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Oxymoron: Transition with chavismo

By Luis Manuel Aguana

Too many signals to be ignored. Open and covert chavismo wants to return in its many facets to government using transition, with the help of the official opposition. No, don't be surprised. It is not an attitude of political apartheid that I am trying to apply here. It is only the warning of one who, being an external observer, warns that one cannot compose a country by using those who were directly responsible for its destruction. There is no such thing as democratic chavismo'. That conceptually is an oxymoron, which according to the RAE means: "1. m. Ret. Combination, in the same syntactic structure, of two words or expressions of opposite meaning that originate a new sense, as in a thunderous silence".

However, the official opposition, which is what I have called in this tribune all those political factors that still insist on making opposition by dancing close to the dictatorship, because of the fact that in Venezuela "there can be no transition" without the government, insist on trying to coerce the chavismo -the thesis of the authoritarian enclaves of Henry Ramos Allup- in the "Transitional Government" phase of the famous trilogy "Cessation of the Usurpation-Government of Transition-Free Elections". From here I responsibly warn you: the best way to buy yourself a certain failure during Juan Guaidó's transition is to get Chavismo into any phase of the process. And I have the sour impression that it's not free. Chavismo has amassed so much money that you can buy not just a seat in what's coming but the entire Transitional Government if you propose it. And it's not just a saying...

And the political platform they are using was provided by the MUD in its opposition re-launch, with the name Frente Amplio (so broad that it includes Chavismo) Venezuela Libre in March 2018, with the two acts carried out in the Aula Magna of the UCV where, desperately seeking reconnection with the country, they bathed in civil "society" tailing chavismo light in the re-launch party (see Two acts, the same purpose: the re-launching of the MUD, in

Without going very far and illustrating the previous point, in the act held in the Concert Hall of the UCV on February 14, where several unions asked the President Juan Guaidó to install a "tripartite table" to rescue the salary scales and improve working conditions. (see news in Spanish in some representatives of the workers presented to the public in that act are an active part of that chavismo whose voracity destroyed the institutions that now say they want to rescue, as in the case of the Caracas Metro, which is an example that I know perfectly well. Voluntad Popular as a party organizes that event within that Frente Amplio and gives the Chavismo, covered up by a struggle to take out Maduro, the union struggle without realizing that it is putting the rope around the future neck of the President in Charge, how about that? Impossible greater stupidity.

If that is the example of the rest of the unions and workers of the organizations presented at that meeting, the government of Juan Guaidó would be operating on a time bomb during the transition. With that alone, the Transitional Government would be in a labor chaos. What would it cost the Chavismo unions to destabilize the government of Juan Guaidó? Nothing, if they give them the opening right now as they are doing.

What should happen is that the authorities designated by Juan Guaidó in each institution are capable of guaranteeing free union elections at the immediate moment of the "Cessation of usurpation" and that there exists a legitimate representation of the workers in each one of those institutions, something that has been impossible since Chávez and Maduro came to power, stealing the elections of the workers in each Company and State Institution. That is why these unions are as they are now. What is there is a nest of delinquents and thieves who have taken the workers' money and nobody has been able to control it. The only way to rescue that labor peace so that there is stability of the transitional government is to put in its just dimension the representation of the workers.

What is the strategy now for those who feel lost because the people decided to expel them from the government, giving Guaidó massive support and an inevitable transition? To infiltrate and make unviable what is to come. And they are doing it with the little help of those who believe that without chavismo one cannot govern. It is better for Juan Guaidó and the G4 of the National Assembly to reconsider this macro-political decision. Chavismo cannot be in the transition if it is not to make the country ungovernable and return what the Venezuelans have cost them in the streets. We would replicate in a flash the experience of Nicaragua and Daniel Ortega with any representative of that chavismo who at this moment is financially prepared to assault power again. And there are a few, beginning with Rafael Ramírez...

An example of the implementation of this inclusive policy of chavismo in the Transitional Government is represented by Stalin González of UNT: "Transitional Government in Venezuela will include chavistas and military" (see news in "We do think that Chavismo and the military should be part of that transitional government (...) We have to give space to Chavismo, which is not Maduro, because there has to be political stability," Gonzalez told the British agency. The transitional regime means: laws of forgiveness and oblivion, law of end point, truth commissions, reparation of victims, special processes -mediatization of justice- which is transitional justice, and support and acceptance of what are called authoritarian enclaves, which are the institutions of the old regime, to point them out in some way, that one would fit into a new regime. That is, Military High Command, Supreme Court, etc., etc., etc." (see Ramos Allup talks about the "transition", in, min 0:52). How unfortunate to see a young man like Gonzalez put on the wrinkled skin of an old dinosaur, instead of having ideas for renewal and someone of his generation.

But the really terrifying thing about this policy in action was what Francisco Sucre of Voluntad Popular expressed on February 12 in representation of... Juan Guaidó! at the moment of meeting with the Italian High Command in Rome: "Francisco Sucre, delegate sent Rome in representation of the president of the National Assembly Juan Guaidó, maintained this Tuesday that the Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro, can participate in eventual new elections in the country. "Mr. Maduro is free to stand in those elections, not as president in office but as former president of the Republic. If his party nominates him, of course we accept him," the parliamentarian said during a press conference. "We do not want to replace one intolerance with another intolerance," he stressed (see in Spanish Francisco Sucre: Maduro could take part in a possible new election, in which he would have the right to vote. I'd really like to know what the President in charge of these statements thinks.

Could it be that no one has informed Francisco Sucre that Maduro is convicted to spend 18 years and three months in prison for the crime of Own Corruption and Legitimation of Capitals, has dual nationality and is being pointed out for drug trafficking by the DEA and the Vice President of the United States (see Pence: DEA Investigations point to Maduro's narco-dictatorship, in Could it be that no one has told Francisco Sucre that MADURO is not nor was he president of the republic, much less former president, because the 2013 and 2018 elections were a fraud? Maduro CANNOT PARTICIPATE in any election or for councilman because he must be in jail by then. The cases of Gonzalez and Sucre were the subject of special attention of my friend Antonio Sanchez Garcia in his extraordinary article today Tiranía, Crisis y Transición at which I highly recommend.

So, the signals that are being sent to us from the official opposition before starting the trilogy are very worrying, and impossible to ignore. If anything must be accelerated, besides the "Cessation of Usurpation" that all of Venezuela eagerly awaits, it is the liberation of Juan Guaidó from all partisan ties, as used to be done with the Presidents of democracy so that they would have the freedom to guarantee to all Venezuelans a government of stable equilibrium. If Guaidó is still a prisoner of the fauna that we have described, let him not continue repeating the trilogy because a transition with chavismo is only an oxymoron...

Caracas, February 17, 2019


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