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Citizen's Route versus Electoral Route

By Luis Manuel Aguana

Subsequent events or " replicas " of the 5E earthquake make me quote my closing note from last year again: “Two things are clear to me from the year that ends today, considering what happened in 2019: a) 2020 will be an electoral year, whether the opposition -especially the radical one- wants it or not; and b) the course of political events will be marked by what happens on Sunday, January 5, 2020, when the leader of the National Assembly is announced. That will decide whether or not the famous "cessation of usurpation" that has not been achieved until today will occur” (see Start over, in

Indeed, from the opening speech of Deputy Luis Parra, officially recognized by the regime as President of the National Assembly, it is clear that he agrees with Maduro in calling for elections this year: "Going out into an electoral process is not a crime. Here we want the National Electoral Council (CNE) to be defined as the Constitution says. We are not going to disappoint it, we are going to continue above these extremes" (see in Spanish La Asamblea Nacional elige presidente a Luis Parra en sustitución de Guaidó, que denuncia golpe de Estado, in

If we add to this that the opposition of the so-called "little table" and qualified spokesmen of the Frente Amplio, such as Father Luis Ugalde and Luis Vicente León in their speech at the recent meeting of the Venezuelan Episcopal Conference agree that we Venezuelans must go to elections with the regime, a very gloomy picture is completed for the beginning of the year 2020. Why do I say this? Because in addition to having missed out on 2019, these people from the official opposition stubbornly insist on convincing the Venezuelans to take us to an electoral slaughterhouse without having changed in any way the conditions for fair elections in Venezuela.

They argue the recent case of Bolivia without walking around the fact that the Bolivian situation was the one that was presented in Venezuela in 2013 in the Maduro-Capriles elections of April 14 and the candidate from whom the elections had been stolen sent us to dance salsa and play casseroles, with the difference that the Bolivians did claim the fraud in the streets and won their freedom, as we Venezuelans should have done. We would be telling another story and that is the burden that Capriles will carry on his back until the end of his days. Bolivia 2019 was Venezuela 2013. But that story will not be repeated with these criminals strengthened in power. Who can make the official opposition understand this simple fact, that they still believe that this can be solved with a hijacked electoral system?

Although I repeated it to the point of exhaustion in 2019, I continue to insist on 2020: THE AUTOMATED SYSTEM OF THE CNE OF THE REGIME CAN NO LONGER BE USED TO COUNT THE VOTES OF VENEZUELANS. That it is not enough to change the Rectors of the CNE and update the Electoral Registry. That a complete reengineering of the electoral system must be done BEFORE ANOTHER ELECTION IS MADE IN VENEZUELA! And that cannot be done with them in Miraflores! That the sentence of the Supreme Court of Justice of June 13, 2018, where that High Court declared the use of the Automated Voting System for elections in Venezuela VOID, which deserves a complete reengineering of the Venezuelan Electoral Power, must be complied with (see Sentence in But this is not easy for Father Ugalde, Luis Vicente León, Claudio Fermín, Henry Falcón, Henry Ramos Allup, and in general for all the official opposition and collaborationists and their main spokespersons.

When I said at the end of the year that there would be elections in Venezuela in 2020, whether we wanted to or not, I was actually indicating that this is what those on both sides of the Venezuelan political equation intend to do this year. But I did not say what the position should be that we should take in the face of that fact. I think that we Venezuelans should already start saying "enough is enough" and rejecting ANYONE who wants to put us on that path. That we are being deceived by anyone who even suggests that these criminals have not disappeared from the Venezuelan political map, even if they have a cassock or present themselves as the most stubborn "analyst and connoisseur" of Venezuelan political reality or "moral authority" of any sector of the country. Enough of this deception! The elections should be held AFTER the Castro-Chavismo-Madurismo has left power and fixed the electoral system, is it so difficult to understand?

So, in the face of this Electoral Route imposed by the government and its official opposition - purchased or not from the National Assembly for this year 2020, the citizens have been proposing for months an alternative Citizens' Route, which takes us into account and highlights our refusal to be counted electorally in ANY election, without having resolved that the regime has abandoned power, and without having changed the root of the electoral system.

Little by little, important sectors have understood this Citizen's Route, which is none other than the holding of a Popular Consultation conducted entirely by citizens, clearly set forth in our letter to President Juan Guaidó Márquez on December 1, 2019, and supported by more than 150 personalities from all sectors throughout the country (see in Spanish ANCO apoya la convocatoria a una Consulta Popular para que los venezolanos decidamos sobre el presente y futuro de Venezuela, in

This is a proposal that has been permeating all sectors of Venezuelan society in the face of the institutionalism to which Venezuelans have been subjected and the permanent contempt of our representatives for the daily suffering of Venezuelans by not taking without any delay the decisions that must be taken to stop the tragedy of our people. It is time for the people to speak out.

This is clearly reflected in the opening words of the CXIII Plenary Ordinary Assembly of the Venezuelan Episcopate by Mons. José Luis Azuaje Ayala, Archbishop of Maracaibo and President of the CEV, when he indicated: "As believers, but also as citizens, on the one hand, to contribute with information and discernment to give body to the necessary protagonism of the people, to consider if in the face of so much suffering and violence the time has not come to bet on the people deciding for themselves what they want in the face of such serious and apparently unsolvable problems, p. e.g. by expressing their unequivocal, "sovereign" will through a binding consultation, as the Episcopate has already shown the possibility or convenience" (see in Spanish Palabras de Instalación de la CXII Asamblea Ordinaria de la CEV 07 de Enero de 2020, in min 25:40).

Words like these from important representatives of the Venezuelan Catholic Church had already been expressed by one of its most combative representatives, Monsignor Ovidio Pérez Morales, when he indicated in his recent column in El Nacional: "In second place, I quote what the bishops emphasize in the referred document: the sovereign (CRBV 5) must assume "his vocation to be a social subject", since "the government usurped the people's original power (...) There will not be a true solution to the country's problems until the people completely recover the exercise of their power" (see in Spanish Obispos urgen la intervención del soberano, in

My prediction of the end of the year 2019 is in full execution when I indicated that the course of political events was marked by what happened on Sunday, January 5, 2020, when it was announced who would lead the National Assembly. Well, the regime has already chosen who will lead the National Assembly and we all know who it will work for. It would be naive -not to say stupid- for the President in charge, Juan Guaidó, and the Board of Directors who were sworn in without the recognition of the regime to be able to go very far with this staging for the gallery public. Please land. You will no longer enter the Federal Legislative Palace. If you really want to get out of the usurpation, call on the people to decide the future of Venezuela.

Caracas, January 9, 2020


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