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Fraudulent elections or R2P

By Luis Manuel Aguana

I am going to say it clearly and openly: there is an official opposition plan to sell the Venezuelans an election with the participation of Juan Guaidó as a candidate against Nicolás Maduro. And all that remains is the approval of Leopoldo López. Apart from the madness of accepting Maduro as a supposed candidate (not only because he is a foreigner and convicted as a thief), and the stupidity of convincing Venezuela to go to an election going out of the established route that begins with the "cessation of usurpation," the approach is retrograde and involves thinking at this point that those of us who are still in Venezuela are a shortcut of resigned fools. The twisting of the mere statement is disgusting. For God's sake, what have we Venezuelans done to deserve that opposition?

And even if Maduro were not the candidate, to propose the reversal of the route - first elections - because the famous "collapse" of the regime has not yet taken place, is simply suicidal. That is why Stalin González is working at full steam to come up with a proposal of "balanced" CNE Rectors, and that as a consequence of the "devastating" of the figure of Guaidó at the national level, Maduro or any other that puts the regime "would lose" the elections. And that's it! That way we would get out of the regime and we would all be happy, especially the corruption regime-opposition. It seems that they have not lived in Venezuela in these last 20 years!

In particular I hope that Juan Gerardo Guaidó Márquez (yes, his full name) does not lend himself to such a corrupt tramp. Although according to many analysts it would be a main part of any future cohabitation move, because it is the main protagonist of the G4 agreement for that political solution in the face of the difficulty of achieving the "breakup" of the regime. I prefer to see more of this film to reach that conclusion.

The official opposition's insistence on the electoral route out of the regime without having evicted Nicolás Maduro Moros from Miraflores is by no means new. It comes long before the illegally aborted Revocatory Referendum in 2016. They have ignored the authority of the legitimate Supreme Court of Justice in exile that sentenced Nicolás Maduro Moros in Bogotá in October 2018, to 18 years and 3 months in prison, and ordered a new manual-based electoral system for Venezuela in a June 13, 2018 sentence.

That pathetic picture forces any solution to the Venezuelan political crisis to accept the criminals who have kidnapped power in Venezuela, tolerating elections permanently rigged with a fraudulent CNE and reaffirmed by a Supreme Court of Justice under the orders of Maduro, and presided over by an ex-con. This position is increasingly met with a resounding NO from the Venezuelan people.

After January 23, 2019 with the irruption to the Venezuelan political scene of a fresh figure who embodied the almost lost hopes of the Venezuelans, and with the establishment of a clear route that began with the first exit of Nicolás Maduro Moros from power, the protest in the streets is reactivated and a new impulse is given to the people's opposition to tyranny.

The mantra, as I have called the logical sequence, 1) Cessation of usurpation; 2) Transitional Government; and 3) Free Elections, was positioned in the minds of all Venezuelans as the way to resolve our country's crisis. No one questioned the logic of this succession of events. But the first step, which some "boy scouts" of the National Assembly believed would be taken immediately because humanitarian aid across the border would be introduced on February 23, was not taken. The Venezuelan people were blatantly lied to in that "yes or yes" because they thought that the Armed Forces would "switch sides" just because the government would prevent humanitarian aid from entering the country. Impossible more improvised.

The "break" did not pass and calvary began. Time passes and the acceleration of the crisis is brutal. The blackouts, the hyperinflation, the lack of water, food and medicine, have aggravated to the extreme the living conditions of Venezuelans. And in the middle of the road, the measured tendencies of Juan Guaidó's support as President of a Transitional Government go from 81.4% on January 23 to 63.3% on March 14, 2019 (see Meganalysis in in a vertiginous drop of almost 20 points. Popular support is critical for politicians, and since something has to be done because the rupture does not occur, now they are preparing the beverage for an election with Maduro to make the Venezuelans swallow it. And the "break" will never happen because they finally understood the reality: the Armed Forces are destroyed and what remains of them is in the power of a foreign military force, all this by the work and grace of the Castro-Chavista-Madurista regime.

How is it possible for Venezuela's solution to tolerate, by electoral means, the existence of Armed Forces controlled by a foreign country? How is it possible not even to consider going back to an electoral process, demonstrably fraudulent and controlled by the regime? How is it possible that even Venezuela's official opposition insists on an electoral process without first having left the regime of Nicolás Maduro Moros, reversing the order of the factors of the route that was sold to Venezuelans? My answer is that all this is possible because the official opposition is already part of the regime through political operators bought in the National Assembly.

Hence, we understand that factors of the government of President Juan Guaidó oppose and hinder internationally the immediate solution to the Venezuelan problem such as the application of the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) for Venezuela of the International Community, with the denial of the National Assembly to the authorization of the use of foreign military missions in the country, as established in Article 187, numeral 11, for the accompaniment of Humanitarian Aid (see Factors of the Government of Guaidó oppose and hinder intervention in Venezuela).

So we have two opposing positions to solve the problem and it is up to Venezuelans to decide which of the two should be applied: either fraudulent elections controlled by the regime or the application of the Principle of Responsibility to Protect (R2P) for humanitarian purposes that puts an end to usurpation to continue the sequence proposed since January 23. We believe that the seriousness of the situation in Venezuela surpassed Guaidó and the official opposition collaborationist so we believe that the matter should be consulted to the Venezuelan people.

The National Constituent Alliance-Originarian-ANCO has made a proposal that raises to the consideration of Venezuelans, in Venezuela and abroad, this problem that overwhelms us all, through a Popular Consultation, directly asking Venezuelans in the following terms:

Do you authorize, in direct exercise of popular sovereignty, countries in the international community that are allies of the freedom of the Venezuelan people, to integrate a Foreign Military Peace Mission for humanitarian purposes, to enter Venezuelan territory with the objective of protecting, aiding and liberating the Venezuelan people, carrying out the necessary actions for the immediate cessation of the usurpation that Nicolás Maduro Moros has incurred by exercising, de facto, the Presidency of the Republic (see Manifesto for the Global Consultation, This authorization has some scopes that you can check in the referred link).

A Popular Consultation of this nature would have an incomparable and extraordinary mobilizing power in Venezuela. It would not be a Cabildo, nor an Assembly of Citizens, nor a march; it would be a manifestation of forceful and incontestable will directly addressed to the International Community. That way, neither the National Assembly, nor Juan Guaidó or any of his representatives abroad could speak for us, who are suffering this tragedy, since we would be directly exercising our sovereignty as established in Article 5 of the National Constitution. It would remain for the International Community to come or not to come to our aid. This Consultation would not be against the efforts of Juan Guaidó, but quite the opposite, it would be a manifestation clearly complementary to the route that was proposed to us Venezuelans, whose first step is the "cessation of usurpation".

One cannot have a Transitional Government and even less Free Elections without having left these criminals who have promoted an armed communist invasion inside our country. And that cannot be done without the use of armed force inspired by democratic principles. If that force no longer exists in our country because it was deliberately extinguished by the invaders, we the owners of Sovereignty must ask for it.

Caracas, March 26, 2019


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