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She, They and Us

By Luis Manuel Aguana

After the shocking and widespread corruption of the opposition in 2019, She is what ordinary people feel remains of decency for politics in the country. Everything else went down. Her political faction in Parliament was the only one who told the truths that people wanted to hear and that were dismissed by They, who have always despised her, secretly celebrating her exclusion from Parliament.

But She persisted. She took over a faction in Parliament, representing that large part of the country whose discontent originated when they turned their backs on the People's mandate in a People's Consultation that They themselves had promoted, promising that they would abide by the result. Bullshit! They had previously negotiated with the regime a regional election in exchange for playing crazy with the result of the consultation. But She picked up those flags, did not forget the betrayal and continued the struggle.

She now represents hope before Us, against those who betrayed their oath to depose tyranny, choosing for convenience to cohabit with the regime. Now that makes her an enemy to both partners who wish to continue their joint business for many years to come, but She stands like a very uncomfortable stone in their shoes. What to do? How to get her off our backs, they ask. It is said that politics was invented by the Devil to get followers on Earth. They and the tyranny, partners in circumstance, devised a macabre plan to neutralize it by using Us.

Tyranny had not allowed She to register her party to run for election. But that didn't matter to her. She continued with her plan of expansion and national growth, and now She is very excited about the polls that show an undeniable popularity in her favor over any other leadership. Any electoral measurement would give her party an unparalleled advantage over any other. And that's really the trap his enemies are sure to fall into.

Then the regime decided, together with They, to legalize She' s party. Since next year they both decided that there would be elections, how could they both go to compete if everyone knows they are partners? Who would go to vote? There wouldn't even be queues! There has to be someone who represents the hope of change for the electoral game to work! Someone who embodies the people's struggle when everyone has sold out. And who better than She, who represents the hope of many? But there is a problem. She has repeatedly said that she would not run for any election if there is no reliable referee and with tyranny ruling the country. How to solve that?

And the regime said to itself: don't worry, people will ask her in the streets, in the Citizens' Assemblies, public opinion will ask her all over the country. We will ask her. Even they will ask you. Their closest political advisors will impose it on her, arguing that the "spaces" achieved cannot be lost; that with this "arbiter" it was won in the previous parliamentary elections, and that it would be a unique opportunity to control Parliament in order to evict the regime. She will be convinced that She will collect all the opposition votes that will not be for They for traitors and partners of the tyranny. Finally, She will agree, justifying the participation of her party in this new electoral farce, which would be legitimized in front of her own and strangers, convinced of rescuing the destiny of the current parliamentary faction organized around her figure. She could not leave them alone, it would not be politically correct. Somehow she would be forced to compete. She would already find the most appropriate way to justify it to the country. It would only be enough for her to use the formula of the politicians in all history: The People are asking me!

And no one could question the process because people are going to vote. And the regime will do the same thing it has done very well for the past 20 years: It will manipulate and cheat the results with the referee chosen with them, but this time they will do it in a very convincing way, pulverizing the opposition vote among many small ones who were conveniently let into the game in exchange for support, but giving her the largest of the minorities, and disappearing the official opposition, or leaving her in a state so battered that the sum of all of them is not enough to hinder their plans.

Who would object to that electoral process? Who would dare to question an election in which She participated? No one! Not even the regime's fiercest external enemies. And it would be us who would have put the stamp of quality on our participation.

Result: She will have a space to shout all she wants in a Parliament legitimated by her presence but without any power to change absolutely anything in the balance of power. Nor could the international community say anything about the legitimacy of a parliament controlled by a regime that has her as the best exponent of the real opposition struggle. And We, all of us, were screwed again by making us believe that we could change things from Parliament, playing the electoral game with a narco-terrorist and cheating regime.

And it will be 6 more years without being able to get rid of this communist plague that destroyed the country. The 2020 "electoral" plus 5 of a new Parliament controlled again by the regime as a result of the most abject manipulation of an unusable opposition, asking us all why we were not consulted to decide a different route that would not stop in a ravine, if there was a proposal would be signed by the most lucid personalities of the country.

But the saddest thing is that She will have been neutralized with the help of They, the partners of the regime, preventing Us from advancing in evicting them from power, having used She to continue their business "as usual", and reducing She to a space in which She will not be able to harm anyone, neither They nor the regime, using in Her favor the ambition of opposing power as the main catalyst. Masterly play!

And right there I woke up. What a scare! What a horrible nightmare! I realize that today is December 28th, Holy Innocents Day. My sincere apologies! It was nothing more than a nightmare suffered by this innocent writer, any resemblance of this bad dream to people or situations of the terrible Venezuelan reality being imaginary, although some say that sometimes reality surpasses fiction... Happy Holy Innocents Day!

Caracas, December 28, 2019


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