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Venezuela without mourners

By Luis Manuel Aguana

One thing is elections with the regime of Nicolás Maduro Moros in power and another very different thing is with a Transitional Government ruling in Miraflores to organize free elections after an absolutely necessary re-engineering of the Electoral Power. If this is understood down to the last of the Venezuelans, then why don't those who represent us as an official opposition do it? I make this reflection on the occasion of the words of the former President of the Spanish Government, Felipe González, during the XII Atlantic Forum "Iberoamérica de cara al futuro", which remind the official opposition political leadership of something that we have repeated in Venezuela from civil society to tiredness: with criminals you don't negotiate.

It is very embarrassing to give this leadership, that Felipe Gonzalez be an eloquent voice of Ibero-American political experience, say things like these: "If anything is clear, it is that there will be no democratic elections there if the transition is led by Maduro" (see in Spanish, “La Asamblea Nacional “Prostituyente” de Maduro no debería tener ningún tipo de legitimidad”, en But, please! Should Felipe Gonzalez have said it so that these people understand that NO MORE ELECTION CAN BE MADE IN VENEZUELA WITH THE REGIME COMMANDING IN MIRAFLORES? That they have repeated countless times that they would not lose any election? Well, they were told by Felipe Gonzalez, to the painful grief of Venezuelans.

But to everyone's astonishment, if the Liberator himself could return from his sepulchre to which he has not yet been able to descend quietly because the Union has not yet been consolidated, they will continue along the immutable route of agreeing elections with the regime. What González and the world fail to understand is that such barbarity is only possible if you consider those who negotiate not as a real opposition to the regime, but as an extension of it. This puts the problem in a completely different dimension.

In a previous note we indicated that in view of the discoveries of 23F and 30A, the official opposition was never willing to take Maduro out but to negotiate with his regime, so it was necessary to conclude that the mantra they sold us from the beginning never had any validity, and what it deprived us of was always an agreement negotiated by elections with the regime, which is what the G4 parties historically wanted since the National Assembly was installed on January 5, 2016 (see The death of a mantra, in

If we start from that fact that I consider fundamental for this analysis, we could hardly expect them to rectify that route no matter how many people of the stature of Felipe Gonzalez amend the plan. That is why we say that the problem is much more serious than Venezuelans think, that they are "errors" that must be corrected because this problem is more structural than circumstantial.

To understand the reasons why the official opposition insists on this suicidal path for Venezuela as a country, at this moment I consider it irrelevant. It could be due to a mixture of ideological affinities - they are all more or less radical socialists -, joint corruption, taking care of the booty of what both have stolen in 20 years of dismantling the country, or by the imposition of the Castro's Cubazuela with the help of their international allies, or a mixture of all that toxic minestrone. The result is the same: the regime remains, mutated into the leather by the electoral route using the roulette loaded from the CNE. They can change Maduro and put another, or even a "convenient" one as their candidates from both the official opposition and the regime that keeps the "status quo" alive. All this can be part of a plan that they are preparing for us and that they are not yet making known.

The problem, my dear friends, is that Venezuela was left without mourners. That we were betrayed by those who said they would defend us and that in this limbo moment in which nothing is happening, other than the worsening of the living conditions of Venezuelans, what is being prepared in Norway and Sweden is the concoction that they will try to sell us, to convince us that "now is the time", that the regime will leave and there will be a "cessation of usurpation" because they made a cosmetic change of Rectors in the CNE and the regime will "release" some political prisoners, even knowing that in Venezuela there is the famous revolving door in the dungeons of the regime, where some come out and others come in. They trust that we Venezuelans are fed up with the situation and that we will buy any "solution" because there is nothing else to do. And that is not true.

And why isn't that true? Because that solution is not sustainable in time because of the simple fact that freedom is not found in any equation where a regime like that of Nicolás Maduro Moros and his associates is included. That the Rule of Law and the re-establishment of the constitutional validity contemplated in Article 333 are nowhere to be seen, as well as the dismantling of Maduro's unconstitutional Constituent Assembly. What are they offering us then? Another deception disguised as elections. And it is not only a deception of the Venezuelans, it is of the entire International Community.

Who then are the mourners of the country? The only thing left was the Civil Society that in one way or another has demonstrated in fact and with blood, its true desire to end this nightmare, not from now on but from the time of the massacre of Baralt Avenue in 2002. That is, all of us who still live in this country - and who will not leave - and those who, for one reason or another, have abandoned it, and are still willing to recover it. That is where the new political leadership should come from, replacing those who were officially given the responsibility of representing us and who are now negotiating with Nicolás Maduro Moros. I wonder if the deputies who set up the Norwegian racket will believe that their constituents gave them the mandate on 6D-2015 for that.

In this sense, civil society in its various manifestations will have to prepare to assume responsibilities that were never thought of on 6D-2015 and participate in a complete renewal of the country's political leadership, whether the solution to this nightmare is just around the corner or not. It is no longer a question of thinking that someone else will solve it for you. Proposals and alternatives must and must come from the citizens.

And it's not like we're talking about "anti-politics" here. Quite the opposite. Politicians and serious politics are so needed that we are suffering this tragedy because of its lack at this critical moment in the life of the country. Ethical, moral and political decomposition has long since reached that class and it is now urgent and indispensable for a new leadership to emerge from the very bowels of Venezuela in all orders, regardless of age or gender. Only in this way will we stop passing the embarrassment of hearing from real politicians abroad what any politician who is a beginner in Venezuela should know.

Caracas, June 25, 2019


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