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The end of limiting beliefs

By Luis Manuel Aguana

In Morris West's extraordinary book, The Sandals of the Fisherman, taken to the cinema in the 60s with the masterful performance of Anthony Queen, there were scenes where the Pope “escapes” from the Vatican dressed as a parish priest to descend into everyday life . In one of those scenes he is involved in the assistance of a dying man carried out by a female doctor in a neighborhood of Rome, and who is going through some very hard emotional moments of his marriage, in which he regrets having mislaid the love.

The Pope, in his role as a covert parish priest, hears the doctor's lament and tells her something that I have always remembered with special attention: “love is something that can also get lost. Make the effort to remember where you last saw it. If you can not remember it, it is possible that you have not lost it, but you have never had it ...”. I always go to that memory of the scene of the escaped Pope when I discover myself in the same with other less emotional things, because many times human beings insist on trying to find things that we have never had.

The dialogues of the former MUD seem to be in that same predicament of the woman who consults the Pope: they hope to find something in the Dominican Republic that cannot be found because it has never existed. To start, a valid interlocutor ...

In what way does the government consider that meeting? Like the criminal who holds a whole country hostage. "If they do not help me to dismantle the economic sanctions to continue mortgaging the country and squeezing what is left, I do not let the food pass the medicines to the hostages, and if they do not recognize my Constituent I do not negotiate anymore!" ...

And I wonder? And what is that dialogue, where the first thing that the negotiator seeks is the extortion of the weakest for food and medicine in exchange for money and recognition of their constituent fraud? So you are not going to “a dialogue”, you are in the presence of a kidnapping and hearing first-hand the requests of the kidnappers. For that they did not have to travel very far.

Everything that has happened in Venezuela since 2004 has been a fraud, starting with the electoral sainete so well followed by the official opposition. I will not insist on the trapped casino of the CNE, nor those who insistently persist on playing in it because “we cannot lose spaces”. Play what you want, keep losing. What would be the logical attitude of someone normal? Dismantle the casino, or at least do everything possible so that it does not continue to steal people. But no, here the official opposition asks people to continue playing. In the face of such a contradictory behavior, one cannot expect less than a massive uncertainty.

On Sunday, December 10, we Venezuelans began to travel through what Rosa María Zulueta called “the end of limiting beliefs”. Dr. Zulueta got tired of saying without being heard and until she died, that the Venezuelan was psychologically ill as a result of a deliberate strategy of the regime by applying to us “violent speeches, intolerance, blackmail and manipulation, deception and rebounds of guilt, human rights violations, political discrimination, inefficiency, corruption and poverty” (see in spanish Rosa María Zulueta, a full citizen, at And that this provoked in the population “breakdowns of logic (dissonances), hopelessness, helplessness, uncertainty, frustration, resentment, toxic rage, paranoia and reactivity”.  And in order to break this vicious circle, it was essential to learn that they are applying that permanently and act accordingly, “putting an end to fear and to false beliefs or limiting beliefs”, as Rosa María indicated.

So, the first thing we Venezuelans had to do, then, was to start separating what is real from what is not, even if that means putting aside things we thought we really had when they never were, as in the case of the example of the Pope and the doctor, starting with the false believe the official opposition wanting to leave this regime as much as we do, comparing the regime with a flawed electoral system. That step to regain collective sanity was decisive!

They have put us in a collective madness that makes us support in a passive way what nobody in the world would accept in similar circumstances. We must start there, healing behaviors to be able to get ahead. That we began to do on December 10, understanding that the CNE - the Tiby Lucena casino - is arranged to always lose.

Another step taken from this strategy is to make us accept as normal impositions that discriminate against Venezuelans as citizens and as human beings. That began a long time ago with the use of chips to control fuel in the border states and that has evolved little by little to control other areas of civic life. Already the regime is requesting the “Carnet de la Patria” to request the pension that by law corresponds to any Venezuelan who has paid social security ( -exige-carnet-patria-para-solicitar-pension_214731). The only valid documents to apply for a Social Security pension are having completed the minimum number of contributions required by the law and your identity card. The rest is political discrimination and is unacceptable. Each Venezuelan must publicly and privately reject that outrage.

Little by little we Venezuelans have considered normal these attacks to our daily life by a regime violating liberties. That "Carnet de la Patria" is being used more and more to discriminate the population, leaving to the judgment of the government officials who “can” and who “cannot” buy the only food that can import them, because it is the only one that has the power to do it since Venezuela does not produce anything. When the regime comes to decide - and is already arriving at that Rubicon - who has and who does not have the right to eat, he bought all the numbers of a social revolt.

We Venezuelans had to realize the worst way our “opposition leaders” were deceiving us when, after more than 140 deaths, they ran to negotiate with the regime; that the CNE was a permanent trap when Tiby pulled out from under the skirt more than 8 million ghost votes on 30J with the constituent fraud; and that the Castro-communists try to dominate us with the food by way of the "Carnet de la Patria" when they are already asking for it even to give a pension to the old people. Rosa María, I think you’re more alive than ever! The people broke the circle of limiting beliefs as you called the phenomenon, and as you indicated, those are the main thoughts associated with fear. We are on the right way. I don’t forget your words my friend: after that wall are independence, democracy and freedom ...

Caracas, December 11, 2017


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