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A solution for Trump

By Luis Manuel Aguana

In view of the comments made by some friends (and others not so friends) in relation to my last note  (see The King is naked, in and in general to the treatment that I have given to the tour of President-in-Charge Juan Guaidó, and contrary to the precept that says do not clarify because you get tangled up', I believe that it is necessary to make some clarifications in the light of the latest changes made by the official opposition to Guaidó's itinerary and the new news that indicates that he will indeed go to the United States, specifically to the State of Florida.

No one has questioned the effort that the official opposition is making to raise Guaidó's image, especially applying it when its numbers in the polls were plummeting, this trip comes as a surprise, "jumping the other fence" as I called it in a past note. That's something that must be granted to the interim government's political marketing strategists. However, I also said that this was not just a show, that it had to bring concrete results for a people eager for concrete solutions. People are desperate and worse, hopeless. It's not just the circus that counts!

And those results are in direct proportion to the strategy that Guaidó and his advisors have in mind on how to resolve this tragedy. Based on that, they would look for such and such allies to force a way out of the monumental crisis of the Venezuelans from the outside. So far, what we have been told is that this can be resolved with elections, in a clear opposite way to many of those who have been analyzing this problem for years. Thank God the United States government is already very clear that elections cannot be held with Maduro in power. But it seems that Guaido and his team do not think the same, not said by me but by themselves, when attempting dialogues and electoral approaches with the regime of Nicolas Maduro Moros.

When Guaidó said in Canada that he denied "any possible meeting with Donald Trump" (see in Spanish 2001, in  I immediately said to myself: what's the point of leaving the country if the first person you have to meet to find a way out of the tragedy is precisely Donald Trump, the main world ally? What are these guys thinking?

Immediately the defenders of the interim jumped up justifying that "it didn't depend" on Guaidó. Please! What insult is that to the Venezuelan's intelligence? If the first one who wants this mess to be solved in the hemisphere is the United States! Guaidó met in Colombia with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. It's very hard to think that an agenda to Washington of the President in charge could not be resolved there if it had been wanted. That's my point. But if you have nothing to ask or propose, and no defined strategy to propose to Trump, it is clear that you have nothing to do in the United States. It would be stupid to go and propose to Trump an election with the regime in power to get Maduro out, which is what the official opposition has in mind so far. Even they know that! But they still want to convince us!
Even without the messiness of Guaidó's statements regarding Cuba, which the official opposition was quick to respond to because the country flatly rejected any intermediation to "agree" with Canada on any solution with those who have invaded us without firing a single shot, the official opposition has not yet shown anything that indicates a different way out than the electoral one they have proposed. When that exploded, Guaidó's strategists thought they had somehow to invent a visit to the United States and at least try to take the picture with Trump. Hence the change in plans. It wasn't that they "thought" the visit in advance and we, the bad guys and "Juan Guaidó's detractors," went ahead and said he wouldn't go to the United States. No. That was never in the program until they arrived in Canada. So much so that Guaidó himself informed the press, as was reported by international news agencies and highlighted by

So the problem wasn't that they didn't "want" to go to the United States. It was how they were going to appear in Washington to present a coherent strategy to Donald Trump as a way out of the Venezuelan crisis, beyond an electoral chimba solution that he has already rejected, or a kind of endorsement of what they have already done with the sanctions to the regime's criminals. Difficult, isn't it?

But Guaidó DOES have something he can present to Trump. And why do I say that? Because more than 150 personalities from all sectors of the country presented it to him in a letter sent to the President in Charge on December 1, 2019, and that consists fundamentally in the fact that the solution to the crisis that the country is suffering requires the active participation and the decision of all Venezuelans, not only of the political sector (see in Spanish Carta a Guaidó in

This participation is established in the Constitution in Article 5, the sovereignty resides in the people, who can exercise it directly through the mechanisms established in the Constitution; and Article 333, all Venezuelans, invested or not with authority, are in the duty to restore the validity of the Constitution. The mechanisms for directly exercising sovereignty are established in Article 70. The Popular Consultation included therein is the ideal instrument to be applied in this circumstance, administered completely by Venezuelan civil society, which can do so because the Constitution allows it, since the consultations of the people are not within the competence of the Electoral Power (Article 293.5).

The President-in-Office can present President Trump with a solution that does not consist of elections, which is right in the middle of a solution of force and an electoral event, managed by the Venezuelan people themselves with their help and that of the rest of the international community; and which would equally demonstrate the decision of a people to live in democracy and freedom. And to take away from Trump the commitment to help us make effective the popular mandate in case the regime refuses to leave power, if the mandate so orders. How would Trump help us? In achieving that plebiscitary popular consultation to be done STANDING MADE in Miraflores and to be collected later.

The Plebiscitary Popular Consultation would be the answer to the Europe that wants elections WITH MADURO IN POWER and to those countries that have expressly declared that they will not participate in an armed intervention. But what is not negotiable is that it should be administered by the regime, but by the civil society with the help of the international community and qualified international observation bodies.

Can that be achieved? It depends on how much the interim government wants to continue to live with Maduro in an endless two-way relationship with the regime. We are not enemies of Guaidó or his interim government. We are enemies of insisting on elections that will not only not solve Venezuela's problem, but will give legitimacy to the tyranny by using the votes of Venezuelans, distorted by a corrupt electoral power. Maduro and his regime must leave by mandate of the Venezuelan people, with votes that the citizens themselves count for, by hook or by crook. And if it is by the bad way, it must be equally by the decision of all Venezuelans.

Caracas, January 30, 2020


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