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Indefinite Electoral Strike

By Luis Manuel Aguana

A group of citizens, with no political commitment other than with our own conscience, have declared ourselves in Indefinite Electoral Strike. It is a sui generis strike. It requires nothing more than understanding that the vote, which is the fundamental tool of democracy, is being used by a tyranny to consolidate itself in power. The fundamentals that sustain this strike are found in a document published on the net so that those who want to join can do so openly or covertly. The document is titled "Indefinite Electoral Strike in Defense of Popular Sovereignty" and can be supported through the following link:

But beyond promoting, together with a group of distinguished Venezuelans this initiative so that it reaches the greatest number of voters, both here and in the diaspora, and explaining the reasons why I believe we should do it, I wish to explain its profound meaning, instead of a pure and simple call for abstention, not only for the elections called by the regime for next Sunday, December 9, but for any other electoral process organized by the dictatorship from now on. It is not abstention, it is strike.

The strikes are associated with a deep feeling of protest and rejection of the human being in the face of the outrage he is being subjected to. The workers of the world, who have been the protagonists of this form of protest, have achieved through history improvements in their labor relations at all times, to the point that this right has been recognized by humanity, the right to strike.

Why an indefinite electoral strike? Because beyond the requirement that we have traditionally made to ask for electoral conditions, without ever having been granted, we are calling on the country so that NOBODY registered in the Venezuelan Electoral Register continues cohabiting with the regime to continue using this sacred instrument. of the democracy that is the vote, to destroy it, especially when in spite of having been declared the NULLITY OF THE VENEZUELAN ELECTORAL SYSTEM and the use of the Automated System for Elections in Venezuela, as a consequence of a final decision of the Electoral Chamber of the Supreme Court of Legitimate justice in exile (see in Spanish published on June 13, 2018, still the political sectors of the wrongly called Venezuelan "opposition" continue to contest elections called by this regime as if nothing had happened here.

The most evident proof of the denounce that we have made from this corner of the net that the official opposition parties openly ignore the decisions of the legitimate TSJ, is the accompaniment that they are giving to the regime to those elections of Councilmen on December 9. This being so, the only way that we citizens have to protest this ignorance is to go on an electoral strike until they comply with the referred sentence of Nullity of the Venezuelan Electoral System, and the corrective measures indicated therein are made. And until that is so, we will be on Indefinite Electoral Strike, not going back to the polls to continue fraudulently validating the tyranny.

If they have openly ignored the sentence of Nicolás Maduro Moros to 18 years and 3 months in prison for own corruption and money legitimization, insisting that Maduro is still President until January 10, 2019, when he ceased to be one since his conviction on August 16, 2018 in Bogotá, only the decision of the citizen of the people who elected them will enforce the sentences of the High Court. And that is why the pressure must begin with ourselves, the citizens, materializing in practice Article 333 of the Constitution which states that we all have the duty to collaborate with the effective validity of the constitutional text.

The regime and especially its complacent opposition have openly and deliberately ignored the electoral ruling of 13 June 2018. Therefore, on December 5, 2018, an urgent request was made to the Electoral Chamber of the legitimate Supreme Court of Justice, in order to formulate a request for the Execution of the Judgment of June 13 (see Request to the Supreme Court of Justice in Spanish at

In this document, the legitimate High Court is asked, "The "Elections" for the election of councilmen in Venezuela dated December 9, 2018, as well as all acts derived therefrom, are declared NULL and INCONSTITUTIONAL, clarifying that the integration of the Municipal Councils of Venezuela must remain untouched, in general, until such time as AUTHENTIC ELECTIONS are carried out in Venezuela in accordance with the judgment of the Electoral Chamber whose execution is requested”.

If the election is held on December 9, all those people who will be elected with the same system that has imposed the CNE until now will be illegitimate, keeping the current Councilmembers in their respective positions until there are Authentic Elections in Venezuela. In the same way, any future electoral process that is carried out will have the same consequences, until the referred electoral sentence is complied with. Then, the opposition political parties must finish understanding that it makes no sense to continue making electoral comparsa to the regime, nor do Venezuelans continue competing in elections under dictatorship.

This transcendental decision of the Electoral Hall of June 13, 2018 is still not assimilated by the Venezuelan political class that still believes that elections will resolve the serious crisis that has caused the dictatorship, believing that ignoring it will avoid its application. In the meantime, Venezuelans should be reminded of them, and the way to do so is to declare ourselves on an Indefinite Electoral Strike until they come to their senses.

The Indefinite Electoral Strike is an example of citizen empowerment that is present when the institution of political parties is liquidated precisely because of the distortions caused by the massive violation of the Constitution by the tyranny. That is why we have to be the citizens who should support directly and without intermediaries the decisions of the legitimate High Court, and especially if there is the appointment of a National Emergency Government by the legitimate TSJ. If those who must represent us decide to turn their backs on legitimate institutions, it will be up to the citizens to come out directly in their defense, as we are effectively doing now with this initiative.

Caracas, December 6, 2018


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