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Sense of urgency

By Luis Manuel Aguana

Some supporters have resented my criticism of the National Assembly and its actions around the transition process followed by the official opposition parties. I have replied the same thing to all of them: if we have to oppose a government that is not yet a government, so that we Venezuelans can come out of tyranny more quickly, we will have to do so because the real opposition is not against anyone but in favor of a people.

But it is that they do not allow themselves to be helped, and to show a button: yesterday Fraction 16J proposed the approval of a draft Agreement for the authorization of an international peace coalition for the restoration of Human Rights that included foreign military missions in Venezuela. according to what is established in Article 187, numeral 11 of the Constitution. This authorization has not been approved twice now by the National Assembly (see Parliamentary Block July 16 @ fractionA16J, in

If the International Community, which considers the National Assembly as the only legitimate institution of the country, sees its deputies stating in the facts that they are not willing to authorize the presence of foreign military to deliver humanitarian aid to Venezuelans, or the presence of an eventual humanitarian intervention based on the principle of Responsibility to Protect (R2P), to protect Venezuelans from the crimes of Lesa Humanidad perpetrated by the regime of Nicolas Maduro, then there is nothing more to do and they will let our case die. Maduro will continue to mock us, buying time to screw himself into power.

With this attitude of the official opposition leadership, a very contradictory message is being sent to the International Community, which is as desperate as the Venezuelans for taking Maduro and his regime away from us - and themselves. What is the reason for this conduct? The official opposition parties insist that Venezuelans "will get out of this alone" and have let friendly countries know, dismissing the urgency of Venezuelans, as if a hostage can, without the help of the police, remove some hostage-takers from their hands.

They have thanked the friendly countries for their support and measures against the regime but have made it clear that they do not want the help they give us to go beyond what they have done so far, without using foreign military. That is why their strategy is aimed at getting the military to change sides with this Amnesty Law, albeit at a low point until the regime falls. That wait would be very good if Venezuelans were not dying every day in hospitals, like the 300,000 that Guaidó spoke of, not counting those who die of hunger and commit suicide every day that are not counted.

Perhaps it would be hard to say that those who decide this infamous policy have no relatives waiting for insulin, nutrition for newborn children, treatment for cancer or surgical materials for heart surgery. There doesn't seem to be a sense of urgency there because in Venezuela we all know that the only thing standing in the way of saving the lives of those Venezuelans is the regime.

But there's something that makes me even more uneasy. I am concerned that the official opposition handling the transition has a more fundamental reason to prevent the presence of foreign military missions in the country from being authorized for that Humanitarian Aid. The United States has repeatedly said through one of its most qualified spokespersons, Vice President Mike Pence, that they do not rule out the use of any option, including military, to remove the usurper and his regime.

The Trump government is determined to take Maduro's exit to the ultimate consequences. That gives us Venezuelans a lot of hope. But when politicians close the door on that last option, not authorizing foreign military missions in Venezuela, they are telling the International Community, and especially the United States, that they are not authorized to enter, saying no to that last possibility. Why are they doing that? With that decision they are playing at the failure of Donald Trump's policy for Venezuela and the fight against socialism-communism in Latin America. And that's very serious for us and we can't let it go by.

The only American President who has dealt directly with Venezuela's problem has been Donald Trump. The only American President who has done an act in his own country to highlight the end of socialism-communism in Latin America starting with Venezuela has been Donald Trump. The only American President who has publicly acknowledged the suffering of Venezuelan mothers whose children have been murdered by Nicolás Maduro's regime has been Donald Trump, by calling Oscar Pérez's mother and giving her son a personal, public and worldwide recognition of his son's courage, something that no politician from the official opposition has certainly done.

I am concerned that Juan Guaidó's Charge d'Affaires in the United States, Carlos Vecchio, is more interested in cultivating political relations with Trump's opponents in the United States, who work tirelessly to head off the only American leader who has done something to help us, than in resolving there that the Republican government take the final decision to intervene to remove these thugs (see I am concerned that the official opposition is pulling the rug out of Donald Trump in Venezuela, playing into the hands of the American Democrats, to prevent President Trump from scoring a victory in his foreign policy with Venezuela taking root in his country. That worries me.

That would give some sense to the aberration of letting Venezuelans die in hospitals to prevent the United States from resolving the problem once and for all with military intervention, and it would answer the question of why they insistently refuse to authorize the presence of foreign militaries in Venezuela. If not, let them proceed to authorize foreign military missions in Venezuela in accordance with Constitutional 187.11 and let friendly countries decide from outside whether or not to help us on the basis of R2P, given the crimes of Lesa Humanidad that are being committed in the country without Venezuelans having any defense against that.

If Trump leaves the Presidency of the United States for any reason of that country's internal politics, it will be very difficult for us once again to have US aid to get out of this problem, because for Venezuela the international community is summed up in a single country: the United States of America - although many disagree with that - thus closing a single window that will hardly be reopened.

Therefore, it would be good if the socialist parties represented in the G4 (most of them registered in the Socialist International) and that are controlling the decisions of President Juan Guaidó, understand once and for all that in the face of the failure of the famous generalized internal breakdown of the Venezuelan Armed Forces, which they expected to occur with the Amnesty Law and the entry into the country of Humanitarian Aid with unarmed people and without international custody, the internal options are over. You can't wait another minute because lives are at risk.

Understand that in order for there to be a "cessation of usurpation" to stop the imminent death of 300,000 compatriots, it is indispensable to proceed to immediately authorize Humanitarian Aid with the support of a multinational military peace mission for humanitarian purposes, by application of the Principle of Responsibility to Protect (R2P) of the United Nations, which the International Community has with the Venezuelan people.
I resist thinking that for ideological reasons these factors desire the failure of Donald Trump and his zero-socialism-communism policy in Latin America, as he announced in his speech in Miami. That would not only be criminal against Venezuelans and the twisted work of a covert and collaborationist Chavismo-socialism within the official opposition, but it would also dynamite from within our efforts to put an end to this tragedy immediately, becoming accomplices to a crime of Lesa Humanidad, ignoring the sense of urgency of an entire people. If all Venezuelans were like that, unlike them, we would have a sense of urgency, but to get out of that opposition as much as Nicolas Maduro at the same time…

Caracas, February 28, 2019


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