomplices by omission.

The only thing left for us Venezuelans to do is to support by all means possible, the Magistrates who were constituted as the legitimate Supreme Court of Justice in exile, so that they may take the historic decision to appoint a National Emergency Government as soon as possible to lead us through all this garbage of local corruption, towards a definitive solution that will allow us to put an end to this opprobrious regime that is ungoverning us and is killing us with hunger and disease. The National Assembly is not only disqualified from complying with the mandate of the legitimate Supreme Court ruling, but if it were to do so it would not be for the benefit of the Venezuelan people, but for the benefit of a corruption binomial with the regime. That's how serious things are because of corruption, institutional kidnapping and collaborationism. The solution ceased to be in Venezuela.

Caracas, July 23, 2018


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