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Genocidal quarantine

By Luis Manuel Aguana

I have been struck by the fact that in a country with a system of epidemiological statistics that has been completely destroyed intentionally, the main spokespersons for the regime of Nicolás Maduro Moros appear overnight to tell the world that in Venezuela there are X, Y, Z or W proven cases of COVID-19 virus infection, and they believe them! On what basis? How could the world - and we - believe that this is true? And it is clear that it is not. In Venezuela, the regime cannot be believed in any objective way, especially in the sensitive case of health statistics. They have been persecuting doctors who say or insinuate anything related to the subject since the COVID-19 crisis began worldwide.

And indeed in a country where we do not know the real cases of deaths from malaria, because the regime hides the figures and lies to international health organizations, this being an endemic well known by our countries for decades, how do the usurpers come out overnight and say with all propriety that there are X proven cases of COVID-19 throughout the country, a completely new disease, having a network of epidemiological information destroyed, no doctors, no hospitals equipped, nothing? The answer is that they simply do not know, and will never know. I imagine that every morning Jorge Rodriguez gets up and invents a number to elaborate the medical part for the consumption of the assholes.

But even if they do not know the real figures, there are people dying, not because of the new disease but because of the destruction they themselves have caused to the Venezuelan health system which has put us in the situation, not now but for years, of a humanitarian crisis which we are suffering from before the appearance of this Chinese virus which kills only people, without the regime still recognising it, criminally preventing humanitarian aid. They are then simply applying the same isolation measures to us that other countries are applying to their citizens, without taking the slightest account of the specifics of our very great poverty resulting from our humanitarian crisis. In other words, the Nicolas Maduro Moros regime is applying a genocidal quarantine, which in our case will be worse than the disease.

With no water or electricity throughout the country, no fuel, no food to buy at the lowest minimum wage on the planet, the regime wants Venezuelans to stay home and hope that COVID-19 does not spread. The average Venezuelan survives with two or three jobs just to be able to eat, and for that they are forced to go out into the streets. That has no political color. It is a situation that has affected all of us who live in Venezuela. And even though the regime has manipulated the delivery of food politically with its Carnet de la Patria, the average Venezuelan has survived the six-digit inflation caused by them because of their working-class vocation. Now this cannot be done after the measures the regime has taken. And I wonder, is it possible that the regime has solved the old paradox of keeping the woman drunk and the barrel full of wine at the same time?

I say this because even the Socialist Pedro Sanchez understood that to keep the economy of Spain alive it was necessary to inject more than 200 billion euros "to save the country from the economic and social crisis resulting from the health emergency of the coronavirus, (see in Spanish Rescate económico: el gobierno quiere sortear la crisis del COVID-2019 con 200.000 millones”, in, so what can we expect with this regime that makes us hungry for a minimum wage of $3 a month?

The regime of Nicolás Maduro Moros, through the work of the COVID-19 is then in an extremely serious dilemma if it intends to preserve its stability: either it lets the Venezuelans continue to resolve themselves as they have been doing up to now, which means that they have the necessary mobility to do so, thus creating the conditions for the voracious propagation of the COVID-19, which only God knows how far it has gone in Venezuela, or it puts up the money to continue in their homes, as the socialist Pedro Sánchez is doing. Since I believe that they cannot do either one or the other, they will have to start dealing with the disobedience to that genocidal quarantine because nobody commits suicide just because the regime orders them to, no matter how much of a follower of the regime they are. And that's the scenario we're going to start seeing in the next few days, if it hasn't already started.

What will Padrino and the rest of his armed thugs do? Order them to shoot at a hungry and sick people? Possibly, they've done it before. But will they be able to do so consistently and simultaneously throughout the country, and especially against THEIR OWN PEOPLE? That's a good question. And we're not just talking about opponents anymore, but anyone who wants to simply feed their family. That includes the people who still call themselves "chavistas". Because, either they are starved in their homes, without water and without light, or they are killed by the virus or the regime outside on the streets trying to make a living. That decision will be theirs alone, and I don't think that Venezuelans are suicidal and will let themselves be killed passively.

Because of an external condition, a pandemic, the herd of lambs that Venezuelans have become will now be wondering if they decide to go to a slaughterhouse to maintain a genocidal quarantine, staying at home without having a way to sustain themselves there, or decide if it is worth risking your life in the face of the virus and the regime. I believe that a people driven to that extreme will not hesitate to take that risk. It's a matter of life and death, and the odds are in favor of that risk because if they manage to survive the COVID-19, they will have the energy to take the regime on... It's time for the pillars that still support the regime to rethink. There is no escape from the dilemma. If I may say so, Maduro is not worth that...

Caracas, March 18, 2020


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