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Occupation armies

By Luis Manuel Aguana

The denounces made recently by the Cuban dissidence in exile revealed the existence of plans to attack the life of the Venezuelan opposition leadership (see in Spanish “Avispas Negras” cubanas con orden de asesinar opositores en Venezuela – Aló Buenas Noches EVTV 24 de Octubre de 2018, en According to these denounces, the attack that occurred in the State of Bolivar against María Corina Machado is part of this plan designed from Havana. The denounce specifies that an important contingent of special troops of the Cuban Army called "Black Wasps", would already be in Venezuela and would be involved in this attack and possibly others in the near future.

If we complement this with another denounce, this time by the Venezuelan journalist Gustavo Azocar, the regime would be openly preparing to resist a possible intervention in the short term: "...The National Direction of the FARC is installed in Venezuela, it lives in Venezuela. The National Direction of the Army of National Liberation-ELN, is installed in Venezuela, lives in Venezuela. In Venezuela we now have the two Colombian guerrillas, the FARC and the ELN. The country has been divided. How do you explain that the ELN is in the State of Bolívar controlling the gold mines that exist in the State of Bolívar? How did that guerrilla from the ELN get to the State of Bolívar? Where did it enter? It entered through Táchira, of course, and from Táchira it settled on the other side of Venezuela, with the support, of course, of the government of Nicolás Maduro. In other words, we have occupation armies in Venezuela. We have the FARC, we have the ELN, we have the collective La Piedrita, we have the Tupamaros, we have the Carapaica, we have the Russians, we have the Chinese, we have Hezbollah installed on Margarita Island. All those groups are in Venezuela for what? To defend Nicolas Maduro's dictatorship in a plan that they have supposedly created to defend the revolution when there is foreign military intervention promoted by the United States and supported by other countries, for what? To liberate Venezuela, because Venezuela is a country kidnapped at this moment by all those irregular groups that I have mentioned to you…” (see in Spanish Maduro planea graves atentados y culpar a EEUU – Aló Buenas Noches EVTV 26 de Octubre de 2018, en, min 3:16)

What strikes me about this news now is that it is taken as surprising. Journalist Gustavo Azocar's proposal coincides with the concept of kidnapping of Venezuela by heavily armed groups that we have already formulated (see Venezuela: the world's largest hostage kidnapping situation, at and which forms part of something that has been developing since long before the death of the Galactico in Cuba, and which, in the face of international events, are now needed in more detail for the citizenry, and which should hardly escape the knowledge of the intelligence services of the friendly countries that know the situation in Venezuela very well.

What is amazing to me and the main reason for this article is that there is still a part of Venezuela that, even calling what is happening in our country a dictatorship or tyranny, at this point it still seems scandalous to them that they are capable -and much more- of what happened to María Corina Machado in Upata, as well as those denunciations of attacks on the political leadership. That is precisely what happens in a kidnapping! They reduce you with violence until they kill you, if that's the case, if you don't agree to the demands. What is happening here is not a conventional dictatorship where a dictator controls the military and subjugates the population. No! The criminal group that governs (or desgregates) has imported the most specialized of international terrorism and has negotiated its refuge in exchange for protection.

There are several occupation armies in Venezuela made up of all that denounces the Cuban exile and journalist Gustavo Azocar, and perhaps much more, and already with name and surname will be willing to attack the civilian population at the sole order of the dictator if they try to evict them from power by force from outside. In fact they are already doing so. Public manifestations are being systematically reduced by those groups that behead any protest for anything that arises anywhere in the country.

Now, what's the best way to handle this situation? Arm ourselves too and bathe the country in blood? They would love that to justify themselves. To follow any leadership and put the dead on the streets without the situation changing substantially, but benefiting the popularity or the image of whoever wants to lead a protest? Remember that happened on April 11, 2002, and although the blood of the fallen on Baralt Avenue managed to expel the satrap from Miraflores, the clumsiness and ambitions of those who handled the situation made it go to waste. The tyranny mutated and although that has happened again and again, with more blood shed, it has not yet been vindicated beyond recognition of the bravery and courage of the Venezuelan population by the world. But that has not been enough.

We are in an unprecedented situation. We cannot deal with the same molds as any other that has occurred inside or outside Venezuela. There is no political leadership in the country to call on Venezuelans to continue spilling blood for nothing. The approach has to be different. While it is true that there must be an internal strategy that summons Venezuelans, it cannot be conventional and must be manifested with such force and magnitude that it keeps the regime permanently in check. This has happened in cases where the population has rejected the call for unconstitutional elections such as those of May 20, 2018.

Other elections are being called again without the slightest guarantee. It is not possible to continue calling elections in Venezuela without conditions and without changing the electoral system, as provided for in the ruling of the Electoral Chamber of the legitimate TSJ of June 13, 2018. (see in Spanish “Tribunal Supremo de Justicia declara nulo el uso del voto automatizado para elecciones en Venezuela”, en That can't be accepted anymore! From the outset we must call for the rejection of any election with this electoral system, beginning with those of December 9 in the same way as we did for May 20. Any result of that election, or constitutional referendum if it is proposed by the regime, must be rejected and repudiated by everyone in every possible way.

Consequently, the rebellion must be civilian and Nonviolent in its essence but with forceful results of open and permanent rejection of the dictatorship. We must encourage and create any manifestation of general rejection that does not subject the population to the risk of being massacred by these armed criminals. NOT VOTING on December 9 in protest of everything that happens in Venezuela should be an example of that.

But that does not solve the kidnapping situation. "We Venezuelans cannot liberate ourselves" as former Ambassador Diego Arria recently indicated in Spain. (see in Spanish Arria: “Los venezolanos no podemos auto liberarnos” de lo que sucede en Venezuela, en Kidnapping must be confronted in a different way. The occupation armies that subjugate us must be withdrawn from our country, starting with the regular army of the Cuban government. Cuba must withdraw its military troops from Venezuela. And that will not happen if a policy of international deterrence is not exercised against that country and the rest of those who support the regime. In the same way, the situation will have to be confronted from the outside with the rest of the irregular groups, starting with the Colombians FARC and ELN, with the support of the new government of Colombia.

All such dismantling must be coordinated and organized from outside Venezuela by a legitimate and constitutional government that can take the necessary steps to unravel this situation peacefully, backed by the United States as the main ally, followed by the Latin American democratic community of nations and the European Union. Is this illusory? I don't think so. It is always possible to give peace a chance even though we are very close to violence. Let us hope that those who now have the responsibility of establishing that legitimate and constitutional government understand the magnitude of this kidnapping and the decisive steps that must be taken to get out of it.

Caracas, October 28, 2018


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