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Sánchez Berzaín: what a shame with that guy!

Por Luis Manuel Aguana

In Venezuela there's an old joke about a guy who found out his wife was cheating on him. He waited hiding in his house to catch her in the act with the guy. When the unfaithful woman arrived accompanied by the guy and began to show herself as she had been thrown into the world, the wrinkles and folds that his wife had appeared and that only he believed he knew about after many years of marriage. But instead of facing them and discovering them, he stayed hidden, ashamed of his wife's physical condition, in front of the stranger, saying to himself, what a shame with that guy!

That same feeling crossed my mind when Carlos Sánchez Berzaín, Executive Director of the Inter-American Institute for Democracy, exposed Juan Guaidó's inaction in the face of what is happening in Venezuela, explaining in detail how the Interim Government could institutionally evict the regime of Nicolás Maduro Moros by force and with all the legality in the world (see in Spanish  Presidente Guaidó debe pedir y organizar coalición internacional militar para liberar a Venezuela, in

Shame on you for being told that! How is it possible that the same political conclusion has not been reached in Venezuela during all the time that Guaidó has been acting as President-in-Charge? The matter was so forceful that even Citizen Leopoldo Castillo was speechless because he had no way of disputing that Guaidó had not, until this moment, proceeded institutionally as the legitimate President of Venezuela by requesting the international military assistance necessary to dislodge the mafia of criminals who have taken over the country, as has been recommended to him many times, not only in Venezuela but also abroad. I have the impression that Castillo and EVTV, as the communication anchor of the Interim Government, went for wool and came out shorn. They were trying with that interview to publicly justify the botched job of the famous contract, using the qualified opinion of who has been one of the characters who internationally has the most clear about the Venezuelan problem. And being that Leopoldo Castillo is a specialist in international issues, he had no choice but to accept that judgment.

Well, Juan Guaido is definitely not acting in the way that he should as the legitimate President-in-Charge of Venezuela. To anyone who has seen that interview, that is more than obvious. But it is commonplace for Venezuelans to say that he is controlled by the G4 (Henry Ramos Allup) and the head of his party (Leopoldo López), who have decided for him to cohabit with Nicolás Maduro Moros, against the grain of what all of us who are suffering from the narco-socialist hell in Venezuela think. In other words, it is not Juan Guaidó who decides in the Interim Government for more President-in-Charge than we can tell you. How does that leave the person of Juan Guaidó? As a puppet? And I am not just asking myself this.

Leading a military rescue operation for Venezuela is not just any old thing. It first requires a fundamental political decision by the person of the President-in-Office and his interim government. Furthermore, it requires a very special personal determination on the part of whoever makes that decision, which is far from being that of someone with the characteristics of a puppet. Do we really have that with Juan Guaidó? If what we have is a person who allows himself to be managed by others over and above the serious needs of his compatriots, we must at once face him in Venezuela and see what the solutions to that problem are.

The official opposition of the G4 has clearly told us that it is not in a position to take any decision that would confront the regime by force, and it has been shown that it is because of the multiple ties that bind them to it that makes it their main protector and ally. If this is not the case, prove it immediately by moving in the right direction. I would like nothing more than to be completely wrong.

That's why when we see the reality of the official Venezuelan opposition laid bare, showing all the ugliness under the garb of its main leader as the legitimate President, we say, shame on Carlos Sánchez Berzaín, who like any Latin American would hope that with the historic tradition of Venezuelan freedom, our political leadership would have assumed an attitude more in line with that Republican heritage.

When Bolivar went outside Venezuela to seek the help of foreign soldiers, he was already at the forefront of the struggle for independence. It wasn't for someone else to release us for payment of a contract without him having started it himself. He had already put himself at the head of the liberation struggle. Well, it is something like that that is being considered in Venezuela. The criminal nature of those who have taken the population hostage to plunder the country speaks to us of the size of the decisions that must be taken and the moral and ethical stature of those who must do so. The big question is, do we Venezuelans have these people at the forefront of this fight? The harsh reality tells us that we do not.

But if we don't have the right people in front of us now, that doesn't mean they don't exist. It will then be our duty and obligation to bring about change because there is a reason why so many worthy Venezuelans have left their blood on the streets and in the prisons of this country. It cannot be that we allow those who now have the responsibility of leading the destiny of an immoral official opposition, which stopped representing us long ago, to criminally prolong this slaughter in slow motion - Diego Arria dixit - to which Venezuela is subjected.

The Venezuelan situation does not accept further delays. If the legitimate President does not act, for whatever reason, by not taking the decisions that are his responsibility, which is UNIQUE AND PERSONAL, then someone else will have to come and take them. If Juan Guaidó arrived at that position of President in charge by imperative of Art. 233 of the Constitution, it will be necessary a pronouncement of the TSJ Legitimo and the constitutionalists of the country about the unprecedented situation that is being presented to us with a President who has not fulfilled his obligation to call elections as required by Art. 233, and we demand it all Venezuelans on January 23, 2019, after more than a year of having assumed the position. Someone will have to come and replace him. We will have to give that debate. Enough with the embarrassment of others...

Caracas, May 14, 2020

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