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Who will be the winner on 15-O?

By Luis Manuel Aguana

After the great scam starring the regime and its official opposition (see The great scam,, we Venezuelans are fighting between us for a completely inconsequential thing like the dilemma between voting or not voting in the elections of Governors, which does not solve or solve the crisis we are going through in the country. The regime shrewdly put us in a discussion where their stability was not at stake but their reaffirmation and consolidation in power. And we fell - because our own opposition parties took us - in that trap.

Both the regime and the official opposition got their way in that game where they both won. As I indicated in the previous note, the opposition "won" by reaching these elections with a high probability of reaching several governorates in the country. But it also lost because the government, the more governors lose, the more they will gain in legitimacy. I can explain myself better.

Maduro has clearly indicated that "all governors who are elected in the regional elections must be subordinated to the ANC or they will be dismissed" (see In other words, what the regime loses in governorates will win in recognition of its fraudulent constituent, since the governors-elect of the opposition, if they want those governors, should kneel before the throne of Delcy Rodriguez in the fraudulent National Constituent Assembly.

But the saddest thing is that they will do it. The great "winner" of that election day will be Henry Ramos Allup who is the one who will most crown peons in this chess in which has sadly become the policy of staying in power Nicolas Maduro.

The regime decided to sacrifice governorates but to legitimize its constituent to recover that lost ground by cutting off the heads of the scoundrels who allowed us to kill more than 130 boys in the streets to reach those governorates. So who will win in these elections, the opposition or the regime? From my point of view the regime will win even if it loses.

The great winner, Ramos Allup, will recognize that fraudulent Constituent Assembly so as to have those adecos in the respective governorates who earn the 15-O because he aspires to be President in 2019 or believe that he will be President. That's called cohabitation. Meanwhile Venezuela dies of starvation and wanes in hospitals, eating from the garbage.

The problem of Ramos and Borges was not to remove the regime that is killing us - literally - from Miraflores as demanded by Venezuelans in the streets, but to get political positions for a future electoral contest, that no one is knowing if it will take place because once recognized that Constituent can place that presidential electoral event by 2050, a year where Henry Ramos Allup must surely be mummified and Venezuelans will be in worse condition than Cubans, if that is possible (although right now they are better than us in many aspects).
But the saddest thing of all this electoral opera, is that we are fighting between "to vote or not to vote". Poor naive Venezuelans. How long will these people - the one and the other - continue to carry us by our noses like a brainless flock to think? How long do we keep letting others think for us? How is it possible that this quality of immoral and ethically corrupt leadership continues to mark the pattern of Venezuela's historical-political becoming?

And we are not telling people to vote or not vote here. This is a discussion that goes far beyond that. Here we are talking about the political system that has led us here, which has been distorted and perverted so much that we are about to throw overboard what little we have left institutionality for a pair of flip flops. That is precisely what we must rebuild in a new Venezuela before giving back to anyone the Power.

If Venezuelans passively allow the official opposition that led Venezuela to those elections of Governors, away from a fight that cost so much blood, recognize this fraudulent Constituent Assembly, Venezuela is over for the next 100 years. It is already a problem of survival. The interests of the political class cannot be above the survival of the Venezuelans. And if political leadership has not understood it, it is time we made it understood by shifting the center of that leadership to another side, redefining this struggle in the right terms.

We Venezuelans will have to remind in the streets to the political leaders of these opposing Governors who will be elected, that none of these officials has the obligation nor the right to request recognition from anyone other than the people who elected them, and less from an fraudulent entity invented by the regime to screw in the Power and to which they have made the macabre game to them to ensure its permanence. It is still not late for the MUD to tell Maduro and Venezuela that they will not go to pay homage to that constituent adefesio by considering from now on an immediate confrontation that the regime will see as it resolves.

I finish this note recalling what I have always reiterated in this blog for years: Venezuela needs and requires urgent discussion. It is not a matter of the repetitive theme of a madman who always repeats the same thing. It is a political fact that is increasingly evident and if we do not solve it among all we will lose as a nation. That will only be achieved by summoning us to the real table of dialogue of an Originate National Constituent Assembly by popular initiative, to reorder the disaster of these criminals, to name a government of National Union, and to whirl the country to the XXI Century. Very soon, the National Constituent Alliance ( will propose to the Nation and the world the reformulation of the Constituent Route that had been temporarily detained as a consequence of the kidnapping made by regime of the Popular Sovereignty, when convoking a Constituent in a fraudulent way. Venezuela has a solution.

Caracas, 8 October 2017


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