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Damage control

By Luis Manuel Aguana

First the concept. I take it from an excellent article by journalist Oscar Mario Beteta of Mexico's El Universal: "The Theory of Damage Control points out that in the face of a tragedy, the first measures to be applied must be focused on stabilizing the affected areas through isolation and blockade. In a kind of intensive therapy, the effects should cease immediately. This prevents collateral damage" (see El Universal De la Crisis al Control de Daños, in Spanish

And that's what they did and continue to do since the G4 of the old MUD when they saw stunned that the 23E Juan Guaidó did what the Venezuelan people asked him to do. I don't know if with agreement with his political leader Leopoldo López or not, the truth was that Guaidó obeyed what the sovereign shouted at that date, now doubly historic. And that is what the parties of the G4 who make up that coalition that directs the Directive of the National Assembly do not even deign to applaud the courage of their President to face that popular mandate that would not be and does not continue to be easy: that it is the people who decide, not them.

I imagine that those parties would meet after that Chapter and would decide to do Damage Control to isolate and block any transcendent decision that Juan Guaidó could take as President in Charge to re-cause the decisions that they had already taken jointly in politics with that Agreement of the National Assembly for a "Henry Ramos Allup" transition with negotiations with the government, which include leaving the structures of the regime intact as pointed out by Henry Ramos Allup himself in an interview in 2017: "…the transitional regime means: laws of forgiveness and oblivion, the law of ending point, truth commissions, reparation of victims, special processes -mediatization of justice- which is transitional justice, and support and acceptance of what are called authoritarian enclaves, which are the institutions of the old regime, to point them out in some way, that one would fit into a new regime. That is, Military High Command, Supreme Court, etc., etc., etc." (see in Spanish Ramos Allup habla sobre la “transición”, en, min 0:52).

And I would ask the coalition that decided to impose this transition to the January 15 Assembly Agreement, why do we have to "stall" this transition with "authoritarian enclaves" if the entire democratic world, including the main power on the planet, recognized Juan Guaidó as President in Charge of the Constitution, with full powers to evict the usurper from Miraflores and take the decisions he must take to immediately alleviate the suffering of the Venezuelan people? Good question...

The answer is that if it does, not only the regime would be evicted but all the opposition collaboration that sustained it, including the parties of that Directive of the National Assembly, except perhaps the honorable exception of the party of the President in Charge. This is hard to say but it has to be done because if we do not recognise that the enemy is at home we will not be able to remove it. And that is the answer to the question that I asked myself and half of Venezuela also because yesterday the regime had a voice in that Security Council with "Minister" Arreaza. Why did he enter the UN building in the first place?

If Arreaza spoke at the UN, it was not to defend the Venezuelan people but the criminals who, like him, want to continue destroying the Venezuelan people. And he entered with the tacit authorization of the opposition, although it pains me to say so. Why wasn't there someone there to speak for the Venezuelan people who took to the streets on the 23E? Because Juan Guaidó did not name him because the parties of the G4-MUD are the ones that have that privilege over him, in attention to that Agreement of the National Assembly. The only one named so far with that agreement is Gustavo Tarre Briceño in the OAS.

When did Arreaza become Minister of something in Venezuela if not even Maduro is President? My insistence to the President in Charge and to the rest of the Board of Directors of the National Assembly: Break that Agreement of January 15 and let Juan Guaidó govern so that in the name of the Republic he designates whoever he has to designate, beginning with the Military High Command and the rest of the main Ambassadors outside the country. That is what the United States and the rest of the countries that like us Venezuelans are desperate to see that the criminal is still making chains from power to fuck Venezuelans.

No one understands why Maduro is still in Miraflores. But seeing how things are going with the National Assembly's Board of Directors, you can understand why he is still there. And please don't tell me it's to avoid "massacres" of the regime. That's the same excuse Capriles gave in 2013 when he sent us salsa dancing. Let him count the deaths that have occurred since that unfortunate date. Each day that Maduro spends in Miraflores counts the dead. If not, let the mothers of the dead children say so in the maternity wards of the whole country or the kidney patients. Don't talk about massacres to the Venezuelan people.

President Guaidó must absolutely dislodge himself from the nefarious influence of the G4-MUD and make decisions. What will be hard? Of course they will be! What will be wrong? Of course it will! But if decisions are not made NOW, the Republic is lost. Unfortunately, I see that he still talks as if he were President of the National Assembly and IT IS NO LONGER. He is President in Charge of the Republic. If the nations of the planet did not see an Ambassador of his in that UN Security Council, it was not because Maduro did not allow it. And he cannot say for history that there was "an Agreement" that he had to respect. The ONLY AGREEMENT THAT JUAN GUAIDÓ CAN HAVE IS WITH THE PEOPLE OF VENEZUELA THAT ACCLAMED HIM ON JANUARY 23, 2019. We still hope that he will not disappoint you...

Caracas, January 27, 2019


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