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Emergency Cohabitation

By Luis Manuel Aguana

The desperate flight forward of the official opposition to the escalation of arrests that will inevitably occur because of the March 26 announcements against the criminals at the top of the Venezuelan regime, Juan Guaidó informed us on March 29 when he announced a National Emergency Government:

"...This National Emergency Government for obvious reasons cannot be headed by someone accused of drug trafficking, but neither can it be a government made up solely of the forces that we represent, those who support me and have supported this path I must tell you that we must be realistic, responsible, at this time that the country is going through so that it is possible and so that it can be sustainable a National Emergency Government cannot be made up solely of those who think the same way, nor can it be made up solely of the others and those who support the dictatorship. It must be broad and include all the political and social sectors necessary to confront this serious emergency that is coming and that is going to get worse. Specifically, we propose the installation of a National Emergency Government that includes all the political sectors of the country. This Emergency Government will delegate to the joint Council of State the fundamental decisions and management of the State, attention to the emergency, stability and reconciliation of the country. To open a humanitarian channel that allows the immediate entry of international aid. The request of an initial loan of 1200 million dollars to attend the emergency and to assign direct resources to each family that depends on the day to day, starting with the most vulnerable” (ver in Spanish Public statement by Juan Guaidó in

And why do I say desperate flight forward? Because how else could the regime and its official opposition work together and protect their common interests, doing immediate damage control, after the masterful decision of the Americans to take action to stop Maduro and all his entourage, spoiling any plan for electoral cohabitation that had already crystallized when the Venezuelans marched unfailingly to an electoral slaughterhouse at the end of 2020? They turned the electoral cohabitation aborted by the U.S. Department of Justice into an emergency cohabitation translated into a National Emergency Government in the face of what is coming.

The United States is very clear about the way in which the evil virus of Castro-Chavism-Madurism can mutate after the exit from power of Nicolás Maduro Moros and the main ones indicated by the US Department of Justice. The problem is that it does not transform itself into a strain that will bring together the ills affecting the region, as would be the case if Henry Ramos Allup's "authoritarian enclaves" thesis were to prosper, and which seems to have completely bought out the official opposition of the G4-Broad Front with Juan Guaidó at its head (see in Spanish Ramos Allup habla sobre la “transición”, en, min 0:52).

Some may say that the plans being developed with double agent Cliver Alcalá Cordones in Colombia would show that Guaidó and its people would deny this. But the regime was already aware of this move, as it has always been aware of all the opposition moves where Alcalá Cordones has been used, since he has been acting for a long time as its military advisor, even in Cúcuta on 23F-2019, when humanitarian aid would enter Venezuela " yes or yes ". I do not believe in opposing naivety. Alcalá Cordones has been designated as a drug trafficker by the United States since 2011, so it is not difficult to deduce that he has been on a counter-intelligence mission for the regime for a long time (see in Spanish Joseph Humire: Alcalá Cordones estaba en una misión de contrainteligencia, en

It is one thing for Guaido to declare the need for a National Emergency Government including factors negotiated with the regime, ignoring how that supposed government would enter into power functions (we suppose they would be negotiating a new version of 30A-2019 now with the reality of an international price for Maduro's head); and a very different one is that a transition be installed without Chavism - because they are a minority in the population and their entire criminal leadership is responsible for the Venezuelan crisis - and Chavism would come to power without the criminal ties of the previous regime after the displacement of Maduro and his thieves, with the help of international police intervention.

What we would be talking about here is two different ways of gaining access to power, the first being by cohabiting with armed factors of Castro-Chavism-Madurism to look after their common interests but strongly controlled from behind by these factors; and the second is for Juan Guaidó to carry out a joint operation with the international community that would lead to the capture of all those identified by the U.S. justice system and establish a Civil-Military Government Board with the participation of Venezuelan military personnel who have been forced into exile from the country, and civilians with an unquestionable ethical and moral record and an undeniable record of service to the nation. The latter is the formula proposed by ANCO in its communiqué of March 28, 2020 (see in Spanish Comunicado ANCO a todos los venezolanos, El Gran Cambio, en

Would Americans be aware of this new proposal from Guaidó to solve the crisis after Maduro? I don't think so. I think that this was the response of the official opposition of Lopez-Guaidó to the unveiling of the joint plans with the original Chavismo represented by Cliver Alcalá Cordones, Luisa Ortega Díaz and other widows of the deceased Chávez. It was difficult for the gringos to agree on a formula that still leaves a large part of the regime - exactly half! - in a "parity" distribution of the government, leaving the very bottom of the problem unresolved, because Guaidó would hardly control that government if not the factors that would be left armed by Maduro's regime. If Guaidó believes that he could govern in a stable manner with the weapons in the hands of a castro-chavismo-madurismo without Maduro, and of the armed to the teeth collectives of Freddy Bernal throughout the country, it would be a serious case of criminal negligence.

With this declared emergency cohabitation, the President-in-Charge puts himself in an unacceptable situation for Venezuelans by appearing as a hostage of the regime by telling us that there is no other way to proceed but by cohabiting with them (if not then as the phrase "so that a National Emergency Government is possible and can be sustainable" denying that they can govern alone: "but neither can it be a government formed only by the forces we represent"). How is it possible that Guaido proposes a new government that shares in equal conditions with those who destroyed Venezuela? Where does parity with criminals come from? Power will not be transferred to Guaidó's hands without prior negotiation, if it does not come from the very bowels of Castro-Chavismo-Madurismo. That is why the official opposition has the nerve to propose this formula as an accomplice to get out of the crisis, using COVID-19 to convince us. That is absolutely despicable. Guaidó has the obligation that we Venezuelans gave it on January 23, 2019 to end the usurpation, not to live with it.

The premises on which Guaidó justifies making this Emergency Cohabitation with a "parity" State Council are not sustainable not only because the regime is practically technically fallen after March 26, only waiting for its main leaders to be captured by international justice, but also because in his capacity as President of the National Legitimate Assembly he can authorize with the parliament the use of foreign military missions in the country (Article 187#11), and subsequently convene a Civic-Military Government Board as we suggested in the ANCO communiqué mentioned above. I made this detail known to Guaidó himself through a Twitter thread (see thread addressed to the President in charge @JGuaido, in

If Juan Guaidó negotiates with Maduro's criminal regime a succession of power by choosing to cohabit in emergency, using with us the record of an alleged untenability, instead of displacing it completely with the help of international police forces, as would be appropriate according to the confirmation of the criminal activities of its main leaders exposed universally, he would be as criminal as the regime itself, since he would be openly ignoring this situation and acting in complicity with it. We Venezuelans would find ourselves once again in a presidential power vacuum, so Guaidó would be as illegitimate as Maduro, and a legitimate succession of power in Venezuela would have to be resolved once again. I am sure that the international community, and especially the United States, are perfectly aware of this situation, which Venezuelans still ignore because of the urgency of leaving Maduro immediately. To paraphrase a phrase from his own party: it is time for Guaidó to get on the right side of history…

Caracas, March 30, 2020


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