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Two acts, the same purpose: the re-launching of the MUD

Por Luis Manuel Aguana

It is very difficult to ignore what happened on Tuesday, March 6, 2018 at the UCV and the re-launch of the MUD two days later under another name. It is even more difficult to believe that the two acts are unrelated, even if you want to deny it. The political skill with which the old MUD moves to not die is creepy, to say the least. First, to generate the opinion matrix of a civil society launch from the hands of two fundamental pillars of Venezuela's credible conscience: the Catholic Church and the Venezuelan University; and then, the re-launch of the MUD in union with that same civil society that was expressed at the UCV two days earlier, but renamed it as the Frente Amplio Venezuela Libre (Free Venezuela Broad Front), to put the electoral exit back on the country's agenda.

It should be noted that the manifestos of both acts insist on elections as a way out of the Venezuelan problem: The UCV's proposal is "the free exercise of the right to vote, with an impartial arbitrator and in accordance with the conditions and terms established by law, which allows for voting to elect...", and that of the new Frente Amplio Venezuela Libre:"We propose a broad alliance that demands free and fair elections to change and reconcile...". And in both cases to go to elections without resolving the issue of an unconstitutional Constituent over all Public Powers. What did they do? First they bathed themselves in legitimate civil society at the UCV and then publicly and skillfully re-launched two days later. The rest was done by the media and social networks.

And if we read both manifestos in detail, we will discover between the lines the same points that the MUD demanded of the regime before rushing to the Dominican Republic to negotiate with Maduro: opening of the humanitarian channel, liberation of political prisoners, recognition of the National Assembly and... general elections. It's impressive how we Venezuelans fall again with these mirror sellers.

I want to make something clear: civil society can be called by anyone-even the MUD-, it can even be self-convened, and certainly it is necessary to do so at this critical time in the country. But from there to a manipulation of disguised factors of the MUD to later use that act in the UCV for the refreshing of those that persistently have led us to failure, trying to make "civil society forget" the recent past, going "all together "To the rescue of the country, it is asking too much. If we let that happen, then we let the dead pass, we let go of the betrayal of the 16J, we let go the failure of those factors that insist on a solution that aims to validate the Nicolas Maduro regime through elections. That is unacceptable ..

But there is something worse that comes out of all the manipulation of this new MUD+ "civil society" Front: that all those of us who do not agree with this new mask are divisive, those who do not want a "unitary" solution to the country's problems, the radicals, the bad guys in the movie that need to be excluded, with an opinion matrix created with the MUD’s money. The general perception is that we swim against the tide of an opinion matrix, which would look "majority" because the "Catholic Church and Universities" blessed in an act at the UCV a civil society that now works "united" to this MUD, and that now washes its face calmly when it took us to a precipice over the past year. Again, that is unacceptable.

But reality is far from being the perception of this opinion matrix. The Venezuelan Episcopal Conference-CEV is not Father Ugalde or the Rector Virtuoso, very respectable persons, who have the right to support the MUD in its claim that elections are the solution of the country or that Maduro comes out with votes. Or even that the solution is "light chavismo" in power.

The official position of the CEV is in writing since January 12,2018 in its Pastoral Exhortation "God Will Consolidate His People" of January 12,2018 and the Communiqué of the CEV before the call for early presidential elections: where they clearly stated:"5. - We must remember what the National Constitution says:" Sovereignty resides untransferably in the people.(Art. 5), therefore, it is the people who must assume "their vocation to be social subjects with their capacities to carry out initiatives, such as, for example, that civil society should carry out a consultation to indicate the direction it wishes to take to the nation as foreseen in our Magna Carta (cf. Art. 71)" (n. 6).). It is the people themselves, and not a spurious instance that puts things in their right place."

On the other hand, neither can it be said that the official position of the university rectors who conform the Association of University Rectors-AVERU agrees with the electoral decision of the MUD (and now that of its new Front) tolerating the Constituent of the regime. Many Rectors of very important universities have a very different opinion, even if they respect the position of some of their colleagues. All are as divided in opinion as the rest of the Venezuelans.

The act of UCV, even though it has been concurred and respected in its final Manifesto, does not represent the final position of civil society, much less the official opinion of the CEV and AVERU as a whole, nor can it derive opinion matrices that lead us to think that Venezuelan civil society supports this new initiative of the MUD, now called Frente Amplio Venezuela Libre, nor its disqualified political leaders. It is also difficult to dissociate one act from the other, or for the latter to be the result of manipulation of the former. They may manipulate some, but not all. This "unitary" blackmail was reckless and aims to bring the country's political situation back to the previous state of the Dominican Republic.

Consequently, the position of the National Constituent Alliance-ANCO remains unperturbed and consistent with the official position already expressed by the Catholic Church:"... that civil society carry out a consultation to indicate the direction it wishes to take to the nation as foreseen in our Magna Carta (cf. Art. 71)" (n. 6). It is the people themselves, and not a spurious instance that puts things in their right place”. This only translates into our only and categorical affirmation to Venezuelan civil society: That the Venezuelan people decide.

Caracas, March 11, 2018


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