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There is another alternative and it is called National Emergency Government

By Luis Manuel Aguana

After the publication of my previous note (see Father Ugalde’s self-fulfilling prophecy, at, I face the same question again since I began to say what I think in social networks: "and what do you propose?", in the form of a challenge, as if to say "that's what there is and we have no other option on which to choose". In other words, Venezuelans are condemned to remain betrayed because those responsible for establishing what needs to be done from the "opposition" are now hiding behind the image of a spokesman who in the eyes of Venezuelans in some way represents the two most respected institutions of Venezuelans: the Catholic Church and the Universities. In other words, we have to keep on suffering the tricks of some hope traffickers without being able to do anything else but accept them. That is unacceptable. The Catholic Church through its Episcopal Conference and Venezuelan universities should disassociate themselves from this political scheme.

And I have never really wanted to be pedantic in my reactions, but this time I regret being so because my only possible answer to that question can be summed up in one word: read me. I have written it, not once, but many times. Luckily, today's technology makes it easy. Get into the blog TICs & Derechos Humanos ( and in the top left box that says "Search this blog", put "National Emergency Government". There the system will respond with all the dated notes, where I have written what my proposal has been.

But I haven't just written it, I've acted on what I think. I have gone with distinguished Venezuelans to the legitimate instances to which we still have access and right, such as the legitimate Supreme Court of Justice, which by the criminal action of the regime works from exile, to see if that instance decides a new and unprecedented course that breaks with this claque that has done us so much harm, designating a National Emergency Government, making this unfortunate history take a different course. That is still my hope. But that is by no means an easy solution.

Venezuelans by construction are given to easy solutions. That's in our blood, in our DNA. We are again letting "the people who know about it" take us to the slaughterhouse. First the electoral on December 9 (we will have time this week to address that issue in depth) and then the thorny issue of a transitional government in January in the best MUD style.

So far, contrary to what people believe, if there is another alternative in relation to the transition of government: 1) the one that Father Ugalde wrote in his article and about which I commented in my last note, and 2) the one that we have proposed and requested some Venezuelans to the legitimate Supreme Court of Justice in exile, to designate a National Emergency Government, in the terms established in that request (see request of June 28 of this year in

The first one, exposed by Father Ugalde, allows the official opposition to lead the solution according to their interests, negotiating with the regime a cohabitation, or even worse, not to decide anything in relation to it; either because there is no agreement among the political forces that fight to have the leading role after January 10, or because Maduro is imposed from his Constituent with the new constitutional text that they are cooking now, and that will reveal us after the elections of Councilmen. That would put an end to what now exists institutionally - the National Assembly and the Legitimate TSJ - to begin the new castro-communist era in Venezuela. There is no way to stop that without real and institutional power within the Armed Forces to change that course of events. My opinion is that there is no such power because otherwise we wouldn't be talking about this and the regime would have already fallen. What will follow is the same National Assembly with another Directive in January, which will not approve a transition as it has occurred so far since January 9, 2017, but with the aggravating factor of a new castro-communist Cuban constitution around the corner.

To continue doing the same thing expecting different results, trusting that the official opposition will get us out of the crisis, as they have promised since January 2016, convincing people that when Maduro's constitutional period ends on January 10, 2019 everything will change, but without the demonstration of the strength to back that, it will not have the same consequences as Einstein postulated, but worse. It will take us away from having decided in time on a National Emergency Government through the legitimate mechanisms we still have because all the institutionality based on what we know from the 1999 Constitution will disappear, thus giving the regime a definitive step towards its consolidation.

They try to convince the population, including important factors of the International Community, that Venezuela can leave the regime alone by its own means when for them, at bottom, the most important problem is not to escape from the regime but to lead the process. And that has all of us passengers on this ship paralyzed, discussing who the new captain will be while we are being carried by the current into tragedy. This does not allow anyone to see that the solution has long since ceased to be in Venezuela, preventing decisions from being made that would activate the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) of the nations of the hemisphere for the Venezuelan population.

The only result of all this has been that no one outside wants to commit to the Venezuelan crisis, indicating that "it is we who must solve the problem" we are getting into. And at this point the Castrocommunists have advanced so far that it is no longer possible to stop the inertia of the Titanic to hit the iceberg that threatens it a few leagues away, even if we try to divert the ship.

What's the solution? To invent, as Master Simón Rodríguez used to say. "Either we invent or we make mistakes”. And the invention is to stop the continuous pretension of the regime and its collaborators paid with the money of the Gorrin-Andrade duo, assuming the risk of handing over the responsibility of driving the ship to those who, from the outside, can twist that mistaken matrix that is leading us directly to collide with the iceberg of Castrocommunism, because the regime and its opposition are agreeing that things remain as they are, doing irreparable damage to the Venezuelan people.

There are risks? Of course there are! My illustrious and remembered Professor Antonio Cova said that the Japanese, the Koreans, the Taiwanese and all the people who have done something in the world, took the risk, took the risk, threw themselves trembling but did it. He said: "It is very dangerous not to take the risk because it can have a harmful effect on the population. Since the Spanish conquest, the Venezuelan has become accustomed to observing flagrant contradictions between what people say and what they do. We have already seen the conquerors "in the name of God" make the sign of the cross and then commit the worst barbarities. And one of the worst things we can do with the population is not to want to take risks" (extract from the conference "The obstacles of man" by Antonio Cova to the graduates of IESA-PAG VII, December 5, 1990 The reminder to the memory of Prof. Cova just 28 years later is worth!).

And indeed, Venezuelans consider it "normal" for them to tell us something and not comply with it. But this is no longer an electoral debate, it is a very serious discussion where the future of the next generations of Venezuelans is being decided, and the decision is now, not in January 2019.

Some political factors have been dedicated to destroying and underestimating the only Power that has acted in consonance with what is happening in Venezuela, the legitimate TSJ. All the sentences that this High Court in exile has produced since the first one on October 25, 2017 have been aimed at rescuing freedom in Venezuela, beginning with the non-recognition of the regime's National Constituent Assembly, going through the Electoral Chamber's sentence that annuls the CNE's flawed automated voting system, and ending, until now, with the historic sentence that removes Nicolás Maduro Moros from the Presidency of the Republic as corrupt. There is no possible comparison between that and the expectations we had of the National Assembly.

The legitimate TSJ has persistently requested the support of the constitutionally established popular representation in the National Assembly for the judgments it has handed down. The opposition parties of the Assembly have turned their backs on them, and do not even consider them to be a formally constituted Tribunal, but rather "Magistrates appointed by this Assembly", ignoring in their own actions the decisions of the legitimate TSJ. Crassus error. The deputies should know that if they do not recognize them, they indirectly recognize the TSJ of the regime. Had it not been for the letter from Luis Almagro, Secretary General of the OAS, on August 20, 2018 to Omar Barboza, President of the AN, urging compliance with the decisions of the legitimate Supreme Court, I have no doubt that the National Assembly would have ignored the High Court in exile that same day and Almagro ruined the party for them (see Almagro, a premonitory letter, in

What should we Venezuelans do in the face of this situation? The same as the deputies of the National Assembly, or should we directly support the decisions of the only Power that is doing something for the rescue of freedoms in Venezuela? For many Venezuelans the answer is obvious.

Some politicians in Venezuela insist that the legitimate TSJ "has not been recognized" abroad and that its decisions cannot be executed in Venezuela. But should the High Court in exile "be recognized"? Who should make their sentences be carried out in the midst of the kidnapping to which international class delinquents have subjected us? We, the citizens, according to Art. 333 and 350 of the Constitution! The Courts speak through their sentences," said Dr. Blanca Rosa Mármol de León, Emeritus Magistrate of the Supreme Court of Justice. The only thing that should matter to Venezuelans is that the sentences are adjusted to Law. They are not there to be "recognized" but to sentence with justice and in accordance with Venezuelan laws and the Venezuelan Constitution. And they are doing it!

The politicians of the official Venezuelan opposition refuse to let them decide the Transitional Government or National Emergency Government, as we call it, despite the fact that this Power Vacuum has done immeasurable damage to Venezuelans. Well, the alternative that we propose, once again, over and above the criminal and indolent pettiness of the official opposition, is that it should be the legitimate Supreme Court of Justice who decides who will make up that National Emergency Government, producing what I called in a last note “A Release Ballot for Venezuela” (see explanation in my note of the same name, in

With that Ballot in hand, those designated illustrious citizens should begin the titanic work of seeking our liberation, convincing the International Community to help us resolve the kidnapping of which we are victims in Venezuela, making effective the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) to which we Venezuelans are entitled by a universally accepted decision of the United Nations. And all of us, not the official opposition political class, who apparently eat in full, have bodyguards and can travel abroad to resolve their health, are the ones who have to back them unanimously, no one else, letting the world know that this National Emergency Government does represent us, and not this band of opportunists. This is the only way I think we will have a real chance to get out of this nightmare.

Caracas, December 5, 2018


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