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The Consultation will be for the Big Change

By Luis Manuel Aguana

March 26, 2020 marked a milestone in Venezuela's political history and unfortunately, a coronavirus in the middle, it seems to have passed under the table of Venezuelan political actors. We have repeated so much that Maduro and his clique are a narco-criminal mafia that when the U.S. Department of Justice recognizes it with evidence in hand after 10 years of criminal investigations, politicians in Venezuela still consider co-government with them. I repeat, on March 26, those who illegitimately exercise power in our country were identified as international criminals. And that definitely changes the approach that everyone should take to the issue of the succession of power in Venezuela.

How have we been treating him at ANCO? For us, succession was to be treated as a political problem. Since May 1, 2017, when the drug lordship presided over by Nicolás Maduro Moros called for a National Constituent Assembly without having the quality to do so, and supplanting the People's Sovereignty, the Original National Constituent Alliance, ANCO, I am raising the flag of a Popular Consultation organized by the citizens, based on Articles 5, 70 and 333 of the Constitution, so that the Venezuelan people would make a statement to stop this fraud that would harm us all, as the only solution that we had left as Venezuelans not invested with authority.

The Popular Consultation that we proposed in 2017 and that achieved incomplete results on July 16 of the same year, was transformed into an instrument of peaceful struggle that ANCO adopted so that the people would decide the permanence of Nicolas Maduro Moros and his regime in power, basing our argument on the fact that this solution would be assumed by the International Community, with Venezuela's civil society at the forefront, as the only peaceful way in which the People's Sovereignty would decide and administer electorally the mandate of Venezuelans outside the Public Powers, and as a mechanism that would allow for a constitutional, peaceful and electoral solution to the regime that governs Venezuela.

Aware of how extraordinarily difficult it was to convince the international community of this solution, and especially when the official opposition, whose interests have proven not to be the same as those of the Venezuelans, having the advantage of being the only voice heard abroad, we set out to make the pertinent contacts outside the country so that our main spokespersons could explain this solution which had already been informed to the Secretary General of the OAS, Luis Almagro. It was not easy to do that. Without resources, with the borders blocked, without passports, without visas, you can imagine if our voice would be heard with sufficient clarity and strength by the decision makers of the main countries that are friends of the Venezuelan people. But we still set out to do it, and we were at it until March 26, 2020. All that changed from that day on. That is why ANCO made a statement on March 28, 2020 (see in Spanish, Comunicado ANCO a todos los venezolanos, El Gran Cambio, en

If our proposal was essentially based on the main international factors, led by the United States, assuming the People's Sovereignty of the Venezuelans as support for the displacement of the power of Maduro and his criminals, his Department of Justice went ahead and gave them that support. The decision of the United States Department of Justice transformed a political problem into a police and/or criminal one. In this sense, the actions to remove these people from power in Venezuela should be carried out by the national and international justice system.

Where does that leave ANCO? Our position as of May 3, 2017 remains the same: "Let us counteract the force of the Original Constituent Power to the pretension of power of a regime, which, by sullying a tool that only belongs to the People of Venezuela, tries to use it to subdue them, destroying their freedom". And so we manifest it to the Nation that day by rejecting the so-called Constituent of Nicolás Maduro Moros (see in Spanish Pronunciamiento de la ANC ante el llamado a una Asamblea Nacional Constituyente del Gobierno, in

While it is true that at ANCO we support the consultative route as a temporary instrument for the country to recover its institutionality and achieve the "cessation of the usurpation", through the call of the People's Sovereignty, now and with more reason, immediately after the displacement of the power of the criminals that have already been officially identified internationally, The Sovereign People of Venezuela must be called to a Popular Consultation so that the People can authorize the call for an authentic and constitutional Original National Constituent Assembly as the best tool to unite the country, for reconciliation in justice, to make the Big Change for the reinstitutionalization of the State and the full validity of freedom and justice.

This call from ANCO is not new. It has been the main reason for our constitution as an NGO, because we consider that the institutional, political, economic and social recomposition of this destroyed country is absolutely necessary. It is not possible that we leave to the political factors that come to govern a complacent state structure that allows them to do what they want with the lives of Venezuelans. And that we must do before we begin a new institutional period of the country after any electoral process. Remember me: political factors will tell us that it is not necessary, that they return to the burden of "the madmen of the constituent with an unnecessary constituent, because we have had 26 constitutions". And now is when it is most needed!

The citizens must control what comes next by calling the Constituent and restoring the institutions that constitutionally balanced the Executive, and that the laws are not in the hands of the political populism of the corrupt, but of the institutionality of the representation of the States in a Senate of the Republic. That the Municipalities and the States have the necessary power for their development and the right to exercise it, and that this is constitutionally provided for, starting with a thorough reform of the destination of oil and oil income in the lives of Venezuelans. We have an obligation to begin now to defend our future after this nightmare.

There are many institutional reforms required by the Venezuelan State after the destructive Castro-Chávez-Madurista tsunami, including a complete review of the powers of the President of the Republic. We have spoken about this many times in this Chamber, but we will return to it because this Big Change is not only important, but absolutely necessary for the survival of Venezuela after the transition.

Caracas, 6 April 2020


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