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Tomorrowland Venezuela

By Luis Manuel Aguana

The Third Great Debate of the Program of the journalist José Domingo Blanco, "Mingo", "Por todos los medios" by RCR750 on Friday, September 27, 2019 (see it in, starring Juan Carlos Sosa Azpurua, Erik del Bufalo and Jose Vicente Haro, is in my opinion an objective and accurate analysis of what is happening in Venezuela, but left the overall feeling of an overwhelming pessimism.

According to what I heard, Venezuelans have no way out and we are doomed to this nightmare for many more years. According to our friends, and in short, we were swindled by an accomplice leadership on 30A and we are in the presence of a monster, that even if we manage to get Maduro out, the next one in turn will remain in the hands of the puppeteers who currently manage it, both in the regime and in their official opposition. A Guaidó incapable of defying power has allowed the continuation of the Venezuelan tragedy that will continue without a way out for a long time to come, without "a peaceful solution to the drama we are living through.

No one would want to live in a country with such a picture. However, three flashes came out of that interesting conversation: 1) "The country was lost and that's why we have to talk about rebirth, about rising from the ashes" (Sosa); 2) "the only thing that can change that is a situation outside the system, that escapes from its hands and breaks it down" (Del Bufalo); and 3) "We have to continue challenging the regime and prepare a strategy for the seizure of power" (Haro). All three agreed that it was necessary for Venezuelans to understand the nature of the monster we are facing in order to provide the most appropriate answers. However, the taste of pessimism prevailed in that discussion.

And you'll ask me, "So you don't agree to tell people the truth, even if it's bad?". No, quite the opposite. Not long ago I was telling a great friend and writer that I was always looking for the answers to this great tragedy. And I didn't see them in what I was writing, just as I didn't see them in the answers given in that debate. That although the politicians were at the forefront and are the main actors in this miserable work, they are not the only ones responsible, but all of us, and it was up to lucid minds like theirs to point the way. That is why people desperately look for answers in people who assume they know and think. And in my opinion the answer of those lucid minds cannot be the pessimism of "there are no exits here". If you don't see them now, it's because we haven't looked for them enough.

Recently I saw again the excellent film starring George Clooney and Britt Robertson, Tomorrowland, which tells a story that could well be compared to the current Venezuela, respecting the distances of science fiction. An extraordinary world of the future is doomed to destruction by its own inhabitants. A machine that allows them to see the future shows the tragedy that "will happen," but it has not yet happened. However, the people of the present take for granted that the future is thrown away, creating a Self-fulfilling Prophecy that certainly provokes that future destruction, because that is the perception of the future of the inhabitants of the present. As everyone thinks that this is inevitable, the future is tenebrous. Only the lucid mind of Robertson's character, Casey, wonders "why does it have to be like this?" and discovers that if the machine that "shows the future" is destroyed, people would not be able to assume that macabre end as true, leaving to each one the future that could be, a much better one. From there the paradox is resolved and the prophecy is broken.

And that's what this is about, a Self-fulfilling Prophecy: "A self-fulfilling Prophecy is a prediction that, once made, is in itself the cause of it becoming a reality." (see in Spanish Profecía Autocumplida en And I think we're getting into a self-fulfilling cage and throwing away the key, as I said on the last day of 2015. (see in Spanish 2016: A contrapelo de una profecía autocumplida, en And 2016 was that bad. We are repeating the mistake again.

In the film Robertson's character, Casey, says about this, some phrases that I see significant in the serious context of the self-fulfilling prophecy in Venezuela: "There are two wolves that are always fighting, one is darkness and despair, the other is light and hope. What wolf wins? To the one you feed...". We are permanently feeding the wolf of darkness and despair since these delinquents took over Venezuela. We have to break this vicious circle! It's time to start feeding the other right wolf, the one of light and hope. How do you do that?

Venezuela is debated in two solutions that are exclusive: 1) Dialogue with elections (regime and official opposition); and 2) Humanitarian intervention with foreign military accompaniment (radical opposition supported by R2P, TIAR and 187#11). It is insisted that there can only be one. It cannot be the first because it is unacceptable to go to an election with the regime in order to repeat the mistakes of the past and for the opponents to cohabit. And on the other hand it cannot be the second, among other things because it does not depend on Venezuelans and the current international diplomatic situation indicates that the International Community does not approve of an intervention by Venezuela. So why not an intermediate solution?

All Venezuelans are responsible for the constitutional re-establishment and the effective validity of the Constitution, according to the mandate of Article 333. According to that, a solution is imposed that calls us ALL to decide the future of the country. A solution that is electoral but does not include the powers kidnapped by Maduro's regime. A solution where only the people authorize the international use of force in the event that their mandate is not obeyed, and that the intervention of Venezuela does not occur as an external decision, but with our approval, and Venezuelans are protected from crimes against humanity that are being committed against citizens.

That is, when the country has no exits and is locked, as the experts indicated in that RCR750 debate, the system is restarted like a computer, calling for Popular Sovereignty. This could be "the situation outside the system that escapes from their hands and breaks it down," proposed by Del Bufalo, and the "rising from the ashes that Sosa Azpurua indicates. This solution confronts power as Haro claims, because only the people decide who to grant it to, no one else.
Then we only have the creativity to arm ourselves as we resolve that call to the Original Power, which until now nobody wants, because everyone fears. All that remains is to ask ourselves how and in what way we call for Popular Sovereignty. These are the questions we must ask ourselves and resolve them. That is the equation. We have the creativity to solve this problem, but feeding the right wolf of light and hope, not the wrong one. Then let's do it! That's what we're working on...

Caracas, 28 September 2019


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