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Distorted reality field

By Luis Manuel Aguana

We Venezuelans are living in a distorted reality field. We are all immersed in it and we are not realizing it. And we don't realize it because we are inside it. It seems like a play on words but it is not. But someone has to realize it to say from outside the field that we are distorting reality and committing stupid things as a result. Let's see.

In an article in Spain's El País in November 2011, entitled "Campo de distorsión de la realidad" (see El País, in The political analyst Jesus Cerberio explained the phenomenon from the personal to the social, showing the case of Steve Jobs, according to whom this character was capable of modifying reality: "In his presence reality is something malleable. He can convince almost anyone of anything. The effect fades when he's not around, but it's dangerous to get caught up in its field of distortion”. In the political Spain of 2011, Cerberio said, "In the absence of leaders endowed with this singular and sometimes dangerous capacity, it is the parties that turn over their expensive distort reality to their own measure and create a binary world, where the other symbolizes all sorts of disasters and one has all the solutions".

And that is exactly what is happening in the political Venezuela of now, when everyone is preparing to decisively reject the selection of the members of a supposed "civil society" as members of the new Electoral Nominations Committee of the CNE. First of all, how can one reject the birth of something that should not have been born in the first place? And it should not have been born because that Preliminary Commission was illegitimate because it was made up of PSUV deputies who no longer had that status as deputies of the National Assembly due to the abandonment of their posts. In other words, such a Preliminary Commission was non-existent from the legal point of view. We are being put in the position of discussing something that only exists in the sick mind of those who have created this whole illegal scheme for the appointment of a new tube-bound CNE in the National Assembly.

Not even the fact that the 10 "selected" characters, if there were any rule of law in Venezuela and any synderesis of performance in the opposition leadership, would be challenged throughout the middle street for not belonging to civil society due to undeniable links with the political parties and supposed civil society that nominated them. And what are we Venezuelans doing? By distorting that reality we are preparing to reject those appointments when they are nothing more than the byproduct of something that should not have been formed in the first place as a Preliminary Commission, putting us to discuss a non-existent reality as if it were actually real. And that is what these political offenders want! That way they legitimize the whole illegitimate chain from the very beginning.

And why are we buying that in the first place? Because both the regime and its official opposition are playing with the minds of Venezuelans as if we were rats in a large laboratory to take us like sheep to the great electoral slaughterhouse they are preparing for us. The next thing will be that Venezuelans publicly discuss in a sickly way whether this or that "Rector of the CNE" was valid or not, when we know for a fact that those "Rectors" should not exist in the first place because they are the result of a long chain of events and illegal and illegitimate appointments, negotiated for the perpetuation of the regime and those who accompany them in the opposition. We are then operating in a field of distorted reality and we have to get out of it.

According to psychologists, a person can distort reality if they are depressed enough (see in Spanish, La depresión puede afectarnos al punto de distorsionar la realidad, in And sure enough, we Venezuelans are. We are the easy grass of all those who manipulate reality at their whim. And as the Spanish analyst said: "it is the parties who turn over their expensive machinery... to distort reality to their own liking...”. That reality where we go to an election at "troche y moche" regardless of the distorted framework of the country that does not justify where you look at an electoral process. But they impose it even though that is not the reality of Venezuelans.

And beyond that, no one talks about the fact that even if a new National Assembly exists as a result of irritated elections called by an illegal CNE, it is still above that "elected" Public Power within this great distorted reality, a National Constituent Assembly that would be above ALL Public Powers, according to the same Constitution of 1999, in its Article 349: "...The constituted powers may not in any way impede the decisions of the National Constituent Assembly...”. . The regime could even lose that parliamentary election and Maduro could be left to govern as a "democratic" President, because he would have under his control the illegitimate Constituent Assembly that no official opposition is talking about dismantling. Why don't those who want to go to that parliamentary election talk about that in this environment of distorted reality?

And you'll ask me, how do you correct that distortion? The recipe is not mine. I'll just refer you to an article I recommend entitled “Steve Jobs, la psicología política y el campo de distorsión perceptiva de votantes y políticos” (see in "How do you correct the field of perceptual distortion? With collective adjustment. With the others. With the noise that our field produces in the area of encounter and friction with the field of others. There is a hard and patient task for political consultants. Because part of their work has to do with that: dismantling the field of perceptual distortion of their clients. - Help me to look," says Eduardo Galeano, as a boy told his father when he found himself facing the overwhelming immensity of the sea for the first time in his life. The only antidote to the field of perceptual distortion is this: help me to look...".

I hope I have helped you to see "the overwhelming immensity of the sea" of the evil of those who still believe that we Venezuelans are still the same assholes as before. Understand this at once: we will not vote in any election until Maduro leaves...

Caracas, February 29, 2020


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