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Agreement, Letter and Presidential Succession

By Luis Manuel Aguana
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I am apparently going to violate the rule of memos which states that no more than one matter should be ventilated in a single text. And I say apparently because in reality it is only one but they are presented to public opinion as different because of the political bluff that distinguishes us as a people and that in the end is fatal to us because of the application of the principle of the "vivo-pendejo" that fits perfectly our political actors, according to which others are thought to be stupid and do not understand the "superior arcane of politics", when if anyone is clear about what is happening in Venezuela it is precisely this suffering people, who know more about politics than everyone else because they are going through hunger and death due to the actions of those - of the government and its opposition - who are not looking to the collective but to survive at their expense after this tragedy.

I must apologize to you in advance for how extensive this analysis may seem to affect practically all of us, because it seems that we are intoxicated with the political atmosphere to which we are subjected on a daily basis by not wanting to understand that we will hardly ever get out of this hell that has been created in Venezuela in the last 20 years, without the neurons well nourished by the clean oxygen of those who live abroad, Venezuelans and foreigners. In other words, in Venezuela we are all victims of a kidnapping that few want to admit and whose manifestations can be seen in the decisions that political factors make every day.

The first subject of the memorandum is this Agreement of the National Assembly of November 13, 2018 (see in Spanish Agreement with the aim of promoting a political solution to the national crisis, strengthening the democratic forces of the Venezuelan people with the support of the Internal Community, in, an extraordinary piece of political collaboration, which can be summed up in the following sentence: do nothing from the outside, we resolve. Just like that, as if nothing had happened here. This is one of the most dangerous Agreements that have been made in the National Assembly and that guarantees the continuity of what is happening in the country, "until they resolve". Nothing more criminal for those who suffer than we all are.

They indicate that in the face of the continued pretension of the regime after January 10, they want the world to continue supporting them from abroad but leaving them to solve the problem here without foreign intervention, to reconcile us "without revenge or persecution, of a government of peace and national reconciliation to begin the economic and social transformation of Venezuela", with free elections because we have "national reconstruction plans with very clear lines of action".

What is happening to this people? Do they believe that a regime that has been held to blood, torture and death will allow "Democratic electoral conditions, so that general elections are possible, in which all parties and candidates, including those currently outlawed and disqualified by the regime, can participate freely and with equal access to the media, organised by a new, balanced National Electoral Council, on a date and under conditions that guarantee the right to elect of Venezuelans, under qualified and independent national and international observation"? Fantasy Island, then. But beware! We must read between the lines what these characters are not saying here, and what are the true hidden intentions of those who are still our legitimate representatives in the face of the International Community.

What aren't they saying? Deliberately they do not register in their Agreement Maduro's condemnatory sentence of the legitimate TSJ dated October 29, 2018, nor how the Institutional Power Vacuum produced by their condemnation, which is present now, will be filled, and not as of next January 10, 2019. They are sending a message to the decision-making factors of the world, without saying it openly, that they do not intervene in Venezuela and that they are willing to negotiate elections with the regime, transferring for some future date of 2019 an electoral solution of the serious crisis that we have now, deliberately leaving aside the sentence of the Electoral Hall of the legitimate TSJ of June 13, 2018 according to which it is prohibited to make more elections in Venezuela without a radical change of the electoral system because it is completely distorted and corrupted. This is extremely serious.

And this brings me to the second issue of the beginning memorandum, Maria Corina Machado's letter to the rulers of China and Russia, skillfully praised by the columnist Jesus Seguias in the Nuevo País (see in Spanish, Las tres cartas de María Corina, El Nuevo País

It is very difficult to believe that María Corina Machado's new opening to an understanding of the factors that sustain the regime from the outside has nothing to do with her new winning electoral position in the polls. Clearly, there is currently no political leadership that competes with MCM. And possibly no one deserves it more. But the truth is that it coincides with the electoral pretensions of the parties that signed the National Assembly Agreement of November 13; and it is there where distant opposing factors coincide in the same final objective: a negotiated electoral process. Possible elections as a result of a dialogue under the conditions indicated in the November 13 Agreement would have the entire Venezuelan opposition political spectrum, including MCM.

If we believe in the analysis of Seguias, we must also believe that Mariscal Petain, of Vichy France, was right to negotiate with the Germans, and that General DeGaulle was a madman who was not going to succeed in freeing France. The serious problem of a country penetrated to the marrow by Cubans, Russians, Chinese, Iranians, and other terrorist groups, who are even appropriating the territory as is happening in the Amazon, is not solved by negotiating with the invaders, but by achieving their withdrawal by a superior force. That happened twice before in the history of Venezuela.

They must compulsorily withdraw and that withdrawal cannot be otherwise but by achieving sufficient international pressure, dusting off the Monroe Doctrine, with the cannons of the only power on the continent: the United States. This is reaffirmed by the clear position of former Ambassador Diego Arria when he declared that all the interventions made by the United States in Venezuela defending us from the pretensions of extra-continental powers have had positive results for our country (see in Spanish Las intervenciones de los Estados Unidos en Venezuela han sido positivas, en

China and Russia have played a fundamental role in aggravating the crisis by supporting Maduro's regime by blocking all aid initiatives for Venezuela from the UN Security Council. They are partners of the regime. Churchill's phrase fits perfectly here: whoever humbles himself in order to avoid war, stays with humiliation and war...

Will any Venezuelan opponent really believe that Russia and China will support a transition in Venezuela that will guarantee them to continue shearing us? I very much doubt it. Because that's what they're doing in the Arco Minero. The best position they have with the regime now, not in the uncertainty of a future opponent. It is not appropriate here to humiliate ourselves, but to look for a solution that incorporates external pressure to expel from Venezuela those who have really invaded us. This new positioning of MCM dangerously plays into the factors in the National Assembly that seek to perpetuate themselves through covert arrangements with the regime, even without being deliberate. Eric Eckvall's words come to mind again: “Politics makes strange bedfellows”. Politicians should be careful not to fall into that, even without realizing it...

And finally the third aspect of the memorandum, which deals with the same thing as the two previous ones, and which is nothing other than the presidential succession that should come out of the Institutional Power Vacuum in Venezuela. If absolutely all the country's political factors -including those that do not revolve around the MUD/Frente Amplio- insist openly or covertly that the solution must come from Venezuela, without foreign intervention, we have to come to the conclusion that they suffer from a collective Stockholm Syndrome, which would imply that they cannot be taken into account to achieve a solution for Venezuela, leaving Venezuelans only depending on the decisions taken from outside to achieve expulsion from the regime. Personally, I think we have been there for a long time. THERE IS NO ELECTORAL SOLUTION IN VENEZUELA, NOR CAN ONE NEGOTIATE WITH CRIMINALS.

The National Assembly has clearly stated with this Agreement that it WILL NOT DESIGNATE A NEW TRANSITION GOVERNMENT as it was exhorted by the legitimate TSJ on July 2, 2018 when the Absolute Power Vacuum was declared on that date, before the sentence of Nicolás Maduro Moros; and even less will it do so now that a firm sentence was given for own corruption and capital legitimation. If they didn't do it before, with a legitimate sentence from the Supreme Court of Justice, they won't do it now that they have the whole file in their hands. Reasons? Many, starting with that possible Stockholm Syndrome, added to the presidential aspirations of the main opposition leaders, going through the threat posed by the investigation of the corruption of the Odebrecht case for all of them.

If Venezuelans support the political leaders of the National Assembly by "strengthening the democratic forces of the Venezuelan people with the backing of the Internal Community" as indicated in the November 13 Agreement - read "Internal Community" as opposed to the International Community - then the solution to the crisis will never end, because that Agreement leaves out the intervention that the International Community finally agreed upon for us when it was convinced that we needed it, when we saw the blood of our boys flowing in the streets of Venezuela, and the suffering of hundreds of compatriots inside and outside the dungeons of the regime.

We citizens have the right to go to the jurisdictional organs when we do not see an answer from those who represent the Public Power to our requests, and this is what we have done when we have requested that the TSJ proceed immediately to the designation of a new government in the face of the Power Vacuum left by Maduro. (view complete request in

We hope that this support, which the National Assembly shamelessly asks of the Internal Community, will be endorsed by the Venezuelan people to the legitimate Supreme Court of Justice for the immediate appointment of a National Emergency Government to coordinate from outside the necessary actions for the liberation of Venezuela from the extra-continental powers that invaded us at the instance of a regime that surrendered the country. At least they have been the only legitimate Power of the Republic that has understood in the facts that they do not negotiate with terrorists and criminals, but that they must be repudiated and sentenced to prison.

Caracas, November 14, 2018


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