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Last stop, the direct exercise of sovereignty

By Luis Manuel Aguana

In the most entangled language, not even worthy of Cantinflas who did demonstrate perfect harmony with the people he masterfully interpreted in the cinema, the National Assembly Deputies officially abandoned the mantra "Cessation of Usurpation-Government of Transition-Free Elections" (see Agreement in Spanish in The new Agreement announced yesterday with the regime's votes confirms what was shouted through social networks: the Deputies amputated the first two steps of the sequence agreed upon in the Statute Law governing the Transition, of February 5, 2019, going directly to an election with the regime of Nicolás Maduro Moros.

With this new "Integral Political Route" or "Agreement for the integral political route proposed to the country that allows free and transparent elections as a way out of the crisis experienced by Venezuelans and the re-institutionalization of the country," a euphemistic name used to get us into the regime without saying so, the deputy citizens did two additional things in addition to betraying Venezuelans: a) They emptied the unsigned Oslo-Barbados agreement into a National Assembly Agreement with the intention of ingratiating themselves with the regime and at the same time saving the necks of the criminals who disregard us; and b) They vainly tried to deceive the International Community by indicating that this will lead Venezuela out of the crisis and allow the "re-institutionalization" of the country.

I will not dwell on the details of the Agreement as it invokes a single word everywhere: COHABITATION, with an unpleasant stench of betrayal. Betrayal of Venezuelans who on January 23, 2019 in good faith believed that Juan Guaidó and the G4 parties were consubstantiated with Venezuela's freedom.

Could it be that no one tells the deputies who signed that adefesio that an election with the regime in power will not resolve the crisis in Venezuela? But they know that. And yet they prefer to embrace the regime rather than disassociate themselves from it. Those deputies who, in good or bad faith, believe that kneeling so that the regime will spare their lives, or worse still, that they will survive the tsunami that will come after the fall of this mass of excrement called the regime of Nicolás Maduro Moros, should remember Sir Winston Churchill's famous phrase: "He who humbles himself to avoid war, is left with humiliation and war.

The regime even gave itself the luxury of blackmailing the parties by threatening to recognize for some supposed new elections only those parties that had already made comparsa with Maduro in the fraudulent elections of May 20, 2018. And although they acted by blackmail, the result is the same: they handed over the opposition flags having the majority of the country in their favor and almost all the support of the International Community. In other words, they exchanged their mother for a pair of flip-flops.

And the worst (or the best) thing about this official opposition act is not that we have been betrayed by Venezuelans in an attempt to save the regime through elections that nobody will recognize, but that they have done so in vain, and that will finally allow Venezuelans to get out of the rottenness of the regime and its official opposition at the same time. And why do I say that? Because the mafia that controls Venezuela has its days numbered.

I have not ceased to be surprised by the impressive piracy of the strategists - if they exist at all - of the official opposition. I did not know if the bad thing about this political leadership was due to the corruption, naivety, inexperience, ignorance, lack of guts -not to say the corresponding expression- of its leaders. The resulting vector always ended up pointing in direction and force, in the sense of shoring up the regime. The disasters of February on the Colombian border, and April on the Altamira Distributor (not to say expressly in La Carlota because it gives the mistaken perception that they had achieved an uprising on that military base), always gave me the feeling that they never worked to liberate Venezuela. Yesterday in the National Assembly confirmed that perception.

The political leadership of the official opposition never realized that this problem we have long escapes the hands of Venezuelans. That they would have to be too stupid not to think that someone with power outside would take care of the Venezuelan problem over them, so that they would wallow with the regime and its corruption to allow them to continue playing with the misery of the Venezuelans, and creating a regional problem of the magnitude that now weighs on our backs.

In a well-articulated and well-documented report by journalist Casto Ocando, which has gone unnoticed by those "opposition strategists" - if there are any - entitled "America's Silent War and "Strategic Patience" (see in Spanish Primer Informe, in describes the biggest financial and criminal hunt carried out against the mafia that governs Venezuelans in order to extirpate it without releasing a shot. As Ocando's report rightly says: "In other words: an international hunt in combination with governments from three continents, monitoring entries and exits by plane or boats, visiting properties and carrying out raids with judicial authorizations as valid in Miami as in Santo Domingo, Madrid or Zurich, Switzerland. Or Dubai and South Africa, not to mention all of Latin America. "It is a global war on all fronts but without bullets or missiles," a U.S. diplomat told me this week. "It's a more effective strategy, without the political cost of invading," he said”.

Will the corrupt people responsible for this new "Integral Political Route" and the aulics that surround them and pretend to be opponents, believe that they are out of it? That when all the means that give life to this regime are inexorably strangled little by little, they will not strangle themselves equally with it? Possibly they don't even know it. That is why journalist Casto Ocando asks himself: "Does the interim president Juan Guaidó, or the National Assembly controlled by the opposition, know the details of these massive covert operations in which other countries of Latin America and Europe also participate?”.

The regime will fall, of that I have no doubt, and this report corroborates that. The question is when and how. Now the question is not whether Maduro, his regime and his companions from the collaborationist opposition will leave, but how will the transition from that mountain of excrement to a new situation of country viability be, and who will have to lead it.

The United States and the rest of the International Community must be wondering, then, if not Guaidó, who? If there is no real opposition driving this process, the exit will be more traumatic. That is why it is now justified with much greater reason that the Sovereign people of Venezuela should be consulted, so that in the direct exercise of their sovereignty, without any interception of those who betrayed us, and without any corrupted power of the Maduro regime leading that process, that same people decide to give legitimacy to whoever corresponds according to the Constitution, defining the necessary steps to reaffirm the trilogy that the people approved on January 23, 2019. In this way, and directly exercising sovereignty (Article 5 of the Constitution), it will be only the people, and not a gang of corrupt people paid by drug trafficking, who will reaffirm the route we have already chosen and will clearly indicate to the world how we will recover our freedom. That would be the last stop of this nightmare.

Caracas, October 2, 2019


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