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Former President Guaidó

By Luis Manuel Aguana

Since this 20-year-old nightmare came to an end on April 11, 2002, many Venezuelans have joined the ranks of those who consider themselves opponents of the regime. What I can never imagine is that now we have to register in the opposition of the official opposition. In fact, I was already registered there, criticizing for some time now in this corner of the net, the decisions more and more lost of the official opposition.

But I had not considered it "opposition" in the strict sense of the term because I believed - I recall here again the white urn that my friends always say they are going to bury me - that if in good faith the errors that some of us believe are being committed were indicated, they could be corrected for the benefit of Venezuelans. I have always considered my criticism as a kind of citizen comptroller that every Venezuelan should exercise from any tribune that he has, and of any size that he has.

However, Venezuelans are appreciating with greater astonishment that it is not temporary errors that are being committed from the sidewalk of the official opposition, but structural errors that not only do not go in the direction of correcting the usurpation that has been denounced again and again, but they go in the completely opposite direction by reaffirming the illegitimate power that is being usurped from Miraflores, blurring the route that began on January 23 with the interim presidency of Juan Guaidó Márquez.

In my previous note I indicated that the latest appointments of President Juan Guaidó revealed the reaffirmation of a route that would lead us to elections with the regime of Nicolás Maduro Moros, which implied a tacit recognition of the usurper regime (see On the edge of an election, in However, I did not delve into that line because the focus I wanted to give to that note was that it was going to an election that nobody in Venezuela approves because it does not go to the real problem of eliminating first, and immediately, the root of the evil that is the existence of the regime itself before going to an electoral process through a Transitional Government.

Since the National Assembly drafted and approved this Statute of the Transition considers it unconstitutional (see The Trap of the Statute Law Governing the Transition, en where I said things like this: "The first question we should ask ourselves here is, is a transitional law required for the regime to leave, or is a transitional law required for WHEN the regime leaves? Note here the enormous difference between the two postulates because from there two completely different laws derive. Is this a law with Maduro inside or without Maduro inside? Everything seems to indicate that the law that was approved yesterday in first discussion is a law with Maduro inside Miraflores. And that is unacceptable, and even less so with the unanimous support of the civilized world for the president-in-charge of Juan Guaidó, beginning with the support of the United States and the determined attitude of its president to evict the communists”.

If at that time a Transitional Law was not acceptable with Maduro illegally exercising power, imagine what it would be like if that same Statute allows the person who is entitled to exercise the First Magistracy by constitutional design, in compliance with Article 233 of the Constitution, to delegate in another person his powers as President, in contravention of the Constitution (see in Spanish, Agencia EFE, Guaidó anuncia la creación de un “centro de Gobierno” con López a cargo, en

In fact, the President in Charge and his government team invented a "Government Center" that does not exist in the Constitution, specially designed so that Leopoldo López will be the one to exercise the position to which the Constitution obliges Juan Guaidó: "The head of Parliament, Juan Guaidó, recognized as interim president of Venezuela by more than 50 countries, announced on Wednesday the creation of a "Government Center" that will coordinate all the representatives that he has appointed in his administration and that will be in charge of the opponent Leopoldo López", indicated EFE Agency's note. In other words, he will coordinate the entire interim government appointed by Guaidó until now: ambassadors, representatives of Venezuelan companies abroad and any other post that may be appointed from that presidency.

Former UN Ambassador Diego Arria is right to denounce in a recent video (see in Spanish El desmantelamiento de Juan Guaidó como Presidente Interino, in because these appointments reveal the lack of an Interim Government of Juan Guaidó. And this is really serious. Guaidó CANNOT, even if he wants to, dislodge himself from his condition NOR FROM HIS RESPONSIBILITY as President in Charge, unless he resigns, a situation that would take the problem to another level. It could even be said that if this does not have legal consequences for Guaido -which could be debatable- if it has it in the political order.

Venezuelans aren't stupid. We already know that whoever controls what happens with the government in charge of Guaidó is led by Leopoldo López, and that is why all the appointments are now and in the future of Voluntad Popular and its chief, as drivers in a transition. They themselves have taken care to make us see it. But from there to being told to the country and to the International Community that officially it is someone else who takes the decisions is like too much, having formally recognized another person as President in Charge. With whom will the governments be understood, with Guaidó or with López? What will the International Community say about this "unfolding" of the legitimately recognized Presidency?

This is no longer a conjunctural "mistake", it is a structural weakness that is no longer only of those who are exercising a President-in-Charge, but of the entire network that they invented from an unconstitutional Statute of Transition, which is becoming more and more watery because they have not solved the center of all this problem: THEY HAVE NOT REMOVED MADURO FROM MIRAFLORES!

If we add to this the latest events in Colombia that require a strong opposition position and unified leadership of our country, which will be in a pre-war state by the decisions of the FARC guerrillas to return to arms, and a regime that is already the protector of his misdeeds, the least interested in a dismantling of Guaidó as President in Charge are Venezuelans. But unfortunately we see the declared former President in Charge Guaidó not be very interested in these problems in an act where Henry Ramos Allup raises his hand as the next candidate for Acción Democrática (see twit in Spanish from Reporte Confidencial, I can't be less than an opponent of that. We were many and the grandmother gave birth...

Caracas, August 31, 2019


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