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Which electoral route?

By Luis Manuel Aguana

Certainly one thing is elections after the Cessation of Usurpation and another very different thing is with the regime laughing its head off. What is the electoral route Guaidó is proposing to Venezuela? The one that comes after the delinquents leave or another one where they participate? Be clear! Speak the truth to the Venezuelan people! I would really like that clarification because in that ambiguous language with which this opposition is working, which manufactured the famous Statute of Transition in the National Assembly, according to its Article 2, the mantra is still in force. And it also continues to be in force for all the top echelons of power in the United States, who seem to be the only ones who are clear that the jugular must be strangled from the regime in order for the rats to end up jumping from the boat.

Because suddenly you notice messages in the opposing behavior that reveal a change in the original strategy. One Guaidó transformed into a presidential candidate in a nationwide campaign and another, the second Vice President of the National Assembly working at full steam to give Venezuela an electoral timetable. Even if Congressman Stalin Gonzalez reaffirms his commitment to the three-step mantra, as evidenced by the following message on his Twitter account, the messages that follow require that Maduro first effectively leave Miraflores:

"We have proposed a route from the @asambleave: Cessation of usurpation, transitional government and free elections, our job is to continue fighting to achieve it. We are not going to allow the usurper to continue submerging us in the crisis" (see Twitter of @stalin_gonzalez in,

The above message is unobjectionable. That was indeed the deal with the Venezuelans. But you can't make an omelet without breaking eggs, as Congressman Gonzalez contradictorily pretends to tell us:

"Today we have a commitment with Venezuela, we must improve the registration of Venezuelans abroad, for that is important the appointment of authorities of the National Electoral Council (CNE) and organize communities abroad to update the registry. (see Twitter of @stalin_gonzalez in,

It is not enough to have new authorities in the CNE and to organize the communities abroad to update the registry of Venezuelans abroad without first having put your hand to the registry of Venezuelans ceded in the hands of the SAIME (Ministry of People's Power for Internal Relations, Justice and Peace), the Electoral Registry in the hands of the regime's CNE and most importantly, having taken possession of all the Venezuelan consular service in the world to make way for that update of Venezuelans outside the country. In other words, you can't do what Congressman Gonzalez says without first taking possession of the country's government.

Venezuelans are not stupid, and that is why we have the perception that the official opposition is cooking up an election with the regime. And the following message confirms those suspicions:

"We want an election where everyone can participate without coercion, where everyone has the right to vote. For us it is important that this crisis be solved through the realization of an electoral process, democratic, fair and transparent" (see Twitter of @stalin_gonzalez in, (highlighted by us).

How is it that the crisis will be solved "through the realization of an electoral process"? The crisis will be solved when Maduro ceases to usurp power and leaves Miraflores. And once out, a legitimate transitional government will begin to solve the serious crisis that we Venezuelans are facing, and will organize all that which Congressman Stalin Gonzalez mentions in those messages. But the most serious thing comes after the fact, in my opinion, without Congressman Gonzalez noticing it:

"In Venezuela, to have a free election is not just to call it, it has to do with a change in the NEC and a specific reform of the electoral laws. (see Twitter of @stalin_gonzalez in,

I responded to this message from my Twitter account to Congressman Gonzalez in the following way: No Stalin, it is not only the "change of the CNE" or "punctual reforms of the electoral laws". It is the complete fulfillment of the sentence of the Electoral Chamber of the legitimate TSJ of June 13, 2018 that you in the AN have deliberately decided to ignore (see Twitter of @laguana, in

And why did I assert this? Because apparently the deputies of the National Assembly don't understand that the Venezuelan electoral system can't stand one more election. That it is demonstrably rotten and that it does institutional damage of gigantic proportions to us Venezuelans to continue with that system of electing officials to occupy positions of popular election.

How do we make Stalin González and the rest of the deputies of the National Assembly understand that THE AUTOMATIZED SYSTEM OF THE CNE OF THE REGIME CANNOT BE USED TO COUNT THE VOTES OF THE VENEZUELANS? That it is not enough to change the rectors and update the Electoral Registry; that a complete re-engineering of the electoral system must be done BEFORE MAKING ANOTHER ELECTION IN VENEZUELA! Just reading the June 13, 2018 Supreme Court of Legitimate Justice Electoral Chamber Ruling (read Sentence in gives an account of the gravity of the situation of the Venezuelan Electoral Power to the point that declared NULL the use of the Automated Voting System for elections in Venezuela, which merits a thorough examination and restructuring of the Venezuelan Electoral Power..

However, this sentence continues to be ignored for reasons of a political nature that keep the Directive of the National Assembly at odds with the Magistrates that they themselves appointed and that were constituted abroad as legitimate TSJ in exile, institutionally recognized by the OAS and the world; and this position adopted does us tremendous harm to Venezuelans, because although the Deputies have decided to ignore and not recognize this Supreme Court of Justice, what has already been decided there is vital for the future of the Republic. And we are not talking about the exclusively electoral matter, but includes the conviction of Nicolás Maduro for corruption and the absolute nullity of the National Constituent Assembly of the regime. That cannot be dispatched with one stroke of the pen just because the Board of Directors of the National Assembly does not tolerate the Magistrates they themselves appointed.

The timetable mentioned in the following message from Congressman Gonzalez can only come out after a Commission of qualified and specially chosen technicians get into that anthro of manufacturing the regime's votes, and make a complete evaluation of the technical, administrative, legal and procedural platform at the national level of that institution in order to be able to guarantee Venezuelans that the next election will be made according to international standards. AND THAT CAN ONLY BE DONE AFTER HE MATURES AND HIS DELINQUENTS LEAVE POWER.

"We have worked on a proposal for an electoral timetable, where it talks about possible free elections in seven or nine months. A short time, but with the guarantees so that the whole country can participate and have reliable results (see Twitter of @stalin_gonzalez in,

How can Congressman Stalin Gonzalez responsibly offer an "electoral schedule" to Venezuelans a reliable election without falling with all the vices, traps and corruptelas of the regime, without making an evaluation of the magnitude of which I am referring? That would be the exclusive responsibility of a Transitional Government effectively exercising power. That is why some Venezuelans who consider themselves serious believe that what they are doing is a mamarrachada to repeat another election with the regime. If this is not the case, it is time for President Juan Guaidó, in the name of the official opposition of the MUD/Frente Amplio, to clarify once and for all to Venezuelans which electoral route they intend to follow, because what we are seeing is more of the same.

Caracas, April 26, 2019


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