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Liberation or cohabitation

By Luis Manuel Aguana
Intervention in the Pío Tamayo Cathedra of the UCV on 20 May 2019

Once again my cordial greetings to the Pio Tamayo Cathedra, thanking them for their always well-received invitations to discuss the future of the country. In this opportunity the question of the Forum is particularly difficult: "30A-19: Another frustrated coup-negotiation? Is this how we intend to defeat this “military-civil dicta-socialist?”. And I say difficult because at this moment we Venezuelans discovered harshly as the hours of April 30, 2019 passed that the plan of the official opposition was not the liberation from tyranny but cohabitation with it.

That what the government of President Juan Guaidó and the main leaders of the National Assembly understand as "Cessation of Usurpation" is not the same as what the rest of Venezuelans understand. Exposing it clearly, Venezuelans understood and continue to understand that "Cessation of Usurpation" is not only the exit of Miraflores of Nicolás Maduro Moros and the immediate cessation of his de facto government, but also the termination of the entire superstructure of the castro-chavismo-madurismo in the government because that ceased to have the legitimacy that only the votes of Venezuelans give, according to the still valid Constitution of 1999, a fact clearly exposed after the electoral fraud of May 20, 2018.

How could the Venezuelans then be sold that Juan Guaidó would govern even one day with the entire superstructure that supports the castro-chavismo-madurismo in power, if that April 30th movement had been successful? How could one swallow a Maikel Moreno presiding over the TSJ, main responsible for the judicial persecutions of tyranny, or a Vladimir Padrino López as Minister of Defense after being the main material responsible for the crimes of Lesa Humanidad that are being aired before the International Criminal Court? Was that the plan of "Cessation of Usurpation"?

Personally, I was very disappointed. But I was even more disappointed after reading all the reports that came up later, relating in more detail the events before and after the 30A movement. (see in Spanish in, La Conjura de los Testaferros, en and the serious allegations of corruption that have not been properly explained so far, and I would respond to why a new dialogue was now started in Norway, when they had said that there would be no more dialogues with Maduro.

But beyond that disappointment and going into today's topic of the Chair, here is a serious fact that was revealed after 30A: the way in which the transition is conceived after Nicolás Maduro Moros is separated from the position he holds illegitimately, and the consequences for Venezuela of carrying it out in one way or another. That's where I think the obstacle lies for the famous three-step mantra to advance, since that would define whether what happened was a frustrated coup-negotiation and whether this can defeat this "military-civil dicta-socialist" as the Pio Tamayo Cathedra rightly calls it.
In 30A we Venezuelans discover how the official opposition really thinks about solving the political problem in Venezuela: a) they don't want there to be a humanitarian intervention in spite of the crimes against humanity committed by the regime of Nicolás Maduro Moros and that almost 90% of Venezuelans, according to the polls, are asking for it; and b) they believe that the way out and the normalization of the country's political situation passes through a negotiation with the criminals who wield de facto power in Venezuela. Those two truths revealed on April 30 create a direct confrontation between the majority of Venezuelans and their opposition political class. That is not the basis of sustenance for any opposition government.

Whatever the reasons of the deputies of the National Assembly - including corruption - to avoid a military intervention of a humanitarian nature, they are the reason why the approval of the authorization of the entry of foreign armed contingents contained in Article 187, numeral 11 of the Constitution has not been given. But at the same time they are also blocking the liberation of Venezuela from the Cuban, Russian, Chinese, Iranian, Hezbollah and other paramilitary occupation terrorists that are entrenched throughout the national territory and are preparing to expand throughout Latin America and the United States.

Having taken the transcendental decision to cohabit with the regime, even without being Maduro, the government of President Juan Guaidó failed without having begun. If the entire power structure of your transitional government is going to depend on the factors rooted in the narco-corruption of the current regime, it will be difficult to undertake the essential reforms for the return of the country's democratic institutionality, starting with an in-depth reform of the Armed Forces; how would the barbarities committed by Hugo Chávez Frías and Nicolás Maduro Moros within that institution, where they violated the fundamental principles of the armed institution of discipline, obedience and subordination, be straightened out, if those who are at the forefront are precisely those whose power is based on this distortion of power, which is sustained by the armed institution of discipline, obedience and subordination, if those who are at the forefront are precisely those whose power is based on this distortion of power.

It is a contradiction to make a negotiation in which the anti-democratic structures of the regime and its protagonists coexist with a pretended democratic government. That is what those who promote a "negotiation" in which something survives that currently oppresses all Venezuelans and is the main reason for all the humanitarian tragedy we are living through. It was not a frustrated negotiation, it is that the mere fact of making both ways of conceiving the transition work makes abort any engendro that one wants to create.

It is like trying to cross without more than two different species and trying to successfully create a completely new being, like a flying horse, crossing a horse with a bird. It is as if the Allies to liberate Europe from Nazism in the Second World War, before proceeding by force as they did, had first sought Himmler, Eichmann or Goebbels to co-govern with them in a transition to a new stage, making a government without Hitler, having been the main material responsible for the 6 million dead Jews.

If the species are effectively different, then both ways of conceiving a transition are incompatible, for which the Government of President Juan Guaidó must proceed without the greatest delay with the liberation of Venezuela, taking the decisions inside and outside the country that lead to the removal at the root of the structures that make possible this narco-militarized state that governs us, completely ruling out a negotiation with the regime. But if the species are of the same type, both the product of corruption, as the country is in fact beginning to perceive, the spawn created will be worse than the disease, which will not only put an end to it and the hope of the Venezuelans, but will sink Venezuela even more into anarchy. There is still time to decide well.

Thank you very much...

Caracas, May 20, 2019


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