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Circus owner

By Luis Manuel Aguana

The world heard the news through the international news agency The Associated Press: Donald Trump's administration decided to negotiate directly with the circus owner, Diosdado Cabello.

Indeed, in a note from the AP in Bogotá, journalist Joshua Goodman reports months of secret conversations between the Trump government and Diosdado Cabello, with the consent of Nicolás Maduro Moros (see

When confronted last Monday by journalists, and especially by the AP news agency itself, "Cabello did not want to talk about any detail of the meeting, and at one point he said that it was a lie, a manipulation. But he also pointed out that he has long been willing to talk to anyone, as long as any conversation takes place with Maduro's approval. He added that he would only meet with those he said are the owners of the circus, an apparent reference to the United States”.

The reference of the circus calls the attention because it would be necessary to see who it is that is really speaking with the owner, if Cabello or Trump. And given the current state of things it is not difficult to think which is the circus in reference. Trump is talking to the owner of the Venezuelan circus, not the other way around. And why?

The United States approved the line of action of the G4 parties on April 30, 2019, said the same Eliot Abrams  (see in Spanish Eliot Abrams revela negociaciones con funcionarios de alto rango, en, in a formula of blind trust given to the official opposition, which shows that the United States knew what they were doing.

However, Cabello was not part of those "high-ranking officials" mentioned by Abrams, and before 30A the government and Diosdado were already aware of López-Guaidó's attempt, due to the sapeo structure paid for by the regime, which made the opposition plan abort with the results that we all know.

Having escarmented with two failed actions of the official opposition, the United States then prepared to converse with the circus owner (read that not with the clowns Guaidó had for 30A), to dismantle what was necessary for Maduro to finish leaving power and begin a transition. Will they succeed?

I have a theory that they wouldn't make it, and I wish I was wrong. It is not possible through negotiation to get out of a criminal structure like the one that dominates Venezuela, which is in the hands of forces that go beyond a single person, no matter how much the owner of the circus one pretends to be. It is true that Diosdado Cabello could be that owner, but the forces that move him are much more powerful. Let's see.

According to Joseph Humire, an expert on transnational security and threat, Executive Director of the Center for a Free and Secure Society in the United States, there is a confluence of groups associated with terrorism in Venezuela.

In a recent interview with Idania Chirinos in NTN24, the security expert stated: "the concept that is handled in the U.S. Department of Defense, which is becoming much more as a doctrine is Convergence. That is, the convergence of international terrorism groups with transnational organized crime groups. And what happens is that the analytical community thought that they were not going to unite because they have different objectives... and although they do not have the same strategic objectives, if they have the same logistics and that is what we learned in all this time. The logistical bases are the bases of convergence, and that is what unites them, and there are certain countries in the world where the convergence centers are. Venezuela is one of them. In Venezuela they find the same logistics, the same cover and protection of the State, which helps them to traffic, launder and do all their illicit activities as well as their planning for international terrorism.”  (see in Spanish Entrevista NTN24, Análisis de Joseph Humire: Venezuela territorio fértil para grupos terroristas internacionales, in

These criminal groups in terrorist convergence like the FARC, ELN, Hezbollah, Hamas, and international drug trafficking like the Sun Cartel, added to the survival interest of Cuba and the strategic presence of Russia, China, Iran, Turkey, make it impossible for a circus owner to compromise with his own decision the interests of all those groups in the country.

In the same NTN24 video referenced above, in an interview given to the Voice of America by Jonh Bolton, U.S. National Security Advisor, he expressed in relation to the Cuban presence in our country: "They should stop intervening in Venezuela's internal affairs. The opposition estimates that there are between 20 and 25 thousand Cubans in Venezuela between paramilitary and military officials. They may not wear uniforms, but they are not simply to support Maduro's regime but to direct it, and I would make this prediction: if those 20 to 25 thousand Cubans went home today at noon, at midnight Maduro would no longer be in power...".

So, would it be possible for someone to be able to negotiate on their own that loot called Venezuela, which has already been captured by many groups with different interests? Venezuela is a UNIQUE and INEDITOUS case, which cannot be applied to anything that has worked elsewhere in the past. The United States cannot and should not make the same mistake as 23F and 30A. Venezuela is in the power of many criminal hands and political groups with very definite interests.

If what Bolton says is true (and we have reason to believe it is), the negotiation of our country is not with Diosdado, but with Raúl Castro in Cuba, as the owner of the circus. And since those parasite vermin will never let go of our country because that is where life goes, it is better for the Americans, if they really want to help us, to appeal to the authorization of the Venezuelan people to proceed to put an end to that convergence that is killing our country. The rest is to continue looking for owners who do not exist, because the only true owner of this circus is the Sovereign People of Venezuela.

Caracas, August 21, 2019


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