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After March 26th

By Luis Manuel Aguana

One could say that since yesterday, Thursday March 26, 2020, Venezuela has become a paradise for political analysts. With the announcements by the U.S. Department of Justice, a completely new game was opened in Venezuelan politics. Still many of the protagonists of Venezuelan politics have not reacted to the forcefulness of the announcements and even more to their powerful consequences. Some factors are still evaluating what they will say. And they are right. It's not just anything that has been put a price tag on the head of the entire top tier of the regime, making universally official something that all Venezuelans have known for years: they are criminals. And with criminals not even on the corner...

But it seems that this was not a problem for a pleiad of characters, starting with the leadership of the G4-Broad Front, Henry Ramos Allup, Manuel Rosales, Stalin Gonzalez and lately the unburied corpse of Henrique Capriles, and going through an endless list of important personalities among which stands out the figure of Father Luis Ugalde, who until hours ago asked to sit down with them to "together find a solution" for the Venezuelans. The gringos had to come and spoil the whole business of "a joint solution" by putting the photos of Maduro and his criminal gang, with the sign "WANTED" with its corresponding number underneath, on all the poles and trees of the planet. From today on, who would think of sitting down to negotiate an election with these people? Only criminals like them. And no one thinks of committing suicide in the spring.

The reactions have been so crazy that even Major General Cliver Alcalá Cordones, one of those requested by the U.S. justice system, in an incredible parapet in his defense revealed in a Twitter thread the next opposition plot in the best style of 30A-2019, exposing the plans -and their protagonists- that were allegedly being prepared for the next "Operation Freedom" of Juan Guaidó and Leopoldo López (see thread of Cliver Alcalá Cordones in

And it is not that I criticize anything that could be prepared by the official opposition against this criminal regime, but the permanent idiocy of having criminals like Cliver Alcalá Cordones accompany you to execute you, and especially that nefarious character of drug trafficking and human rights violations in Venezuela, there being so many worthy, honest and extraordinarily better prepared Generals, expelled by the tyranny outside Venezuela. That's why they can't give a damn. It is not strange then that they were destined to fail because they had a double agent among them ready to give them away, if this fabulous milestone in Venezuela's contemporary political history of March 26 had not taken place. If Cliver Alcalá Cordones thinks he can save himself from an orange uniform in a U.S. federal prison, he is as broke as those who sought him out to militarily manage a movement against the regime.

How does the political landscape look after March 26th? Very interesting! First of all, any attempt to hold a parliamentary election with the regime's criminals is dismantled. Stalin Gonzalez and his collaborationist combo in the National Assembly will have to wait until Maduro and his thousand thieves disappear before they open their mouths again to talk about parliamentary elections. The U.S. Department of Justice achieved the miracle of stopping this nonsense that would inevitably lead us to another era of a next parliament controlled by the regime and its puppets of the "little table", in a parade with the G4-Broad Front, on account of the famous phrase "do not lose the spaces".

Secondly, it forces the government in charge of Juan Guaidó to face the very serious problem of criminals in power once and for all. Some will say that I am inconsiderate because, according to Cliver Alcalá Cordones, they were already considering an armed incursion into Venezuela. No, they were not. That operation was destined to fail (intentionally?) only with the presence of that criminal. The right thing has been said countless times, formally and informally, to President-in-Charge Juan Guaidó: appoint a High Command with proven military inside and outside the country, and a broad-spectrum Transition Cabinet with honorable people to lead the country's recovery. Apparently what he did was to find a criminal, a double agent of the regime, to try the second part of the failure of April 30, 2019. That botched job could not succeed and I am highly grateful on behalf of my compatriots to the American government for indirectly stopping that.

Juan Guaidó should be at this moment gathering without any delay the National Legitimate Assembly to authorize the presence of foreign forces in the country according to the provisions of Article 187#11, to make prisoners all the persons of the regime indicated by the North American Department of Justice. This would at least give him control of the political situation of what is sure to come, with or without his consent.

And that brings me to the third and most important consequence of all this that is unfolding right now. From one moment to the next the inevitable will happen after March 26: Maduro will be imprisoned with all his henchmen, that IS INEVITABLE. And if Guaidó thinks that after that happens the power will correspond to him because he is President in Charge, he is so wrong as his hired General Cliver Alcalá Cordones. The power will belong to whoever proceeds to take the appropriate steps to arrest the criminals indicated.

If the military High Command of the regime detains Maduro and the rest of the above mentioned and turns them over to the American authorities, the following will be what they decide. And that will not be precisely to look for Guaidó to put him in Miraflores because he is the President in charge. It will be whoever they decide that will take power. And if that appointee does what he should do at that grave moment in the life of the country, international recognition will pass into his hands. There are no guarantees of anything here. Whoever moves seriously in the direction of recovering the power kidnapped by the Nicolás Maduro Moros gang will be the one appointed. And if foreign forces do the job for us, they will be the ones to decide. A thin and sad service to the country would make a president in charge who expects that. Let's hope Guaidó does more than wait for the Americans to hand over power to him...

Caracas, March 27, 2020


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