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By Luis Manuel Aguana

Certainly no one in Venezuela could deny, no matter how much support he has given to the administration of President Encargado Juan Guaidó, that many mistakes have been made that have caused the regime to still exist and control power in Venezuela. This in no way diminishes the fact that during his short administration important steps have been taken to diminish the power still held by the criminals who still govern Venezuela.

The famous manager of the NY Yankees, "Yogi" Berra said that the "game is over when is over" meaning that no matter how bad the performance of a game is, until the last "out" comes out, we are still in the game. However, no matter how much effort a team makes on the field, the results are the ones that speak, not the effort put into the task. And if your team doesn't score and the opponent advances, no matter how much sympathy you have for your players, you know from inside that something must be done to change the situation. Either the players change or the game strategies change. But you know that something has to change.

Sometimes those of us who are watching the game from the stands have a different perspective from those on the field, but there is no doubt that the effectiveness of the team is measured by the efficiency of its players, but also of those who decide who to put to play to win the game. Some of that is happening to us here. Progress has been made in having taken away the regime's international legitimacy and a government has been put into operation, even if it has stumbled, without a Cabinet or a Military High Command -which many of us have considered a serious error-; and in a completely sui generis manner through a Transitional Statute that claims to be above the Constitution, progress has been made in the international arena and recognition has been achieved from a large part of the world. No one can deny that progress has been made.

But we have not yet won the match, and that for us is very serious, and even more so when every day that passes without having evicted them, is a day in favor of the strengthening of tyranny. Some say to me, "but wait, there is still time. The strategy will soon give results, have patience". That may be fine for me, but it's not enough for those who die like flies in hospitals or eat only once a day, if they eat, watching their children leave the country. In Venezuela there is a war that was declared by the regime and every day there is a part of war where what is highlighted are the dead. It is like seeing from the outside that the manager openly commits the mistakes and the fanaticism for the team pretends that people do not whistle and demand from the stands that they change some player or the strategy of the team.

No one can be wrong here: Juan Guaidó is President in Charge because the U.S. Government decided to recognize him for his open and publicly expressed interest in ousting the communist tyranny of Nicolás Maduro Moros from power for strategic security reasons in the region and the hemisphere. Absolutely ALL officials of the U.S. administration, beginning with President Donald Trump, have expressed their support and help to the people of Venezuela to achieve the return of democracy and freedom. But the support is FOR THE PEOPLE OF VENEZUELA. And they have deposited that support in the figure of Juan Guaidó as President in Charge, in respect of our Constitutional order. Hence, let me separate the errors made by Guaidó and the Venezuelan political leadership, and in particular the two biggest ones of 23F and 30A, which cost -and are still costing- lives and persecution of Venezuelans, with the supreme interests of a people that still suffers and that is still waiting for the fruits of that support given -that not to Guaidó's government- and that could be a cause that the way to help Venezuelans is reviewed in the United States, beyond continuing to give support to the President in Charge and his group in the National Assembly.

And why do I say this? Because I am certain that the patience of those who support us in the U.S. is limited and that the "desastrometer" of the official opposition (a word invented by me that measures the level of disasters committed by the official opposition to solve the country's political problem) is limited. That the U.S. has given itself a date, unknown to everyone, to resolve what the clumsiness of the official opposition leadership has not been able to resolve in almost 6 months, when they were made available to use the military might of the largest power on the planet to solve the problem of this tyranny in hours and HAVE NOT DONE IT. Then, either Guaidó and the National Assembly solve the problem, or they do it when the time they have given themselves is over.

I believe that the Americans have been very patient and have approved all the inventions of the official opposition, from agreeing with them the story that "democratic" chavismo (as if such a thing existed) could achieve the "breakdown of the Armed Forces" on the 23F, to accepting that the criminals Vladimir Padrino and Maikel Moreno would not betray the opposition "pact" of 30A. Because all those inventions came from the leadership of the G4, with Guaidó in charge as responsible. And now to have the patience to tolerate a new dialogue with them in Norway when American diplomacy had been canceling that alternative for months. Some time ago, anyone would have withdrawn their support to those madmen who drive the "chocón car" of the Venezuelan opposition. But the Americans promised US, the Venezuelans, their support, not our political leadership. Unfortunately, they did not know how those at the front would behave, thinking that they would put the interests of the country first, although I believe they have already learned it by trial and error.

That is why I conclude that at this moment the problem surpassed the level of competition of those who lead the party. That the party became so intensely complicated that it is necessary for Venezuelans to demand the incorporation of new additional actors to the game managed by the manager Juan Guaidó, in order to change and give seriousness to the management of possible solutions for those who are rapidly losing confidence in our political leadership.

In this sense, I propose the creation of a new decision-making body where Venezuelans can have their own burial vigil, a Governing Council, composed of the Executive (Juan Guaidó), Legislative (National Assembly) and Judicial Powers (Supreme Court of Legitimate Justice in exile), together with the country's living forces (Churches, Universities), Civil Society), and let them be with their representatives, and not only the expression of the political forces of the National Assembly subject to interests opposed to those of Venezuelans, who take the decisions that will affect all of us and agree with our main ally, the United States, the best strategies to successfully stop the usurpation of Nicolás Maduro Moros.

Such an organ is perfectly justified within the spirit of the Law of the Statute for the Transition, which establishes as an obligation of the National Assembly "to articulate actions with civil society to promote mechanisms of citizen participation that legitimize the democratic transition process and favor the cessation of the usurpation of presidential powers by Nicolás Maduro Moros" (Article 16.6 Law of the Statute for the Transition).

I think the Americans would be interested in favoring a proposal that expands the decision-making circle of Juan Guaidó and the National Assembly, in order to improve the competence of the team that has led the process so far, and which is supposed to have presented positive results for some time to the Venezuelan people, who in the end was the one who received the true support of the United States. I am sure that from such a body the best decisions would come out, incorporating the best players, in order to finish this game in favor of democracy and freedom as soon as possible.

Caracas, May 23, 2019


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