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I won't open the door again

By Luis Manuel Aguana

I see myself in the need to remember a note from 2011, which after more than 8 years unfortunately still has full force: the regime insists on violating the privacy of citizens to trample their rights. In fact, as a result of that year's Census information survey, I wrote a note titled "Why won't I open my door (see in Spanish in which I explained the reasons why I had declared myself in civil rebellion by refusing to open the door of my house to the census takers of the government.

I said eight years ago that "...personal data such as who and how many people live in our house, how many rooms it has, what type of housing you own, are in the hands of a government like this one, is unacceptable for the vast majority of those who that same government ordered that we be politically discriminated against in Venezuela through the Tascón List, which is more valid than ever...". And not only is it still in force, but now the situation has worsened because in this phase of the destruction of Venezuela they are going after the homes of those who have fled the country for humanitarian reasons.

A note from Tal Cual tells us that "The Vice President of Planning, Ricardo Menéndez informed this Friday that the XV National Census of the Statistical and Geographic System will have two phases; the survey of real estate information and later the family census. He explained that in the first stage there will be a count of the existing properties in the country, whether they are homes, businesses or local, which will be labeled with a QR code that will contain all the information” (see in Spanish, Gobierno levantará información inmobiliaria en la primera fase del Censo Nacional, in

The most serious of this news is the information that the Maduro regime official himself provides in the sense that those who will carry out that census will be “… the Bolivarian Militia, the“ Popular Power ”and Somos Venezuela,“ which will be the great body of enumerators that we are going to have deployed in the national territory ””, repeating the sadly celebrated case of Luis Tascón who seized the information on the Revocate Referendum forms against Hugo Chávez and systematized it to persecute those who were doing and opposing. Thousands of people were dismissed from their jobs, not hired or given access to the benefits that the State can only give to citizens who legitimately signed for the official Hugo Chávez to abandon a position that does not belong to anyone and is designated by the same people of Venezuela, who had the right to revoke it according to the Constitution.

Menéndez's eye was not watered to tell us openly that it will not even be the officials of the National Statistics Institute, INE, who will do the information gathering. No. It turns out that now the Bolivarian Militia, a paramilitary entity invented by the regime and which is not established in any military legislation, a political party called "We are Venezuela," with a proven official cut, and something they call "People's Power," will be those who will go house to house requesting personal information from citizens. What do you think those people will do with that private information, as was the will of the Venezuelans for Chávez's recall? Knowing that they are condemned to defend themselves without being able to leave Venezuela, the regime will seize the real estate of those who have left to compensate those who are still in need in the country for their protection (without counting on those who will personally appropriate those who will administer that plunder) in a multimillion dollar expropriation, the dollar figure of which will leave what happened in Cuba as a Monopoly game.

Has the National Assembly said anything about this new absurdity of Nicolás Maduro's regime? Has the official opposition stopped to think about the importance and gravity of this new movement of the regime, which could provoke violence among Venezuelans themselves? I hope that the deputy citizens will stop for a moment the electoral campaign they have launched throughout the country to legislate in favour of the more than 4 million Venezuelans whom the regime is preparing to deprive of their homes under the excuse of a Census, whose information will again be used against citizens' rights.

And this isn't just about the real estate side. It is even worse because it determines with much greater accuracy what they did during the 2011 Census, when they had not yet deepened their "robolution". They will determine with surgical precision who will eat and who will not eat in Venezuela, what will eat, when and where. They will be able to decide what services they will provide and how they will selectively discriminate against them according to the criteria of convenience they want. For that, information technology is giving them the necessary tools, such as the QR Code they are already talking about to identify homes, which is capable of storing only a lot of information, in addition to being transmitted by cellular technology. The regime has known how to take political advantage of technology.

Without yet possessing Venezuela ANY LEGISLATION that duly protects the personal data of citizens, contrary to all of Latin America, not only can anything happen, because equally the regime will trample our rights, but our opposition of very low quality, unfortunately will allow the population to remain unprotected because unfortunately they have only shown signs of cohabitation with those who despite so much "dialogue" have not stopped violating the rights of Venezuelans, without those who must defend us say at least "this mouth is mine".

For now, only ordinary citizens have something to say to defend us if the political class is campaigning to live with the regime that is running us over. I will begin again, as I did eight years ago, by exercising my right not to reopen the door of my house to the henchmen of the regime, with the conviction that this will be the last time?

Caracas, September 15, 2019


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