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Soy Venezuela and the logic breakdown

Por Luis Manuel Aguana

I hadn't realized the degree of distortion of Venezuelan public opinion until I heard the questions that the young journalists asked us after reading the communiqué that we addressed to the country at the installation of the Soy Venezuela Advisory Council on Monday, November 20. (see “Are you asking for a place in the Dominican Republic's dialogue? Do you propose candidates for the next elections?” was the tonic of questions asked at the end of the statement. Oh, my God! What part of Venezuela is destroyed you didn't understand?

The same could be said of all the rubbish that the new key ex-MUD-Régimen transmits every day to Venezuelans, in a sort of goebbelian mazacote that I repeat a million times makes people believe it, even journalists. Imagine what that Venezuelan will think of going out to look for food to survive on a daily basis.

The government says "we give them what they want": elections of all kinds, release of political prisoners, humanitarian channel, in exchange of recognition of the Constituent Assembly, approving the refinancing of the monstrous debt and going to the United States to remove the sanctions. And the country's leaning towards that, not realizing it's a trap. What does it matter to the regime that Ramos Allup, Borges or any supposed opponent be President, Governor or Mayor if tomorrow he can dismiss him if they want to with his superpowerful Constituent? What prevents them from or cares about breaking any promises once their fraudulent constituent is recognized? "St. Lucia isn't worth after the eye has been removed", the saying goes.

But the regime has hostages and accomplices. And I do not know who is who. If VP is a hostage and PJ-AD-UNT are accomplices. Or the 4 are accomplices. The truth is that they are playing a dangerous game against the Venezuelans who ordered the 16J a mandate that is not yet fulfilled. Who from VP is in that? Leopoldo? Florido? Both? Or Florido stayed with the party of Leopoldo and is acting alone bundled with Ramos? The truth is that many VP people are disgusted because they are people who saw in that party a hope to see politics in a different way with a new leadership. But apparently the disappointment is worse...

And when someone, I do not say Soy Venezuela, anyone who says that decency should be rescued in politics, let's put Venezuela first, leaving aside aspirations, candidacies, or "put me in the play", people do not understand it. It's missed. What are these people talking about? Are there people who do not have an interest in something in politics? They do not believe it. That is why all the questions refer to the toxicity of the regime's discourse and its opposition. Well you have to change that paradigm now...

For years the promoters of the National Constituent Alliance have spoken that it is necessary to discuss the country seriously. That must be done because it has reached a state of total institutional destruction. It is impossible to approach a new government without doing that before. Any government that is made after this regime must face a completely destroyed country and if it is not endowed with an institutional framework and new operating political structures will fail, achieving a social disappointment that is hardly tolerable by the most needy. That could roll back all the achievements that have been achieved just for having shaken the regime. And that happens by discussing the country in the ideal forum that is none other than the constituent forum convened by the same depository of sovereignty. It is not an easy subject but it is necessary to approach it for more that they do not wish to do it and for that reason we become annoying.

Some say that I advance this discussion because we still have the problem of the regime. I don't think so. I think that the citizens should be aware of the whole route, not only that of leaving the regime, but also that of where we are going to fall after it. I believe that this was the grave situation of that fateful April 11,2002, when although the brave people of Venezuela managed to shake Chavez, those who took control threw what cost the blood of Baralt Avenue into a sewer. I'm determined not to let that happen to us again.

More than 15 long years have passed since then, and there are some boys who were in primary school at the time and who are now opposition deputies and do not seem to understand the magnitude of this very serious problem and see them sought mayoralties and supporting a meaningless "dialogue" with the government. I'll be asking for lemons from a mango bush? The young journalists who asked the questions after the statement of the Soy Venezuela Advisory Council illustrate the confusion that the country has.

My always astonished friend, Dr. Rosa María Zulueta, a recently disappeared social psychologist, said that the regime had deliberately applied to us a strategy - in her own words - of  "violent speeches, intolerance, blackmail and manipulation, deceptions and rebounds of guilt, human rights violations, political discrimination, inefficiency, corruption and poverty". And that this strategy of domination had produced "breakthroughs in logic, hopelessness, helplessness, uncertainty, frustration, resentment, toxic rage, paranoia and reactivity". (see Rosa María Zulueta, ciudadana integral, en

Those breakdowns of logic are what we're seeing. We don't understand what happens because the country is turned upside down and many of those who are going to the Dominican Republic as hostages or accomplices of the regime do so not only because they have surrendered, but because they truly believe that what they are doing is right, and in that way they drag all Venezuelans into frustration. That's the serious thing! An enormous effort must be made to put the country into the right logic. First things first. Recognize who we are and what we can do.

The older ones should and we have the responsibility to put things in their place, so that the boys can then lead them. The country is turned upside down like when a car turns around after an accident and is left with the wheels up, and you have to make the effort to turn it upside down and put the wheels on the pavement to make it roll again. What a group of Venezuelans did when they made that statement by Soy Venezuela was just the beginning of that effort...

Caracas, November 21, 2017


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