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A country in permanent session

By Luis Manuel Aguana

Since the economic debacle of hyperinflation worsened, many Venezuelans are in a state of permanent vigilance to make the decisions we must make 24 hours a day in order to continue surviving. The seven days of the week we do the math, squaring the circle of the domestic economy. Everyone's accounts are in a family pot that allows us to add to reach the limit. If a brother lacks something, we give it to him if we have it, with the solidarity that has always accompanied us as Venezuelans. What yesterday could be bought, today can no longer be bought, so food and essential services are privileged.

We Venezuelans are in permanent session because the country is in a very serious crisis that has worsened, leaving us increasingly poor and unprotected. However, the deputy citizens do not seem to feel the same way. They lowered the sanctuary of the National Assembly and went on vacation in December until January 5 when they elect their new Board of Directors. I know that some of them lack money to get to the National Assembly from their respective states, but unfortunately that is no excuse for Venezuelans who are in permanent session to survive. Responsibility goes with the job. We all find ourselves claiming that it is what will be done from that one glimmer of legitimacy to get out of this nightmare.

Some will tell me, but what can they do? I think that if they can do some things, starting by ceasing with partisan partitioning. What does that mean? If I remember correctly, there is no such thing as party fractions from the voter's point of view. Venezuelans voted without a name for an "opposition unit" without a name and without a party. All the deputies were elected under a single ballot card, the ballot card of the opposition unit of the MUD. It was within the arrangement that they had internally that they later chopped the cake. In other words, they were in charge of separating that "opposition unit" once they were positioned in their seats, distributing the Directive and the Commissions according to the votes obtained in the different circuits.

This determined that the 4 main parties best voted in those elections of 6D-2015, AD, PJ, UNT and VP have been distributing in recent years the Directive, the political decisions in the National Assembly, and thus leading the opposition in accordance with that arrangement. In 2019, the fourth year of the opposition legislature, it would be up to the Voluntad Popular party to lead the opposition.

Unfortunately, VP's had the worst place. The crisis has worsened exponentially in these 3 years, 2016, 2017 and 2018, touching the worst part to them as drivers of the official opposition because we Venezuelans are no longer willing to wait one more minute for some solution that comes out of waiting one more year of destruction of Venezuela.

And why do I say the worst place? Because it is understood that VP wants to conduct with the same equal conditions as the parties that preceded him in the opposition struggle in 2019 but today's conditions are significantly different than 2016 when Henry Ramos Allup in his inaugural speech on January 5 promised to give Venezuelans a solution to the political problem of Venezuelans in the first 6 months of that year.
Well, they're out of time as a collegiate body. We have in front of us a regime that intends to impose itself in the coming days, perpetuating in the Presidency of the Republic an individual sentenced for Corruption and Legitimation of Capitals, although the same National Assembly pretends to ignore that sentence to the High Court that issued it.

They want to negotiate elections in exchange for turning a blind eye to that, making us Venezuelans believe that starting a struggle like 2014 on the streets could put the regime into negotiations. Nothing could be further from the truth. The regime will not negotiate elections by the middle or end of next year, and if it did, there would be no difference with the electoral parody of May 20, 2018. Haven't they understood who they're dealing with yet?

Now the solution of the problem WE HAVE TO GIVE IT IMMEDIATELY, without further delay, with a clear and precise route. Now that "unitary" arrangement of the 2015 parliamentary elections must become reality when they return from their vacations, calling for a permanent session to give us BETWEEN ALL OF THEM without partisan distinction -as they were effectively elected- an answer to those who voted for that "opposition unit" on 6D-2015.

If through partisan agreements they decided not to designate a transitional government to fill the Power Void caused by Nicolás Maduro Moros, then they must give us a clear answer to the Venezuelans as to what they are going to do since they are the constitutional comptrollers of what the government does or fails to do, beyond telling us to "wait" another year for elections and leave the new incumbent in the Board of Directors (VP) a chance to lead the opposition struggle. Their time is up. They already know that this story has been exhausted for Venezuelans since the last elections of Councilmembers on 9D-2018.

On January 10, 2019, Nicolás Maduro Moros threatens to remove his mask and constitute himself as de facto ruler of Venezuela, taking the facilities of the Legislative Palace to take the oath before his illegitimate Constituent. The legitimate owner of that house in the Federal Legislative Palace is the people of Venezuela, legitimately represented by the deputies of the National Assembly. Are they going to abandon the house that was given to them in custody to cede it to a usurper of power? If they do that, the last one to turn off the light because I doubt they will return to it. That is why they must declare themselves in permanent session in the Legislative Palace until they resolve what they will do with the usurped presidency of Nicolás Maduro Moros. Now it is up to them, because we have been in permanent session for a long time...

Caracas, December 28, 2018


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