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National Emergency Government: a matter of time

By Luis Manuel Aguana

In an act that many Venezuelans could consider as an open delay to discussion about the order received from the legitimate Supreme Court to initiate the procedure to fill the power vacuum left by the continuation of the trial of Nicolás Maduro Moros for corruption and money laundering, the National Assembly Directive decided not to introduce the item in the legislative agenda of Tuesday, July 10, 2018.

Not to mention what many of us think about the outrageous collaborationism of some opposition deputies in the National Assembly, I am just reminding the citizen deputies that every day that goes by without solving Venezuela's political problem, Venezuelans die of hunger and lack of medicine. But that does not seem to be the feeling of those who must urgently take the decisions that correspond to them in order to resolve the serious Venezuelan political crisis, despite having received unprecedented support in votes from the population on December 6, 2015, which is precisely what is dying of hunger and disease. I wish Congressman Omar Barboza and the rest of the National Assembly Board would remember that before continuing to put bureaucracy into the procedure to fill the power vacuum according to the ruling of the legitimate Supreme Court.

In a step in the direction of hindering the execution of the legitimate TSJ's decision, Barboza and the National Assembly Directive sent the High Court's ruling to the Parliament's Legal Consultancy to "analyze the ruling of the TSJ in exile" (see in Spanish at Will it be to find ways to disobey it? Because otherwise it would not be understandable that the decision of a Supreme Court of Justice would not be complied with by those who are ordered to do so, and instead they would "analyze the decision". Court decisions are complied with, not analysed.

After finally being notified via email, and even though the decision of the legitimate Supreme Court was published a few days ago and all Venezuelans were aware of it through social networks, "Barboza said that next Tuesday the proposal will be evaluated so that a commission, made up of the parliamentary leaders of the political parties, will present a report to take as a basis the final decision. "Of course, taking into account the political reality that caused these magistrates to flee the country, as well as the analysis we make of the file that we do not yet know through the Constitution and the laws of the country as the Legislative Power," Barboza said. (see in Spanish, AN received notification from the TSJ in exile of Maduro's pre-trial hearing, at

In other words, it is from next Tuesday, July 17, 2018, that we Venezuelans will begin to know what the deputies of the National Assembly will do with the order of the legitimate Supreme Court. If what is happening in Venezuela were not so serious, I would think that they do not intend to solve it. But they are obliged to do so, either by action or omission. And why omission? Because we Venezuelans can understand why the deputy citizens do not want to solve it because of threats from the regime to themselves or their families. They should, as I mentioned in my previous note, leave it to the legitimate Supreme Court to resolve this problem because it is clear that in Venezuela they do not wish to do so, whether justifiably or not. In this way, they cease to be an obstacle to the process continuing and a new government, which we have called a National Emergency, is appointed (see complete request in Spanish at

The sad thing about this whole picture is the painfully lost time. The Venezuelan no longer has time to continue in this take and give me between the legitimate TSJ and the National Assembly. The regime has already announced that they will begin the evaluation for the recall of the deputies of the National Assembly through the illegitimate National Constituent Assembly (see in Spanish, ANC evaluates the recall of deputies of the Parliament, at

At the end of July, the deputies will serve half their term and the regime will begin the process of removing them from office with the CNE, do you think they will succeed? Of course they will, and they will in record time. Tiby and his CNE will fabricate the votes necessary to demolish Parliament into opposition hands. There will hardly be any opposition deputies left who are not aligned with the regime. So again, they either run or face.

Little by little, Venezuelans are running out of local institutional solutions, while we all watch courageously as the only legitimate institutions in the country are inexorably being demolished. The National Assembly, the only internationally recognized institution in the country, will fall into the hands of an illegal parapet, the regime's National Constituent Assembly. By recovering or at least rendering the National Assembly useless, the regime will have taken a decisive step towards changing our Constitution from the illegitimate National Constituent Assembly.

And while time, which is a precious and irrecoverable resource, is inexorably passing, our deputies are squandering it by slowing down and bureaucratising the possible solutions that are being considered for the appointment without further delay of a National Emergency Governing Council.

The little remaining opposition life span of the National Assembly should be dedicated to trying to change the regime and return the country to a sustainable model. Otherwise, the young people killed and the political prisoners in the protests since that National Assembly was elected will have been useless. The siege is closing and nothing significant has been done to change the regime from legitimate institutions through constitutional mechanisms. It is time for that situation to change, and to change immediately.

Whether it is the National Assembly or the legitimate Supreme Court that has to designate who should fill the power vacuum in Maduro's trial, the decision cannot be lost in a legal web that involves weeks or months. That's got to last for days. That is why the regime has always beaten us and we have always lost. I still remember those opposition voices who told us that they rejected the Original Constituent from the hands of the people because it would "last for years". Well, the regime did it with its CNE in three months, from May 1, 2017 to July 30, 2017. Well?

Do you think this recall of deputies will last long? It will last days after July 31st because the regime has already decided with its Constituent Assembly to put an end to the opposition Parliament. It would be worthwhile for the deputies to read point No. 8 of the Exhortation of the Venezuelan Episcopate "Do not be afraid, I am with you" Is 41, 10, dated July 11, 2018: "There is an urgent need in Venezuela for a political leadership that places the Venezuelan people at the center of its reflections and actions, that is aware that beyond the control of power, politics is the office of those who, moved by nobility and ethical principles, know how to place themselves at the service of the citizens and not of petty interests. Opposition leaders must offer the people alternatives for change, and work harder for their well-being” (see in Spanish, Exhortation of the Venezuelan Episcopate at,

Deputies, if the opposition is not able to move institutionally quickly with what it already has to generate a legitimate body that can face the regime from exile over and above our differences, such as a National Emergency Governing Council, the deaths we already have just begun and possibly those who follow will be you…

Caracas, July 13, 2018


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