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World Cabildo

By Luis Manuel Aguana

If there is any institution in the collective imagination of the Venezuelan, it is the Cabildo. Since Venezuelans begin to have a historical awareness of the country as just a few children in school, they are told as a mantra the story of Vicente Emparan, Captain General of Venezuela and the so-called "¡A Cabildo!” of citizens to resolve the government, with the proclamation of Venezuela's Independence on April 19, 1810.

It is not surprising then that the so-called “A Cabildo!”, or in more recent terminology, Assemblies of Citizens, held by the National Assembly to implement the unconstitutional Agreement of January 15, has been so successful. This success has been used by politicians all over the country to try to take people's baths to shake off the collective rejection that citizens feel for them. In some cases they have not been able to do so.

What is regrettable about this situation is that the first act of a staging that will culminate on January 23 will not end that day in what Venezuelans aspire to, which is nothing more than an immediate change in the country's grave situation, but will be the beginning of a dizziness of the politicians who made this parliamentary agreement to continue in an indefinite situation of coexistence until reaching a negotiation of fraudulent elections with the delinquent regime of Nicolas Maduro.

Once again, the hope of the Venezuelan people to get out of this regime is being used as a mechanism to continue giving time to the official opposition political class and the regime to square off. Meanwhile, Venezuelans die like hunger flies or in hospitals, without doctors or medicines, in the midst of the most frightening hyperinflation ever seen on the planet.

Do you think that if Henry Ramos Allup, Julio Borges or Omar Barboza himself had occupied the Presidency of the National Assembly on January 10, they would not have sworn him in as President in Charge of the Republic? Of course they would have! And why not Juan Guaidó? Because before giving the Presidency to a young man who is in fourth or fifth place in the order of political hierarchy within his own party, they preferred to arm themselves with an unconstitutional legal juggernaut in order to distribute the competencies of the President of the Republic, putting their own aspirations ahead of the suffering of the Venezuelan people.

And Juan Guaidó is very aware of that. That's why he will never take charge of the Presidency of the Republic, with the excuse that "the conditions are not met" when all the countries of the world are only waiting for him to decide to do so in order to support him without any restriction, without counting on the extraordinary support that all the Venezuelan people have expressed to him. He proved it when the SEBIN policemen let him go free. And what is regrettable is that he already manifested it openly (Guaidó indicated that he will not "succumb to pressure" to assume the Presidency, in Simply the politicians who held their Presidency of the National Assembly would immediately abandon him if he assumes the commitment in favor of the Venezuelans. But that commitment is not optional, but it is not for me to judge Juan Guaidó's decision. History will take care of that.

Where does this situation leave us? We are headed for a repetition of the events of 2014 or any of those that followed later where the regime gained time, in favor of the detriment of all of us and the death of many Venezuelans in the streets. Guaidó is wanted there to serve as a disposable backdrop until supposed elections take place with the regime - including Tiby's CNE - where the real bosses who are not giving him the opportunity to make a real transition that will take us away from the regime now, thus assuring his political survival for the future, so here the regime destroys us all in the process. If possible that cannot be allowed.

How can that be prevented? Only Popular Sovereignty can do that, no one else. Politicians know that no more elections can be held in Venezuela if they do not comply with the decision of the legitimate Supreme Court of Justice of June 13, 2018 ordering them to change from an automated system to a manual election system, along with a thorough review and cleaning of the Electoral Registry. But no, they ignore it in favor of negotiating with the delinquent regime of Nicolás Maduro.

Aware of this, the National Constituent Alliance-ANCO, before the unconstitutional Agreement that politically obliges Guaidó not to assume as President in charge of the Republic, proposes that Juan Guaidó obeys the Venezuelan claim to be sworn in, and once done that "convoke once sworn, to a GREAT CABILDO AT WORLD LEVEL TO ALL VENEZOLANS, where all the diaspora that has been forced to leave our country participates, and that making use of Articles 5, 70, 333, and 350 Constitutional, are pronounced through a Popular Consultation at the national and international level as a means of participation and protagonism of the people, with the solidarity and effective support of the International Community, to request their permanence in Power beyond the 30 days established in Article 233 of the Constitution, and until the necessary conditions for an Authentic and transparent Election of all Public Powers in Venezuela can be met" (see in Spanish Proposal of ANCO in front of the Usurpation Agreement of the National Assembly. Restore Popular Sovereignty! The World Cabildo". in

If this is not done, the Supreme Court of Justice should definitively legitimize the decision to fill the Power Vacuum in light of the manifest refusal of Juan Guaidó and the National Assembly to assume that commitment with Venezuelans, and whoever turns out to be the President in Charge should convoke that Popular Consultation that will allow him to "remain in Power beyond the 30 days established in Article 233 of the Constitution, and until the necessary conditions for an Authentic and transparent Election of all Public Powers in Venezuela can be met". In this way, the President in Charge would have the support of the popular will to exercise a Transitional Government with all the freedom and stability that the Venezuelan case needs.

Only People's Sovereignty would cut off the continuationist aspirations of both the regime and its official opposition, generating the conditions for a thorough cleaning of all the accumulated political filth on both sides. That can only be done by the people of Venezuela. To Cabildo! Let's go to a World Chapter and start another independence feat as only Venezuelans know how to do?

Caracas, January 19, 2019


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